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27. Madara Uchiha 1

~Name: Pla Senju
Age: 18
Village: [the story takes place before Konaha was built.]
Rank : -n/a-
Family: Elder brother; Hashirama (Who later once Kohona is built will be the 1st Hokage)
Looks: Pic is above(long black straight hair, black eyes, hour glass figure, long nails, always dress in white.)
Abilities: -n/a, no fighting skills, but has a good singing voice.
Personality: Innocent, sometimes stubborn, given in crying, sensitive and can be so sweet.
Horoscope Sign: Scorpio

You sat under the tree fanning yourself, your brother told you he will return before night. However you didn’t want to wait, you stood up closing your fan and started to walk back where you were staying. You walked around the small village watching many men and women; ninja to be exact. You unfortunately knew nothing about being a ninja, your brother did but said it is not best for your eyes. You walked around amazed at the things you saw, without any intention you bumped into someone.

“Sorry, I wasn’t paying any attention.” You started apologizing, but as you look up into his dark mysterious eyes, hair as black as yours.

“No need miss.” He kindly replies, you smile but continues in the direction he was headed.

‘Handsome.’ You thought then walked on.

“Pla!” You hear your brother yell, smiling as you look ahead racing into his arms.

“Oh nii-sama.” You say blushing as he kissed your cheek, he laughs at your innocent touch. You walk ahead of him, but turn to see him talking to another member of your clan.

“Nii-sama?” You say pondering what he was hearing, he looks to you expressionless. You walk a little closer to eavesdrop, tilting your head to hear.

“The elder Uchiha wants us to meet.” Xio says to your brother.

“I see very well but do not let our enemies fool us.” Hashirama stated, then looks to you walking up behind.

“You shouldn’t be listening dearest princess.” He cooed hugging you, only to have you push him away.

“I request to follow.” You stated looking him in the eyes.

“No.” He says simply then walks on ahead.

“Hashirama-nii!” You yell. “Who are the Uchiha’s?” You asked catching up to him.

“Another clan family.” He replied but stopped his word, you bump into him rubbing your nose.

“Nii-” You started but stopped as your brother pushed you behind him.

“Have you decided?” His cold voice asked your brother, is words alone sent shivers down your spine.

“I have but we will meet up tonight as requested.” Hashirama said, you couldn’t see who he was talking to. Your brother steps forward opening the door to your quarters, he then steps aside looking at your curious expression.

“Do not follow me nee-chan.” He states.

“Hai.” You reply as he closes your door.

[Hashirama’s POV]

I left my little sister behind, she was not meant to see this world of ninja life. I followed to the back of the forest near a clearing, there standing in the midst was the same young man that came by me earlier.

“Your name?” I asked, he smiles slight.

“Uchiha Madara, yours?” He replies asking I.

“Senju Hashirama.” I replied, he nods then moves forward leading us to where we are to talk with the elder Uchiha.

“Madara you are dismissed.” The elder said upon our approach, Madara nods and leaves.

[Back to regular POV]

You opened the window gazing out in the night sky, just singing to yourself. You closed your eyes and continued to hum a tune, as the wind blew blowing your hair.

“You have a beautiful voice.” A man’s voice says, immediately you opened your eyes meet his dark onyx eyes again.

“Thanks you.” You mumbled, while blushing his close distance.

“What is your name?” He asked, moving closer to you.

“Pla and you?” You whispered, he smiles.

“Madara.” He replies, then a sudden knock interrupted you both.

“Nee-chan I am back, will you make some tea?” Your brother called asking of you.

“Hai!” You shout, looking back to Madara.

“Will we see another again?” You asked, he nods then jumps out of your window. You smile to yourself then open your door to go make tea for oth you and your brother.

“So did your meeting go well brother?” You asked handing him some tea.

“I suppose, why?” He asked, noticing your expression of glee.

“No reason really you just look tired.” You say smiling and sipping your tea.

“Hai that I am.” He replies taking a drink of his.

[A month later]

Your brother told your recently to watch out for any one from the Uchiha clan, you didn’t know why but you agreed. You walked to meet up with Madara, he sent you a not telling you to meet him.

“Pla.” He calls coming from behind a tree.

“Madara!” You say excited, he laughs lightly catching you in his arms. Then he sits down under the tree, he lean against it as you sit in his lap laying against his chest.

“What is wrong Pla?” He suddenly asked.

“My brother.” You say simply.

“Tell me.” He said.

“He is just more strict.” You reply, Madara lift your chin crashing his lips to yours. You loved his touch and wanted more then anything to be with him forever.

“How so my love.” He purrs, nuzzling into your neck.

“He just- just want me to stay away from any clan members of the Uchiha’s.” You finally puff out with a sigh.

“I see why did he say this to you?” He asked.

“He says they’re our clan's enemy.” You say, he kisses your neck.

“What is your brother’s name?” He asks.

“Hashirama- Senju Hashirama.” You smile answering him, he shifts hearing the name.

“I see.” He says simply.

“Madara, is that a problem?” You asked him.

“No.” He whispered in your ear pulling you closer to him.

“Ok, I love you.” You said turning your body in his lap planting your lips on top of his, he wraps his arms around your lower back.

[Hashirama’s POV]

I searched her room unable to find her, I raced out in search then went to where she would normally would go and relax to; the forest. I heard her giggling and a man’s voice talking I waited and listened to them.

“Madara.” Pla whispered softly.

“I love you.” He said to her, my veins pulsing in anger as I heard his name and him tell my little sister he loved her. I came from behind the trees, standing before them Madara opened his eyes slightly then stopped kissing her. She followed his gaze turned around seeing me.

“Nii-sama!” She exclaimed in shock, I moved closer just stopping enough to pick her up out of his lap.

“Let’s go now.” I growled, then looked over my shoulder at him.

“Stay away from my sister Uchiha.” I said, she refused pulling her hands out from mine.

“Hashirama-nii, I love him I don’t care if he is an Uchiha!” She shouts at me then walks to him.

“Pla he is our enemy.” I stated.

“I don’t care.” She says with tears brimming his eyes.

“Pla..dont cry.” I say.

“Hashirama, I know our family clans don’t see eye to eye but I care and love your sister with my life. I will love and cherish her forever.” He said looking firmly at me.

“I forbid such act.” I stated grabbing her hand once again taking her with me.

[A month later, regular POV]

You have been secretly seeing Madara behind your brother’s back, you love your brother but also Madara you didn’t care that he was your enemy clan. You opened your door heading out once again to meet up with Madara.

“Pla-nee chan, are you really going again?” Your brother’s voice said, as he stood behind you.

“What do you mean nii-sama?” You asked, he force you to turn around.

“Pla, do you really love him?” He said asking you, right at that moment you knew he knew you were sneaking out to meet up with the Madara.

“How did you know?” You asked him.

“I am a ninja sis, and I also followed you once.” He replied then hugged you “I will leave it be if you truly care for him.

You immediately hugged him, smiling as little tear brimmed down your cheeks. He kisses your cheek softly, as he smiles in return.

“Go now, go to him.” He said, you nod taking off as he watched your leave. You passed many of the Uchiha clan members making your way to Madara’s room, he taught you how to pass his own family with ease. His window was open him sitting up in his bed, you popped your head in.

“He knew all about it, but he knows that I love you Uchiha Madara.” You said as he opened his door to let you in.

“I figured he would, and I am glad.” He whispered as he kissed your lips. You then looked down noticing he hugged you with no robes on, you blushed only to hear him laugh at your reaction.

His kiss grew more as the sensation heated up your body, the warmth from his heated your own sensationally. You leaned your body more against his grinding unintentionally, he groaned as you felt a part of his body grow.

“Madara.” You moaned as he rubbed your sides trailing kisses down your neck with nibbling and sucking. He caressed your stomach then picked you up bridalstyle, laying you on his bed. Madara crawled over your slender form, sliding his hands up under your shirt. He slowly watched your eyes close as he lifted your shirt over your head, you opened your eyes trying to cover your naked chest.

“No.” He said huskily then takes your wrist and put your hands above your head.

“Madara.” You whimpered, while blushing.

“You don’t need to cover yourself, to beautiful to do such a thing.” He said hovering over your face, he leaned in again kissing your passionately. He soon licked your bottom lip asking for entrance, you parted your lips slightly as he taunted your tongue with his. You also felt his hand caressing your breast as he trailed to your breast breaking the kiss, you moaned loudly feeling his tongue circle around your nipple. He then moves and taunts the other breast doing the same.

“Mmmmaaa..” You moaned putting your fingers in his soft lush black velvet hair. Madara moves slowly back up to your lips, as his right hand moved to your wet womanhood, he slid his finger in rubbing your clit.

You arched your back as he continued trailing butterfly kisses down your stomach, he stopped massaging your clit looking up at you. You nod and he pulled your panty off, he slowly holds your waist as you buck your hips to his foreplay; while he sucked and played with your clit.

“Ahhh…Maammmadddaaarrrra.” You moaned as he stuck in a digit, he squirmed at the pain but also at the pleasure. Madara enjoyed hearing you scream his name, as he pumped in and out slowly. He removes his finger replacing it with his tongue.

You closed your eyes tight feeling the butterflies wanting to come out as this sensation spread all thorough out your body, he noticed to as he stuck two of his fingers in this time pumping the fast in and out of your body; your heart picked up pace and he felt your walls tighten around his fingers.

“Pla.” He purred, as you released your juices all over his fingers and in side his mouth as he licked his lips and cleaned you up. Madara hovered up once again propped on his elbows as he moved back up, taking your lips to his letting you taste your sweet juices. You moaned inside his mouth as he lifted your legs to wrap around his waist. He aimed at your entrance and then looked to you.

“Madara, will it hurt?” You asked him, he nods.

“It will but only for so long my sweetheart.” He says.

“I love you and trust you, take me.” You reply, he leans down lifting you in his arms as you slide down on him. He thrusted up as your hips collide. The pain shot far and wide as he started to pound into you, gripping his shoulders you dug your nails into him.

“Ahhh…” He moaned into the crock of your neck, he stopped thrusting and laid you on your back, he still had your legs wrapped around his waist. He pumped fast, and hard in and out of you.

“Nnaaaa…Maaadddaaarrrrraaa!” You screamed as he went faster and deep hitting your g-spot with each thrust, you felt your climax near, and he felt his. Madara kept going deep and fast pounding into rough but full of love. You moaned and screamed while gripping the sheets beneath your quivering body. He leaned down more as sweat glistened your bodies. Kissing your lips oh so passionately.

“MADARA!” You scream again as you came, he thrusted again and again then he pulled you to him thrusting up as your skin made contact.

“PLA!” He groaned spilling his seed inside of you, he laid you down and pulled out laying next your panting body.

“Th-at..wa-s…aa-mmaaazing.” You panted moving closer to him, he kissed your forehead caressing your cheek.

“Good, now rest so we can have more fun.” He hinted as you both laid there, you moved to lay on top of his bare chest falling asleep.

“Uchiha Madara you’re my mystery.” You whispered, he looked down then covered your naked bodies as he too join you; asleep.


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