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57. Naruto Uzumaki 2

~“Finally, home!” you say as you entered the gates as you walked through the town looking for one knuckle headed ninja. As you hopped up to the rooftops and landing on one baloney that you knew all too well. As you walked to the door you knock and yell for naruto to hurry and answer the door. Within seconds, the door was open to reveal a very tired looking naruto. His hair was very messy and he was in his t-shirt and boxers. But as he looked at you his hyper and active attitude came back.
“BREE!!” he shouted as he stared at you. “your back! Finally!” he yelled again while you laughed, he the ushered you into his apartment. It wasn’t clean, but it wasn’t messy either, as you look around his house you sit on the couch as he soon came back with pyjama pants on. You smile and tell him how much you missed the village, him and your friends. As a couple minutes turn in to hours, you realize how late it was and said a quick goodbye. You had a crush on naruto, but you knew he only thought of you as a friend. Then as he was about to say good night you quickly kiss him. You soon realize what you did and blush 100 different shades of red. Before he could get a chance to say something you rushed out of the building.
“*sigh* why did I do that?...” you asked yourself as you walked down to your own apartment, as you walk up the stairs of the building, you finally arrive at your door. You unlock the door and walk inside as you head to your room. As soon as you saw your bed you glopped it hugging the blankets, and squeezing your eyes tightly. You soon felt sleep consume your body.
“clink………. Clink……… clink…” your bod shifted from the noise causing you to wake up. As you listened for the noise there was none.. as you went to fall fast asleep again it started. You shot up out of your bed and notice some one was throwing rocks at your window, sighing you go and open your window to see a rock zoom past your head.
“hey! That could of hit me! Jerk! “ you yelled to the person doing the throwing.
“SORRY! BREE!” you heard a very familiar voice holler to you. the neck thing you knew there was a naruto standing in front of you. you blinked a couple times at the sudden closeness and looked up at him.
“Naruto what are you doing here?” you questioned him as he walked around your room.
“nothing just… I couldn’t sleep.” He said as he started to walk closer to you, as you backed up. you ended up backing into a wall while naruto pined you by putting his hands on either side of your head.
“and..and w-why couldn’t you sleep nar-naruto?” you asked as he looked down into your eyes and let out a slight chuckle.
“your starting to sound like Hinata… Bree” he said completely avoiding/ ignoring your question.
“o-oh but naruto why a-are you hear?” you shuddered out again.
“because… bree… I need you by my side tonight..” he explained to you, you never seen this side of the knuckle headed ninja before. But then something shook you from your thoughts, as he crashed his lips on to yours. Your eyes widen as he wrapped his arms around your waist, you let out a light gasp as he gripped your ass. With that he entered your mouth and exploring it while memorizing it at the same time. As he rubbed his tongue with yours, you let out a light moan and finally gave into the kiss as you close your eyes and snake your arms around his neck.
As your knees started to feel weak from the passion, you felt naruto lift you up and wrap your legs around his waist. The kiss started to get more ruff as he bit down on your lower lip, causing a moan to seep out of your mouth. He then pulled away from the kiss as he lifted your shirt up and over your head. After that he through it to the floor and attacked your neck leaving a trail of burning kisses. As you moan out his name as he kisses over a sweet spot, you felt him smirk. He then attacked the spot right above your collar bone.
“Nahhh Naruto..” you moaned out as he bit into your flesh drawing a little blood, which he gladly licked up. You then started to tug at the hem of his shirt, which he gladly took off, he then kissed you again passionately, while caring you over to the bed. As you felt the soft surface of the bed you also felt naruto kissing down to your chest as he unclipped your bra.
As he kiss down he took your left breast into his mouth. “Narahh Naruto…” you moan out as he sucked, licked and bit your hard nipple, while he massaged the other one with his hand before switching to the other one. He then started to kiss down your stomach; the hot kisses sending lust desire and want to your brain. As you moan out his name again you felt a cool breeze come in from your window and then you realize he had all ready taken off your short and panties. He kissed down you felt him lick up to your clit where he flicked it with his tongue which sent waves of pleasure up your spine.
As he ate you out you felt a build up in your lower body as he continued this. Soon the build up gave way as you moan out in pleasure. As he came back up he licked his lips trying to savour the flavour of you, he then kissed you roughly as he shoved his tongue into your mouth allowing you to taste yourself. As you flip the position, so you were on top, you started to kiss down his well-built body and as you came to his pants you swiftly unbuttoned them and pulled them off along with his boxers.
As you looked at the twitching flesh under you, you bent down and blew lightly on the tip, “Aghhh.. bree… don’t tease me please…” you heard him grunt to you, you then took his manhood into your mouth and started to bob your head. As he grunted and moaned you felt him pulsating in your mouth as he reached his climax. He then pull you up and under him as he kiss you again so he could taste himself. As he made the kiss more passionate you felt his tip at your entrance. Then he push in past your virgin walls as he shove his tongue in your mouth to stop the scream, he didn’t move. As you felt no more pain you tried moving your hips, and as you did so a shock of electric pleasure roamed your body.
As he started to move in and out of your wet womanhood you let out a groan, as so did he. “fuck.. your so tight.. Bree…” he grunted out his voice covered in lust. You blushed at the comment as he bent down and started leaving love bites everywhere on you. as his thrusts got more rougher, and deeper you started moaning out even more.

“Naruto… Faster… Please..” you panted out. As he did as you asked you felt him hit a special bundle of nerves which made you cry out in pleasure. Soon you felt that build up again, as you felt naruto’s hot breath on your neck it made you crave even more. As he hit that spot again you moan out louder, your head hanged slightly to the side with your mouth open and eye squeezed shut. Naruto then started to hit that spot even more as you panted, moan and grunted for a few more thrust, before feeling the coil of the build up snap and your climax hit. As the sound of your juices mixed with narutos thrust you started to feel him pulsate inside you, just before he also hit his limit.
As you panted and looked at him, he pulled you into him with what strength he had left and pulled the blankets over you. “I love you.. Bree..”

“ I love you too naruto.” You smiled up at him as your eyes slowly close, casting you into a deep sleep.
As you woke up to the sun shining on your eyes you looked around the room and fell back onto the bed. But you soon bolted to the bathroom. Once you fished throwing up you looked into the mirror and brushed your teeth. You then opened a cabinet and got out a pregnancy test.
As you waited for the stupid thing to beep, someone knocked at your door, as you went to answer it you heard it beep… “OH… so now it beeps!” you say to your self as you open the door to reveal naruto, as he gives you a death hug, he pulls back and kisses you. as you completely forgot about the test to offered to make breakfast for you and him, which he agreed to.
“that was great, bree!” he said beaming a smile at you, as you went over and started the dishes. You finally finished putting them away when you heard naruto walk up to you. as you look over at him you see him with his head downward so his bangs could cover his eyes.
“why didn’t you tell me….” He asked you, anger, sadness and worry in his voice. You were about to ask what he meant but you then caught a glance at the pregnancy test in his hand. So you take it that your pregnant.
“Naruto.. I was going to tell you.. I just forgot to check the test after it beeped… I’m sorry..” you say as you watched him he then ran to you and pulled you into a hug.
“so I’m going to be a dad?” he asked you as you looked up at his smiling face.
“yes, naruto. Your gonna be a dad.” You say.
“well I have to go!” he said as he pulled away from the hug, you looked at him for a second to see him smile at you.
“so I can tell everyone in the village!” he shouted excitedly. You giggle and shook your head.
“Jiriya! ,Avery! Come over here for a minute!” you yelled to your kids, as they came running into the house. “How many times do I have to tell you not to train in the house!” you say, as you scold them both.
“But mom! Avery’s the one who challenged me!” your 8 year old son Jiriya explained to you.
“NO! you challenged me!” your 7 year old daughter Avery fought back, as they started to argue.
“I don’t care who started what! You two are to clean this house! Your made a mess in almost every room! I don’t know what to do with yous…” you say just the you heard the front door open and close.
“Dad!” they both screamed completely ignoring your scolding. As they came into the room you let out a sigh.
“what is it honey?” you heard naruto ask you, as you sent him a glare.
“you try raising two kids all day!” you yell at him as he pulls you into a hug.
“aww come on.. you know I love you and they love you.” he tells you before bending in towards your ear more. “and how about we make it 3 kids?” he asked as he kissed your cheek, you then playfully push him away.
“no.” you say as you start to clean up the mess.
“awe come on Bree! Please?” he asked you over and over and over again as you tried to clean.

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