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71. Naruto Uzumaki 4

~How you met:
Your heart was beating in your head as you forced your body to continue running. You looked back quickly as you seen kunai flying towards you. You jumped out of the way as you landed on a tree branch panting hard as you looked at the four ninja in front of you. Your eyes burned with hate as you glared at them "well your all ours now you little bitch" you got up but fell back down as you winced in pain. You heard dark chuckling as you glanced up to see the man was now only inches from you he smirked "your dead" he lifted his hand with a kunai as you closed your eyes. "RESENGAN" you heard someone yell your eyes shot open to see the man flying away as a boy was standing in front of you.
He turned to you and smiled "are you okay" you only nodded not sure on what to do. He nodded with a smile as a girl jumped in front of you and looked over you "you don't seem to have any serious injuries" you opened your mouth to speak when "she looks fine". You heard an all too familiar voice your head snapped to the man behind you as you smirked "hey there" you waved to the man as he glanced at you and his eyes widened "kiayarah" you smiled sheepishly at your older brother kakashi.
"Kakashi-sensei you know her" the blonde boy said as he only nodded and smiled at you "so your mission is done I'm guessing" he said as you shook your head "apparently not" you motioned to ninjas in front of you. He chuckled "you got caught" you sighed "unfortunately" you stood up as you looked to the men. "Shall I or you" you asked as kakashi glanced at you and smiled "allow me" you nodded as he disappeared.
Naruto looking confused as ever walked up to you "where did he go" you pointed to the men who were now all on the ground knocked out "woah" you heard naruto say as you shook your head "same old kakashi" you looked to naruto and smiled "so how do I repay my hero" he blushed and smiled sheepishly "umm don't worry about it glad to help" you nodded as kakashi reappeared with you guys. He looked at you as you shrugged your shoulders "well I better get going back" you said as kakashi nodded "so do we" you smiled as you nodded "shall we" he nodded as you all returned back to the leaf.
How it Happened:
You've grown close to your brothers squad over the few months as you waved to sakura as she approached you. You smiled at her as she returned it as you began to walk with her "so how have you been" you shrugged "fine" she nodded. You smiled as you seen naruto running towards the two of you as she giggled "so you and naruto have gotten close" you blushed as you looked at her "what" you asked as she giggled more "oh come on kiayarah we all know you and naruto have been seeing each other" your blush deepened as naruto got to the two of you. "Hey sakura" he said as he hugged you and pecked your lips. You smiled at him as he intertwined his hand with yours. Sakura stared at the two of you with a smirk on her face "you two are so cute" she said as the two of you blushed deep crimson as she laughed "I better get going tsunade wanted to show me a few things today" you nodded as she left.
You looked at naruto who looked around then to you "so what do you want to do today" he asked as the two of you began to walk as you shrugged. He ran in front of you and smirked "do know what today is" you blinked and shrugged "Thursday" you answered as he smiled and shook his head. He pulled you to him as he kissed you "your birthday" he answered you blushed and giggled. "I forgot my own birthday" you said as he laughed as you smiled "so what do you have planned for today" you asked as he smirked. You gulped naruto wasn't exactly the perverted type but you knew what that smirk meant.
The two of you stumbled into naruto's apartment as you pushed him on the couch and sat on top of him. He groaned as you nibbled on his bottom lip he opened his mouth as your tongues battled. He ran his hand up and down your sides as he slowly lifted your shirt and threw it on the floor you unzipped his jacket and ran your hands over his chest you moaned as he bit down on your lip. He pulled away from you and looked at you with a blush.
You smiled as you pulled off his headband "just relax naruto" he gulped and nodded as you began to undo his pants. You slipped your hand into his boxers and grasped onto his shaft and gasped "wow" you commented as he groaned deeply as you began to slowly pump your hand as you nibbled on his neck marking him. His hands grasped onto your ass as he lifted you up and stood as he pushed against the wall. You wrapped you legs around his waist as he pushed himself into you. You arched your back as he began to pump into you.
Skin slapping skin was heard through the apartment along with moans and groans. You were sweating and panting as was naruto who sped up his pace. You moaned loudly as you grasped onto his hair and pulled him into a kiss. You hummed into the kiss and naruto groaned "na-naruto" mumbled against his lips who grunted in response. You could feel yourself coming to an end as you bit down hard on your lip as your walls tightened "kia-kiayarah" naruto moaned as his grip tightened on your hips as he thrusted even faster if possible.
You threw your head back as you came naruto following not too long after. He leaned against you as the two of you panted. You snuggled into his neck when he spoke "happy birthday" you giggled as you pecked his neck "I love you" you whispered as his head shot up and looked at you surprised "really" he asked you blushed and nodded he smiled and kissed you "I love you too" you smiled as he carried you to the room for some well needed rest.
How You told him:
You sat in the washroom as you held the pregnancy test in your hand with wide eyes. "Damn it" you said as you heard the door open your head shot up to see kakashi standing there staring at you. "what are you" he didn't finish as he glanced to your hand as his eyes widened. You quickly put it behind your back as he looked at you with a serious look "are you" he asked as you sighed and nodded. He crossed his arms "let me guess" he said as you glared at him as he shrugged "well we have a predicament here don't we" he said in his usual tone.
Your head fell into your hands as you sighed "I'll go get him" he said as you jumped up "NO!" he turned to you with a raised eyebrow "I'll go talk to him" he gave you a look as you smiled "I will" you said as he nodded. You left the house to search for your boyfriend not really looking forward to telling him the life changing news. You sat on a bench seeing as you couldn't find him. You stared into space as you thought of how he would react. "Hey" you looked up to see naruto standing in front of you "kakashi-sensei said you wanted to see me" he said with a smile and sat beside you. You nodded with a forced smile his smile faded "is something wrong" you shook your head "no" he smiled "come on kiayarah we both know you can't lie to me" you sighed as he wrapped his arms around you and pulled you onto him.
"Come on spit it out it can't be that bad" he said in his whiny childish tone which made you smile. You inhaled and breathed it out "I'm pregnant" you felt him stiffen as you closed your eyes. Your eyes shot open as he picked you up and spun around in the air you stared at him as he kissed you. "Naruto" you said surprised as he smiled "I'm going to be a dad" he said with excitement in his eyes "yes" you answered as he jumped around yelling. "What's going on" you looked to see sakura and sasuke standing there with raised eyebrows "I'm going to be dad" naruto said sakura squealed as she grabbed you and hugged you tightly as sasuke just smirked "hmph didn't think you'd know how to use it" sasuke commented as naruto glared at him but shook it off nothing could bring his spirit down right now.
"I expect you won't act like that when the baby comes" you brother said as he walked up to the group. Naruto blinked at him then smiled "no I won't believe it" he said as kakashi nodded "good" you sweat dropped kakashi gave him a look as you seen naruto shiver but turned and smiled at you which you returned.

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