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73. Minato Namizake

~How you met:
It was graduation day and you were anxious to see who you would be partnered with. You sat there quietly as you glanced around at the other students who were paired up when "squad 12 will be namikaze minato" you glanced at the blonde boy who nodded with a smile " and kumi yuhiko" he turned and smiled at you. You didn't hear the other name as you shyly smiled at him.
How it happened:
It's been years since you paired up with minato but you two were no longer on teams considering your ranks went up. You were now anbu and just returning home from a long one year mission. You smiled as you glanced around the familiar place Konoha was always peaceful at night. "Your finally back" you jumped startled at the sudden noise. You turned to see minato standing there with his arms open. You blinked as he chuckled "what you too good to give an old friend a hug" you smiled and shook your head "no". You walked up to him as he wrapped his arms around your shoulders and hugged you tightly which you returned.
You pulled away from each other as he smiled down at you "walk you home" he asked as you nodded "sure" he nodded as he took his place beside you. You two caught up on the way to your house. You stopped outside your door as you turned to him with a smile "well minato I'll" you didn't finish as you looked up to see him looking around and you noticed he seemed nervous. You blinked and got worried "are you okay" he quickly looked at you and blushed "well..umm" you being oblivious to his blush felt his forehead as his blush deepened "minato you feel warm" you looked at him worried as you grabbed his hand and pulled him inside.
You motioned him to sit on the couch which he did "I'll get some tea ready" "kumi" "you know you really shouldn't walk around if your not feeling well" "kumi" "you could get yourself really sick that way" "KUMI" you stopped and looked at him from his outburst. He looked down and got up and smiled at you "I feel fine" you walked up to him "are you sure" you asked with worry "you felt warm" he cleared his throat blushing again. "Kumi I-" you lifted your hand and was about to place it on his forehead as he grabbed onto your hand. You looked at him as his blush deepened "kumi I-" you titled your head obviously confused "I love you" he said as you stared in shock.
He looked away as you grabbed his hand "minato I" he smiled as he pulled you to him as he placed his soft lips over yours in a sweet kiss. Your eyes widened as he held you tightly to him. You kissed him back just as sweetly as he smiled into the kiss. You wrapped your arms around his neck as he pulled you closer deepening the kiss in the process. You moaned lightly as his fingers ran up and down your sides. You tightened your grip around his neck trying to pull yourself closer and also deepen the kiss in the process. He pulled away and blushed "you have no idea how long I've waited to do that" you smiled as you kissed him more needy and wanting. He grunted in response at your sudden outburst as he kissed back just as roughly and heated.
Leading to the room he pulled away concern in his eyes "are you sure" you smiled "if you love me than show me" he smiled and followed you to the room. Gently placing his lips onto yours he slowly led you to the bed as he climbed on top of you. You licked his lips asking for entrance as he gladly complied meeting your tongue in a battle which you won. He groaned low as you ran your hands through his hair undoing his headband in the process. "kumi" he mumbled against your lips humming in response and slowly began to strip each other.
You panted as he groaned as your hips grinded into one another creating an amazing feeling as he placed butterfly kisses along your neck and collar bone "I love you" he whispered as he removed the last pieces of clothing from the two of you. You blushed and put your hands over your chest as he lightly but firmly moved your hands "don't hide from me your beautiful" he pecked you nose your cheek and finally your lips. You hummed in response as his hand began to rub your folds he smiled slightly as he began to kiss down your neck.
You moaned as he pushed in two digits and pumped them slowly he sped up his space and added another digit "mi - na - to" you moaned with each thrust as he groaned hearing his name come from your mouth. You could feel yourself coming closer and closer till he pulled away. You groaned at the loss as he chuckled lightly and kissed you as he slowly entered you. You whimpered in response as he kissed you harder and rubbed your thighs in a soothing motion. He pulled away and shot you a worried look "it will get better I promise" he said as he slowly began to move.
You gripped onto him tightly as the pain began to subside and was replaced with pleasure. "Faster" you moaned as he grunted in response. You two rocked steadily as moans and groans filled the room. You panted hard as your hips thrashed violently and harshly against one another. You opened your eyes to meet his blue ones his eyes filled with love lust and desire as you pulled him into a kiss.
It felt like hours before you two came to an end. You snuggled into him as you sighed "I love you too" you mumbled sleep coming over your tired form. He placed a kiss on your forehead and pulled you closer to him "and I you" he whispered as sleep fell upon the two of you.
How you told him:
It been two months since you and minato got together and you had something to tell minato. Only problem is you don't know how. You walked slowly through konoha towards the apartment you and minato shared. Walking in you were met by two arms wrapping around your form "so when does your vacation end did they tell you" you looked up confused "what" he chuckled "that vacation they gave is actually pretty long". You nodded walking away "well actually I have a few months on vacation" he blinked "a few months…wow that's long" you nodded "doctors orders". He stopped and looked at you worried "is something wrong" you shook your head.
Now was the time you had to tell him "kumi" he said sternly as you sighed and pulled him towards the living room "you may want to sit" he nodded cautiously but sat. He stared at you as you paced "how do I say this" you could tell he was just as nervous as you were "minato I'm p-pregnant" you looked at him to see he was in shock and looked away from you to the ground. You could feel yourself tearing up as you turned and walked out before closing the door you heard him yell your name. You ran from the apartment to the outskirts of town your eyes puffy from crying all the way. You leaned against a tree as you sobbed once again.
You stopped yourself from crying more as you sighed deeply "kumi" you didn't look already knowing who it was. You heard him sigh "I'm sorry…I was in shock" remaining silent he sighed again "look at me please" you didn't want to look at him. You whimpered as he gripped onto your arms and forced you to look at him to see he was…smiling? You blinked in surprise as he wiped away your tears as you looked away. "Look at me" he whispered. Doing what you were told he kissed you lightly you could feel yourself relax into him he always did this when you were upset. Pulling away he smiled "we're going to be parents" you nodded as he chuckled "that's great" you smiled as he hugged you tightly "we need a bigger apartment for the three of us" you giggled and nodded now knowing he wouldn't abandon you.

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