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17. Naruto Uzumaki 1

~Name: Rue
Age: 16
Village: Iwagakure (village hidden in the rocks)
Rank: Missing Nin
(short, she would come to narutos chest. red hair that comes to her butt with same length blond bangs. maroon eyes with flicks of gold in them. She's curvy and well proportioned for someone for her age. Wears a white tub top with a long sleeve black fishnet shirt on top. She wears a black min skirt with black shorts underneath and standard ninja sandals.)
Abilities: Controls Earth style, and able to manipulate sand (Like Gaara can)
Personality: curious, childish, and very cunning.
Horoscope Sign: Virgo


A week had passed since your capture here in the hidden snow village, you looked around for a way out but you were still unable to use any thing against the frozen bars of your cell. You slid back down to the cold floor hugging your knees, closing your eyes while breathing in deeply.
[Flash back]
You had a run in with two member’s from the Akatsuki, they wanted you for your demon. Rumors spread and you knew if they caught you it would mean your death, but at the same time you didn’t know for sure. You ran and ran but your body and demon felt the climate change, since your direction was north east.
‘I cant do much it is too cold.’ Your demon said as you shivered in the snow, you used you chakra to keep you warm but it was depleting rapidly. You lay on the rock hidden in the trees for you to rest, your body soon depleted and you were completely defenseless. You heard slight movements all around and then many ninjas soon surrounded you, picking and putting you in chakra cuff as they brought you to their village.
“Ah you’re a missing nin are you not?” A man asked as he looked over some papers, then back up to you.
“Well then I assume your name is Rue, from the hidden rock village?” He asked as he tried his hardest to get you to talk. Soon you was put in a room as they questioned and interrogated you, only to still receive nothing. They tried for hours and hours but nothing. Two ninjas escorted you to a cell then did a jutsu freezing bars around you, shivering as you huddled your arms around your body.
[End of flash back]
Clattering loud footsteps echoed in the jail as strangers came around looking in each cell, the stopped in front of yours staring at you.
“This one is strong you should take her with and see if you can get her to talk.” A guard said as he unfroze the bars there fore releasing me. Four stood in front of you, a boy with blonde hair, a girl with pink hair, another boy with black hair and an adult with grey hair.
“If anything do not allow these chakra cuffs off of her or else.” The same guard warns them, the looked to me.
“Her name is Rue, she is strong.” The guard adds, they look to him.
“If she is so strong how did you manage to catch her?” The pink haired one asked.
“That is a mystery to us still, whether she let or allowed us is on her.” He responded, they nod taking the chakra based cuffs pulling you with them. The room they brought you in was cold and dark just like before.
“Do you have any connection to the Akatsuki?” The grey haired asked as the other three sat and watched. You looked down at the chakra cuffs and ignore him.
“Kakashi-sensei how would you get them to speak, if they refuse like she is?” The pink haired one asked the man, he looks to you sighing.
“Rue.” Kakashi said calling your name kindly, you look up in to his eyes.
“Yes.” You said in reply shocking all of them.
“Sh-she answered.” The blonde exclaimed, you look down again.
“Rue why are you a missing nin?” He called asking you a simple question, for some unknown reason your demon spoke to you in your mind.
‘Are you alright with telling him?’ Your demon asked, you looked at the man.
‘Yes’. You simply said to your demon.
“Rue?” He called your name.
“Yes.” You answered.
“Tell me, I will not hurt you.” He said kindly, unknown again you felt the need to say.
“Because of what I am, I was considered an outcast; a monster.” You stated as you began to tell him your sad little story. The blonde gasped hearing this as the others looked at him.
“Naruto.” Kakashi called.
“Yes sensei.” He replied.
“Will you hand this to the guard out side the door.” Kakashi said handing Naruto a piece of paper.
“Rue, I understand but can you tell me why your village treats you like this?” He asked.
“Because they only see me as a monster, then demon they sealed into me and then they throw me away like trash.” You yelled feeling angry for no reason, you sat down once again with tears brimming your eyes.
“I am not I am not.” You said saying over and over.
“Your not what?” Kakashi asked.
“A monster.” You said simply as a tear rolled down your cheek, the guard came in looking around.
“He said you are granted.” The guard said, Kakashi nodded.
“We shall leave tonight.” Kakashi said to his students. He soon turns to you, and kneels down to your eye level.
“You’re coming to.” He said unlocking the chakra cuffs, you smiled at him and wait in return.
“Hatake, I hope you understand even though she is a child. Rue is dangerous, that monster is a killer.” A cold voice said, he was the leader the first to question you in the beginning.
“If you say so, but I am sure we can handle her.” He replied walking away with you and the other’s. You were awake as the other’s were sleeping under the stars. Your demon talking to you in your thoughts.
‘What do you think then?’ she asked.
‘I don’t know should I or not?’ you said to her, she sighs.
‘It is a decision you should trust, you think you can then do so my lady.’ Your demons says, her insight was willing and strong but also protective.
‘The so be it Kaishia thanks for always protecting me.’ You said to your demon.
‘A pleasure, now I must rest and you should to.’ She says.
‘I will once I am done bathing.’ You respond standing and walking to the waterfall near by. You let the water run down your body dripping with delight, unknown to you a pair of eyes was watching your every move. The stranger’s eyes watched over your naked body staring at every curve you possessed and watched as you cleaned yourself up. He licks his lips as he continued to stare at you, as the moon’s light brightens and you get out of the water wrapping yourself up with a cloth.

You walked back to the camp, while ringing your hair along the way. You quickly pull a loose night kimono out draping it over the tree’s branch, you pulled the cloth off your wet body tossing it over the branch to dry. You pulled the night kimono on tying it around your waist as you hear a twin snap, you growled immediately in defense but before you know it your being pushed down one the ground. You kept your eyes closed fearing the worst, but then you open them back up seeing the blonde boy again just he looked different his eyes no longer blue but red.
“Hello there Rue.” He purred exhaling out, this made your sense kick back in and as you started to scream out. He covered your mouth to stop you from screaming.
“I mean you no harm.” He purred again, he started smelling you in the crook of your neck.
“I will move my hand if you do not scream.” He whispered in your ear, your demon began to fell this and your body was reacting putting you into heat.
“You’re not Naruto.” You said, he closed his eyes then opened them.
“Just like you, Naruto has a kitsune demon in side of him. That would be me, I can smell your demon going into heat.” He purred again, making my skin jump.
‘Do Naruto know.’ You thought asking your demon.
‘I do not know.’ She responded, Naruto’s demon sensed you feel a bit awkward.
“He does not know he is taking a mate.” He purred in your ear.
‘Unknown.’ You thought again, your demon started to warm your body unlike any time before.
“Perfect.” He purred while moving his hands all around your body, he leaned down crashing his lips to yours. He bit your lip taking what he thought was his for the taking, no need to ask he dominated your whimpering moans that growled in the back of your throat. He stood up after breaking the kiss, you looked at him watching him closely then you stood up.
“Wait here.” He purred taking his clothes off then jumping into the water, you turned around allowing him some privacy. Naruto’s demon laughed in a taunting way, he gets out as you turn your head to look at him. Your own lips began to water as you look over every crevice his body held the smoothness as the water seeped down his dripping wet body. You swallowed hard as your tried to take out the images the raided your mind, then you turned to look away.
“You really are innocent.” He purred, wrapping his arms around your waist.
“What the-” You gasped, as he pulled you in for another dominating kiss. You were defenseless once again as his slightly taller body hovered over yours. Your body was becoming foreign to you as a wetness rose to your lower half.
‘I am losing control Rue.’ Your demon panted as she fought the urges that ravaged your body with tingling sensation. Your throbbing sex was getting wet and wetter, you gulped as he turned you around. You look into his lust hungry eyes, as his hand cupped your chin. You place your palms on his chest feeling his body contrast under your touch.
“Mmmmmh.” He purred out in a moan, you moved your hands lower then back up again letting them rest on his shoulders. He moved his hands down your kimono untying it as it dropped to the cold ground, his hand travel up and down your body. He alone was fighting the urge to bit your breast and lick you clean, he started to lean in over your breast as he cupped one then lick and nibbled the other. You tossed your head back, he then moved giving the other breast the same treatment.
“Naa…” You moaned, as he let his free hand moved down rubbing your wet clit. Your eyes rolled in the back of your head, with a sudden stop you look down to him.
“May I taste you.” He asked purring, you nod granting him his request. He kneels down lifting your leg over his shoulder. His tongue moved in circles as he pushed two fingers inside of your wet sex, breaking your virgin barrier only so much.
“Ahh…mmmm.” You began to purr. Naruto licked and pumped his fingers in and out as you moaned his name, your body betrayed your sense’s as he felt your walls clamp around his fingers. Your stomach began to fly, as you released your juices. Naruto wasted no time licking up your juices. He stands back up you see his erection now protruding out more, you blush as he kisses you once more letting you taste your sweet cum. He broke the kiss and lifted you in his arms walking to the water fall stepping in side the cool refreshing water, He leaned you forward as you felt his erected cock on your back side.
“Scream my name.” He purred as he thrusted deep and hard inside of your virgin sex, breaking it’s barrier.
“NARUTO!” You scream/ moaned he didn’t wait for you to adjusted to him, as he kept thrusting in and out, rough and hard. You growled in a loud purr, he roared like a raging cat.
“AAAhmmmm.” You moaned.
“Rue.” He groaned as he kept going fast and faster. Your eyes rolled in the back again as the sensation builds up as the need for his to go more was urging your every nerve.
“More….aaaahhhh Naruto more.” You moaned, he leans your body down more but this time he thrust in a different area, you cried out again in pain as he stretched and pounded you over and over. Naruto pulls out again still groaning and grunting as you moaned her purred out his name. He thrusted back inside your pussy pumping in and out faster with each thrust, you felt your climax coming as the all to familiar feel comes back. You look at him over your shoulder seeing the lustful eyes he has as you both moan and pant. He feels his climax coming soon, his thrust become more rough as he pounds in and out of you.
“Ahh….naaaaah NARUTO!” You scream out in a moan cumming on him.
“AAAhhhhaaaaa……aahhhh Ruuuueee.” He roars spilling his seed inside of you. You both panting like rabid beast, he slumps over your exhausted body trailing butterfly kisses down your spine.
“I never knew your were hidden in the leaf village.” You laughed getting out and drying, Naruto’s eyes turn back to blue. He blushes seeing you naked before him, he walks over to you.
“Well now you know, Secret my mate.” He said you looked at him confused, he leans in to kiss you then moved to your neck biting down, drawing blood as he breaks the soft skin.
“My mate.” He purrs wiping his blood stained lips, you kiss him this time.
“Forever my hero.” You whisper, then you both walk back laying down to sleep.

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