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51. Madara Uchiha 3

~Name – Kurama Hyuga
Age – looks 22 (Same age as Madara)
Loves – Madara Uchiha

You were sitting on the couch, with you sat Itachi as you both satin silence, you thinking about Madara and itachi, well you don’t know what he’s thinking about. You were pulled out of your thoughts by somebody yelling, you open your eyes to find deidara and tobi, you put up with this for 5 minutes before you pulled them away from each other , holding back deidara by ice and tobi by wood.
“could you guys knock it off already?” you asked looking at both of them, deidara trying to escape mumbled a ‘fine un’ and when you look at tobi he just playfully nodded, you then let them both go.
“Kurama! Tobi got a surprize for you!” tobi said, you nodded as he ran down one of the hallways, you followed him down the hallway till you got to his room to see the door opened. You walk in and the door closed behind you, you then felt two arms wrap around you, as you turn around you felt Madara’s lips on yours you quickly kissed back melting into the kiss. He then pulled away panting.
“ you… Kurama ever since we were little kids…” he told you.
“Madara.. I love you too..” you say as you kissed him again, as he licked your bottom lip you let him in not wanting to waste any time. As you started to make out he locked the door and pulled you shirt over your head, and through it somewhere in the large room. He then kissed down your neck to your left breast, pulling down the cup and lightly sucking on the nipple.
While he rubbed the other one, “Madara… ahh” you moaned. He stopped and smirked. “I love when you say my name like that…. Kurama..” he said as you pulled him back up and kissed him before pushing him down on his bed. You flipped on top and took off his cloak and shirt as you kissed down his chest tracing his abs with your fingertips, making him growl in the process.
You then un buttoned his pants and pulled them off as you looked at the tent that was starting to form in his boxers, you slightly rubbed it through the boxer, as madara growled you then pulled off his boxers. As you circled the tip with your tongue, he groaned as you took it into your mouth and started to bob your head up and down his hard cock. He grabbed your hair and bucked his hips making you take more of him.
As you felt him start to plus in your mouth you heard him say, “arggh… Kurama … im going to cum….” You then started to bob you head faster as you grazed you teeth on his shaft, you then felt him cumm in your mouth you then swallow it as he flipped you, he then took off you shorts and started to rub you through you panties.
“madara…” you moan he then removed you panties and kissed you, as you look up at him you felt the tip of him at you entrance.
“you sure you-
“yes… madara, I’m yours” you said and with that he into you, you gasped in pain , then a few tears fell, but he wiped them away.
“arhhh….. Kurama your so… thight..” he moan in your ear , as you let out a whimper.
He then bucked his hips and you moaned, he started going faster as you were moaning out his name. “Madara …. Arggh deeper… “ you moan, as he started to go deeper he hit you g-spot. “MADARA…right there.. aggrh hit there again..” you maoaned out, as he kept aiming for that spot he felt you walls tighten around his cock. “araggh Kurama….” He grunted you felt a build- up in your lower stomach.
“Madara… I’m aaah going to cum..” you moan out “me … too” he said as you felt his cock throb in side you, you then came, as your walls clamped down around his cock.
“MADARA!/KURAMA” you both moan at each other. You felt his cum shoot out and mixed with yours.
He then pulled the blankets up and fell asleep still inside of you.
~a month later~
As you walked back from the doctors finding out that you were pregnant, you walk into the base to see deidara and ‘tobi’ fighting, but you didn’t say anything you just walk down to your room and slamed the door shut. You laid on your bed hugging you pillow as your door opened and closed you look out of the corner of your eye to see madara.
“what’s wrong?” he asked, you just sat up and looked at him, as he made his way over and hugged you.
“I’m p-p-pregnant…” you said as he ran his fingers through your hair, ” that’s ok “ he said as you looked up he kissed you. “that’s ok, because it’s mine, and I love you.” He said as he sat down with you.
8 months later you end up having twins, Mikai (new moon) and Tisato (tiger).

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