Anime One Shots

One Shots about Anime characters


1. Koga

~Name: Ryan
Age: 18 (same age as Koga)
Race: Full blood Neko demon

You sat down next to Koga, relaxing as did he. You have been friends your whole life living with him too, already knowing everything you could possibly know. That all ended when Koga took a young girl named Kagome, he vowed and claimed her as his which in turn made your heart break into two. It hurt so much for you fell in love with the charming wolf demon; you kept your true feelings from him for in fear that he wouldn’t return it back.

“Hey Ryan what is wrong?” Ginta asked me as I got up and walked away from the pack.

“Nothing I am just hungry.” You reply monotone.

“I go with you.” He says running up to you.

“Yea me to.” Hakkaku yelled out, running over to us.

You sat on the edge of the river gazing into the clear water for fish, soon two caught your eye you leap in lightly as possible snatching them in both hands. Throwing them over your shoulder to both Ginta and Hakkaku, you heard a rustle in the trees sensing like something was watching you. You collected more fish enough for the whole pack just for tonight at least, shrugging the feeling away once again.

“Well that is enough for now; the whole pack can have two fish each for tonight.” You said standing up.

“Have you told him Ryan?” Ginta asked as we walked back.

“Yea Ryan, I mean you two have known each other long.” Hakkaku added both trying to break the awful silence.

“No I haven’t so keep your mouths shut about it ok.” You state as you three came into view, Ginta and Hakkaku laid the fish down and started to cook it for the pack.

“Ryan.” His voice called your name with ease, making your body shiver with want and need.

“Yes Koga?” You reply innocently

“Come with me for a moment will you?” He asked.

“Um, alright.” You stutter out walking slowly behind him.

Once again you found yourself near the river, with just you and Koga alone.

“Ryan, you’re my best and close friend. Right?” He asked you.

“Undeniably.” You reply short listening to every word and tone his voice spoke out, sadden by how he was acting you didn’t know what to say or do but only to listen.

“Good, I will need you the most for I can’t count on anyone other then you to have my back.” He stated gazing at you.

The look in his eyes where a mix of unknown emotions you have ever seen, not once that you have known him to ever posses such a mix.

“Koga?” You question, the moment you call out his name a scent came to you from the wind.

“Ryan.” He replies husky and deep, the scent captured you making your body react. Now you noticed as your most sensitive areas increased with a high pleasure feel. You knew there that your body was reacting to Koga for some reason.

“Koga, we should go back now.” You say turning around and taking off, you heard him not far. You made it over and sat between Ginta and Hakkaku, you watched over the fire where Koga lay eating his fish gazing at the other two with a slight glare.

=~=~=Next morning=~=~=

You woke feeling a breeze and as you look your laying against Ginta’s chest, you stretch and stand deciding to bathe. You got to the same river and strip with what article of clothing you were wearing off, stepping slowly into the chill water as the sun rise. You shiver harshly as you stand pouring the water over your head letting it stream down you body. The feel of eyes watching you came again this time you felt it strongly enough to turn while still standing to come face to face with your pack’s leader, Koga. Standing only two to three feet from where you were gazing up and down your body.

“Koga?” You say in a questioning manner, when you smelled the sweet and tangy scent again.

“Ryan I know you know and I can smell the reaction your giving as you are ready and in heat too.” He said stepping in the cool water. You quickly cover your chest and lean more in waist deep; he wraps his arms around your waist pulling you closer to him your back hitting his solid chest and abs. That made your womanhood throb for the need to have him inside you.

“Koga.” You moaned out softly, feeling his breath tickle your ear and neck. He smirked and slowly started you nip and kiss from your ear to your neck. He stopped and turned you around to face him, kissing you roughly on the lips. His left hand moved to your chest gently massaging the right breast. You both broke for air and he moved his lips down to the left breast and started to suck on the nub now harden, he licked once more around the nipple then moved to the right and did the same. Nipping and sucking as they both stayed harden he once again captured your lips to his own and moved his right hand to your wet mound teasing your clit, you arched your back feeling the sensation he was giving in circular motion. His lips moved from your lips, to your chin then down your neck stopping just below your ear and above your collar bone. You moaned out loud as his teeth scratched against your soft spot, he waited as blood came out in small amounts and started to then lick it up savoring you. Again another moan you let out breathing hard and panting like a dog, he to panted just as hard.

“Ryan.” He groaned out as your bodies moved closer, then you decided to tease him and pull away. He watched with a lustful gaze, you got out of the water and lay on the ground starting to relax your body moving your hands around in a playful manner. Your left hand grabbing a breast to tease the nub and your right hand moved down to your woman hood playing with your clit. Koga watched getting turned on even more; he couldn’t take it so he got out and hovered above your body. You felt him above and below, he grasped your wrists and pinned them above your head. Roughly kissing you again as he moved his body more and more against yours. You both moaned silently and struggling against his hold you manage to get loose as he moved down your body, he lifted your legs over his shoulder, you watched as he started to eat you out biting every so often you grabbed the his hair tugging and moaning. He groaned as your grip tightened.

“Right there, ahh uaahha there more more.” You panted as he tongued inside you.

He stopped moving back up to your lips, capturing them again as he stuck one finger inside you then slowly in a tease another finger. Feeling the pit of your stomach turn in a pleasurable way made it seem like melting ice, you got wetter by the minute. He pulled his fingers out licking them clean, he kissed you once again letting you taste yourself.

“Mmmm.” He moaned into the kiss.

You decided to flip him over with you on top, moving your lips to his neck finding his soft spot fast.

“Uhhh…” He purred out, further turning you on.

You moved down to the tip of his erected manhood licking and biting down the shaft then slowly back up to repeat it over and over again. He grunted as your hand rubbed up and down his shaft with the other gently squeezing the balls, his breathing get more rough as he arch his back and bucks his hips up for your to take his whole manhood in your mouth but unfortunately you closed your mouth so he couldn’t get it in.

“Ryan, stop teasing.” He moans out still grunting. You smile opening your mouth sticking him in your wet cavern sucking hard while bobbing your head up and down with still one hand around his shaft pumping in rhythm, he grasp your hair tugging on it moaning out your name. He grunted once more as you felt him release inside your mouth, you lick your lips swallowing. He flipped you over this time in a seductive way making his hands roam in a spider like way down your body once again lifting your legs up over his shoulder.

"Wait!" You exclaim out of breath, he looks up at you curiously.

"Will this hurt?" You ask him sort of nervous.

"I know your untouched, and it will just for a moment." He replied worried, you nod to him to continue. He puts the tip in slowly then enters the rest, closing your eyes shut to try and block the pain.

"Ryan you want me to stop?" He asks as your body quiver.

"No just move." You said in a harsh tone, he pulls out and thrust in deep and hard.

"Ahhhhhh." You moan out..

You moan out his name once the pain subsides, he kept thrusting in and out then pulls out all the way hitting area the made it all the more pleasing.

"Ahh...uhhh Koga there hit it again." You pant out in a moan and he pulls out once again thrusting deep inside you.

"Uhhh.Ryan." He grunts as he hits it again feeling the walls thicken around him, quickly he pulls out you look up at him in a questionable way. He flips you on all fours and started again thrusting deep and hard.

"Ryan." He moans again going faster and faster.

"Hard ...faster more uhhh faster." You scream out in a violent moan feeling you climax coming you buck your hips to meet his thrust making him go in more. Both you panting you can feel that he was reaching his climax too. His manhood pulses inside and your walls grip around him.

"Ryyyann~~~~Kogggaaa!!!" Both scream out as you hit your climax, he lays down and pulls you into an embrace. Your bodies glisten with sweat you prop up on your elbows gazing into his eyes.

"Would you like to join me?" You say to him.

"Yes." He replies getting up and lending a hand to help you as well. Both go into the water bathing eachother under the moon.

"I love you Koga, I know you like Kagome but I can't help the feelings I have-" You say only to be interrupted with his tender kiss.

"Ryan I do like Kagome, but I love you." He said embracing you from behind.You smile at this leaning your head back.

"I could go another round, Ryan." He says seductively in your ear, you elbow him.

"Passion and lust, a fools vow." You said looking into his gaze laughing at him.

"Hmph you like it though." He said acting like he was mad. You both stayed like that until your skin pruned. You for once smiled happily for you got something you always deemed out of reach....Koga.

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