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49. Madara Uchiha 2

~Name : Kurai Coyote
age : 18
Crush: Madara
Looks: dark black hair , pale skin, Dark eyes, and 5”6.
Personality: Normally quiet, she reads whenever she’s not on missions. But get her pissed and she’ll cuss you out and kick you sorry ass.

As you walked through the cold damp halls of the hideout, you started to hear yelling and fighting echoing down the halls. As you came to the main room of the hideout you see itachi on the couch and deidara and ‘tobi’ fighting.
You finally get sick of the bickering, and stopped them before pain got angry again. You looked at ‘tobi’ and smiled. You knew who he really was you just couldn’t let anyone know.
“Kurai?” Tobi’s a good boy, right?” he asked you , in a sad tone, but before you could reply , deidara interrupted you, saying ‘no you’re not’ you finally gave up and started walking back down to your room, you love Madara with all your heart , but he would never feel it back.
“KURAI!” you heard someone yell , as you turned around fully you saw Madara standing there. “we need to talk” he said I his real voice. That voice makes me melt every time. You follow him down through the hallways and finally you get to his room. As he closes the door behind you he takes off his mask and faces you, “I know you love me Kurai..” he said.
You acted uncaring on the outside but on the inside you were panicking, how did he know? Then next thing you know you were pinned to the wall, as Madara leaned in towards you ear he whispered “I’ve taken a liking to you too,… Kurai” . with that said he smashed his lips onto yours, you then felt him slide his tongue across you bottom lip. You playfully denied him, that is until he bit you bottom lip harshly.
You gasped as he shoved his tongue in your mouth; he then let your hands go and wrapped his around your waist, as you put yours around his neck playing with the ends of his hair, which in return he let out a low moan. He then left you lips and attacked your neck leaving butterfly kisses everywhere until you let out a loud moan you were holding back. “ma-Madara…” you moaned again. He then started to nibble and bite the spot, then stopped and looked at the mark he left on you.
He then slipped your shirt over your head, and then continued to kiss down as he unclipped your bra. He then teasingly licked it slowly, before taking the whole thing into his mouth, as he sucked on you right breast he massaged the other on with his hand.
“Madara..” you moaned again. You pulled off his cloak and shirt, as he switched breasts giving the other one the same treatment. He then stopped and looked down at you as you lightly kissed he’s chest. He let out another light growl, before wrapping your legs around him and caring you over to his bed. He set you down lightly as he slowly pulled off your shorts, and kissed your stomach then came back up and started making out with you again. He took his right hand and slowly move it down and started to rub your womanhood through your wet panties. “your very wet,… Kurai..” he said in a husky voice. You blushed at the comment. As he started kissing down you jaw , as he pulled off you panties, and through them somewhere in the room. You gasped as he stuck a finger into you. You started to moan, as he pumped it in and out of your wet womanhood he then added another one, “naggh…. Madara..” you moaned he then added another one. You felt a knot build up in the lower area of your stomach.
You whined in a complaint as he stopped and gasped when you felt him playfully lick your clit. You then moaned as he stuck his tongue in you, as you felt the build-up get stronger you knew you were close to your climax, as well as Madara as he felt your inner walls tighten around his tongue, “Ahhh MADARA!” you moaned loudly as you came in his mouth, he licked and sucked everywhere, till he got all of your cum. You then flipped him over as he kissed you letting you taste yourself. You then kissed down his neck sucking on it every so often.
As you kissed down his stomach, you unbuttoned his pants , and then you grabbed him through his boxers, he let out a low moan as you finally pulled off his boxers after seeing the tent that was formed in them. You then slowly licked his tip, “Argg… Kurai don’t… tease me..” he said as you took as much as you could in to your mouth and let your hand get the rest as you started to bob your head up and down. You let you teeth slightly drag up his hard shaft, as you bobbed your head.
“Kurai… Please faster..” Madara moan out. As you started to go faster you felt him plus inside you. You knew he was reaching his climax, and as you started to suck harder and go faster he realest in your mouth, as you swallowed it all you kissed him as he moan, and flipped you over.
“you ready ?” he asked you, as you look up you slowly nodded . you then felt his tip at your entrance, as he pushed into your wet pussy. You went to scream out in pain but it was muffled by his sweet kisses. He stood still as he waited for you to get used to his size, you then felt the pain leave as you bucked your hips into him and moaning as he took that as an ok to start. As he pumped in and out of you while moaning trying to find a rhythm as he found one, “Mmm… Kurai… you’re so tight..” he moaned while you bucked your hips to meet his thrusts. You started to feel the build up again in your stomach, as you moaned again.
“Madara… Please , Faster… deeper…” you moan out as he did what you asked for, he then pulled almost all the way out and shoved back in as deep as he could. “Madara…. Hit that spot again…” you said as he hit your G-spot… making the pleasure even more enjoyable, if that was even possible.. you then felt the knot in your stomach release as your walls tightened around his thick cock. You came and hard. A few more thrusts and you felt him plus inside you as he also came…

As he pull out and pulled you into his chest he put the blanket over you as you both fell asleep.
~a few weeks later~
You started feeling sick so you went to the closet doctor.
“well we just got back there results Ms. Coyote.” The doctor said coming back in, as he handed you the papers.
“the problem seems to be that you are-
“PREGNANT?!?!” you scream reading the papers, while cutting the doctor off in the process, you then stood up and said thanks and left as you slowly walk back to the hide out you see Deidara on his giant clay bird with ‘tobi’ on the back. Madara then sees you and tells deidara to stop. As they came down landing next to you ‘tobi’ came up and hugged you.
“hey what’s wrong Kurai?” he asked, you decided to tell him now , you didn’t care if deidara was there or not.
“hey tobi.. and nothing I just found out I was pregnant. That’s all.” You say, then the next thing you knew was you were in the air being spun around.
“yay! Tobi’s going to be a good daddy!!” he said while spinning you. You then looked at deidara whos mouth was just a big gape..
8 months later you gave birth to a little boy.

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