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64. Monkey D. Luffy (One Piece)

~Your name it the story- Becki
Your age- 17
Your crush- Luffy
Family- Mother(dead), Father(dead), Brother(alive)
family member's names- Lilianne, Arthur, Thomas
Past-Rebecca was born on a pirate ship. Her father was the captain and her mother one of the few females he ever allowed on his ship. When she was younger, a group of marine solider bordered there ship and slaughtered every last one of the crew members- all but Rebecca and her older brother, Thomas.
Through the next few years Thomas and Rebecca lived on their own. They were old enough to understand what happened and coped with surviving the best way they could. When Rebecca turned 15 one day she woke up and found her brother missing. Ever since she’s been in search for him as she travels from place to place. Rebecca resorted to stealing and snatching things to be able to live. She became rather good at it. She as a bounty on her head but not an overly large one. What Rebecca has yet to learn is that the day her brother left, he joined the Marines in order to make money to support the both of them but when he went back to fetch her, she was gone.
What you wear-
what you look like- Same as outfit picture. :)
Personality- Rebecca is a kind, sweet and rather innocent girl. She’s not as quick with jokes as most and is often found daydreaming or just plain not listening. She cane e serious and rather crafty when pulling a heist. She doesn’t like stealing and only takes what needs to keep herself going. She’s been on her own for the past couple of years so her people skills are not great. When she meets a marine, any one of them she gets aggravated and angry. She’s never trusted a marine after what those ones did to her family.

As you ran down the streets, through allies, and busy street ways you had to get away from these guys. You then found a clothing store and ran in, as you watched them run past the store you the came out and made your way to
the market.
You dough threw your pockets to find the money you swiftly took from them, as you made your way to the market. You were looking around at all the buildings as you put your hands behind your head as you walk. You looked up to the sky as a seagull flew past you, what happened to you Thomas?
As you finally arrive at the market, you picked up some stuff that will last till the next island. You walked down past some buildings before you made it to the docks, you walked up to your small ship and put the stuff you got away before coming back out.
You walked along the docks before you came to a small sandy beach, you then look up to see a ship coming in. it looked like, a pirate ship. You studied the ship for a few minutes before heading back to the town. By the time you got back the pirate ship just finished docking and something flew past you and landed on the ground, you looked at it and realized it was a person.
“um do you need hel-
“FOOD!!” The man said as he ran into the town, you stood there stunned before hearing another voice.
“LUFFY! WAIT UP!” you look over at the ship to see seven people standing there and from the voice that yelled it sounded like a girl. With the group there were 4 guys and 2 girls, and some type of animal. You sighed and started to make your way back to town, that is before a hand stopped you, you followed the hand to see a girl with orange hair and brown eyes.
“I’m sorry about our captain..” she said as she gave an awkward smile, you just nodded your head and kept walking. Wow, there are some strange people in the world, you thought as you walked through the town.
As the afternoon pasted into evening you walked around listening to the laughter and the talking of the happy people. As you continued walking you heard that girls voice again, “there she is now go apologize Luffy!” she said as you got closer to the voice.
“I’m sorry.” A guy in a straw hat said in front of you, you studied him then just nodded your head,
“it’s ok” you said as you kept walking, the guy you presume was Luffy, ran to catch up with you.
“I’m Monkey .D. Luffy!” he said smiling the biggest smile you ever seen.
“I’m Becki. So Luffy you’re a Pirate?” you asked him as you walked.
“yeah! I’m the Captain of my ship and these are my crew!!” he said as he walked you over to them, you looked at them all and then back to Luffy.
He then pointed to them as he said there names, “this is Nico Robin!” he said as he pointed to a woman with black hair, you nodded you head as he point to a guy with blue hair and sunglasses on “this is Franky!” he said loudly, he then pointed to the girl that apologized to you earlier. “I’m Nami” she said as she introduced her self instead of Luffy.
“Zoro.” A guy with green hair, and three swords said.
“I’m Captain Usopp!” a guy with a long nose said.
“But I thought Luffy was the Captain?” you asked as you looked at Luffy who started yelling at Usopp that he was the captain.
“I my beautiful angel am Sanji~” the guy with hearts in his eyes and blonde hair with a curly eyebrow said, you the looked at the animal that was trying to hide be hide a barrel.
“it’s the other way.” You said before he quickly hid behind the barrel.
“oh that’s chopper, his a reindeer.” Said Nami since Luffy was still arguing with Usopp.
“oh, it’s nice to meet you all, I’m Becki!” you say was you look at them.
“hey! Hey Becki!” you heard Luffy say next to you.
“what is it Luffy?” you asked him as he smiled at you, he was pretty cute you thought.
“join our crew!!” he said loudly smiling even bigger, if that was possible. As you looked at the crew they all sweat dropped, at his statement.
“I think you should you are my friend right?!” he said smiling again.
“sure “ you say as you smiled back. You also smiled at the crew.
A few days have passed and you guys are getting ready to leave this island, it will be your first time sailing on the Thousand sunny. As you left the dock you smiled as the smell of the ocean hit your nose, during the few days you spent on the island you found out that Nami is the navigator, Chopper is the doctor, Sanji’s the cook, Franky’s the shipwright, Usopp is the sniper, and Robin is the Archaeologist.
As the days passed you also felt your self-getting closer to Luffy, you now had a crush on the straw hat captain. As you sat down next to the wall daydreaming again, the hottest captain in the world jumped down in front of you.
“hey Becki, can you help me?” he asked you, you looked at him and quirked an eyebrow at him.
“what do you need help with?” you asked knowing that he’s probably up to trouble.
“can you get me some meat off Sanji… he won’t let me have any.” He told you as he stuck out his bottom lip. Which you thought was cute, and you gave in. you nodded you head in agreement, he then hugged you saying thank you over and over.
You then stood up and made your way to the kitchen, where you found Sanji.
“hey Sanji-kun can I have some meat for our captain? Please?” you said batting you eyelashes. He then got hearts in his eyes.
“oh yes anything for my beautiful angel, Becki-swann~~” he said as he gave you a plate of meat. You smirked and walked back to Luffy.
“here you go captain, your meat.” You say as you hand him the tray of meat. He gave you his huge smile as you head back to rest and daydream again.
~4 months later~
So you’ve been a part of the strawhats for 4 months now and you don’t have a crush on your captain, you now love him, you don’t know what it is that draws you to him, maybe the way he’s always thinking about his friends, or his personality, you just love him with all your heart, ever since you started on the ship you knew it was only a madder of time before you fell in love with Luffy.
As you stepped out onto the deck you notice no one was here, you knew late last night you docked at this island, but they wouldn’t just leave you alone right?
“HEY BECKI! YOUR FINALLY UP!!” you heard an all too familiar voice shout. It was Luffy you look up at the Sunny’s head to see him sitting on it.
“hey Luffy where are the others?” you asked him, slowly becoming curious as to where they went.
“oh they went to the island to look around and I volunteered to wait and watch the ship till you woke up!” he said smiling.
“why? I would’ve thought you’d be the first on the island” you asked him, you then seen his smile drop.
“well Nami said I should tell you something I just figured out.” He said becoming serious, you look at him interested in what he had to say.
“Becki I just found out that I think..” he started but stopped and got off the Sunny’s head, and walked towards you. “I think I love you, I asked Nami about my feelings towards you, and she told me I’m in love with you.” He explained to you, you looked at him before letting a soft smile grace your lips.
“I love you to Luffy.” You said as he stepped closer to you, your eyes never looking away as a light blush graced your cheeks. He was finally so close you could feel his warm breath on your lips.
“Nami also said I should do this..” he said as he kissed you passionately, your eyes soon close as you felt him wrap his arms around your waist, as you wrap yours around his neck. As he kissed you he backed you up to the side of the ship, and licked your bottom lip, you slowly open your mouth as you felt his tongue enter pass you lips.
You both soon pull a part, the reason for that is lack of oxygen. As you slightly pant from the heated kiss he picks you up and takes you to his room. He kisses you again as you kiss back you take off his hat and place it on the bed post, as he leaves your mouth he starts to trail kisses down you jaw line to you neck. You let out a light gasp as his mouth lightly grazes your soft spot.
As he starts to suck on your soft spot you slowly take his shirt off letting your hands grace over his well-built body, as you let out little moans you traced around his abs, he let out a light groan as you did so. You soon pulled his head up to your lips again as you kiss him, he kisses you back but pulls away for a moment to remove your top. He then starts to kiss down you neck again but slowly going down past the hollow of your neck to your breast before unhooking your bra.
He then swiftly pulls it off and starts to kiss down to your right breast. “Lu-Luffy..” you moan out as he starts to suck and lick you nipple, while using his hand to massage the other one, before kissing his way over to your other one to give it the same treatment.
He slowly tugs off you skirt as he starts to kiss down your stomach to your pantie line. He looks up at you, making sure you want this, you lightly smile and nod your head as he gives you another smile and pulls off your panties. You then felt him lick from you entrance up to you clit, “ahh..” you moan out as he then starts to finger you.
As he pumps his finger in and out he adds another one and soon you felt a build-up in your stomach as you inner walls start to tighten around his fingers, you gasp as you felt his tongue enter you as you moan out his name you felt yourself realise in his mouth he licks it all up and comes back up to your mouth and kisses you.
You then flip him as you startle his waste you then start to kiss your way down his jaw line, to his neck, past his collar bone, to his chest as you lightly leave butterfly kisses all over his chest as you kiss down to his abs. you then pull down his pants and throw them somewhere in the room as you kiss down to his boxers you grip his hard member threw them, he then lets out a small groan.
You pull off his boxers to revile his member to you, as you lightly kiss the tip he lets out another low growl. You then lick up his shaft to the tip where you take as much in your mouth as you can, you then start to bob your head up and down slowly, he then bucks his hips making you choke a little, but you soon got use to it and started to go faster.
“Becki..” he moan out as you started to feel his manhood plus inside your mouth, you keep going as you rub your tongue along it. You then felt him realise in your mouth, you swallow it all and kiss him again as he flips you, he then breaks the kiss and looks at you, again asking if you want to continue, you just nod your head as he pushes into your woman hood, pushing past your barrier.
You wanted to scream out but he stopped you by kissing you and kissing down your neck waiting for you to let him move. Soon you felt the pain subside and pleasure took over your body as you bucked your hips into his. He then started to pump in and out of you, as you moan out he starts to go faster as you wrap your arms around his waste to give him more access.
“Lu ahha Luffy, harder… please. Ahh” you moan out as your fingertips dig into his shoulders. He starts to go harder as he does you felt hi hit a certain spot that made you moan louder, as he hit that spot over and over you felt your climax coming again, as your walls tighten around his member as he pumps in and out you felt him to, nearing his climax.
You then realise on his member as he gave a couple more thrusts before he rode out his climax and pulled out of you, he then pulled you into his chest and kissed your forehead.
“so a pirate king has to have a queen.. will you be my queen.. becki?” he asked you as you looked into his eyes.
“yes, I will and always be your queen.. Luffy” you say as you kiss him one more time with your swollen lips.
~a few hours later~
You and Luffy were out sitting on the lions head you had his hat on as you look to see the others coming back.
“HEY GUYS! MEET THE NEW QUEEN OF THE PIRATES!!” Luffy yelled as you pulled the hat down to cover your blush.
“Luffy… you didn’t have to yell it..” you groan.
“well I want everyone to know your mine!” he says as you look into his eyes as he smiled. You then laugh and smile back. “I love you Becki..” he whispered into your ear.
“love you too Luffy..” you whisper back as the others come up onto the ship.
As you look at the crew and laugh, you think to yourself that this is your home..

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