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50. Kisame Hoshigaki

~- your name in the story: Keihime Yuugenki
- your crush or who you’re in love with Kisame Hoshigaki
- your age: 20-past: Became a missing nin after the death of her best friend, Ren. Recruited from Konoha. Parents denied her existence after she left.
- back round Mother: Tsumi Father: Keiro
- your best friend: Konan.
- Your enemies: Kakuzu

As you were in sitting in you room quietly reading to yourself, you herd some one rapidly banging on your door. “what is it?!” you asked through the door, then I flung open and shut quickly, you look up to see tobi standing against the door listening to her if some ones coming.
“*sigh*… what is wrong-
“shhhh!!! Keihime!” he said cutting you off. Once he thought it was safe he backed away from the door, then carefully made his way to you. “psstt… Keihime. Guess what?” he asked you.
“what?” you asked, he bent into your ear to whisper something.
“I got a secret about Kisame!” he whispered back loudly.
“and what’s that?” you asked he now interested in what he had to say.
“Kisame likes you, Keih- he was cut off when your door flew open to reveal a pissed off looking kisame, the next thing you knew tobi was being dragged out the door and down the hall, and all you could hear was him saying sorry over and over.
As you walked over to your door and closed it, you started to think about what he said. Kisame liked you? The same kisame that you love? “What a great way to start the afternoon…” you thought out loud to yourself as you walked back to you bed to read.
After about an hour of reading you decided to go and see what the others were doing. On your way to the main room of the hideout you started to think about what tobi said, as you were thinking you bumped into someone “sorry..” you said and looked up to find out you bumped into kisame. He looked down at you then you did something you never thought you would ever do. You KISSED him, you pulled away quick and went to run when you were suddenly slammed up against the wall.
“why did you do that?” he asked you, while you tried to get unpinned from the wall you soon gave up and looked him in the eyes.
“I don’t know, maybe because I like you, and tobi told me that y-you liked me too, but then I realized it was just a joke…” you said as you looked deeper into his eyes, then he kissed you. You then kissed back right away.
“it wasn’t a joke..” he said as he picked you up and took you too his room in the base. As he closed the door he pushed you against it and kissed you again, this time licking your lips to ask for entrance, when you denied him he gave a low growl then slipped a hand up your shirt and gripped you left breast. You moaned and that’s when he shoved his tongue in. As you both fought for dominance, but he won in the end.
He then started to make his way down you neck kissing it and running his tongue along it, and every so often biting it. “ahh kisame” you moaned loudly, When he got to your soft spot, you moaned as he bit and sucked it lightly. His hand slowly pulled up on the bottom of your shirt, he then wrapped your legs around him as he pull off your shirt, and started kissing down your neck again. He then carried you over to his bed and then climbed on top of you.
He then unclipped your bra and slid it off the end of your arms, as you looked up in to his eyes you pulled off his shirt and then kissed down his neck leaving butterfly kisses along it when you got below his ear he let out a growl, you left a mark on him like he did to you then you felt him push you head back as he started to make out with you again. He then trailed kisses down to you right breast where he licked and lightly bit your nipple, before taking into his mouth. “mmmh Kisame…” you moaned out as he sucked it harder, you started to play with his hair and lightly tugged it when you moaned. He then stopped and started to give the other one the same treatment.
“Kisame… ahhm” you moaned as you tugged his hair he let out a low grunt. The stopped and looked at your now hardened nipples, you then flipped him over. As you pulled down his pants and through them somewhere you heard him chuckle. “egger are we?” he asked as you kissed down his well-toned chest and abs, before coming to the tent that was forming in his pants, you then pulled off his boxers and looked at his member, which in your opinion was pretty big, you then licked up his shaft to the tip where you licked around it, before taking as much as you could into your mouth.
As you lightly bobbed you head up and down, grazing your teeth along his hard shaft, he groaned as your other hand started to get the rest you couldn’t fit in your mouth as you bobbed your head, he bucked his hips making you take more of him. “faster…arggh…Keihime..” he moaned out loud, you slightly blushed but went faster as you also rubbed you tongue up and down you felt him start to plus in your mouth. “ahhh Keihime!” he moaned as he came into your mouth, you then was flip by kisame, you roughly kiss him letting him taste himself.
“now it’s my turn,…Keihime..” he said huskily into your ear, he then slid off you pants as he sucked on your earlobe playfully, his hand then started to rub you through you very wet panties. He then slowly brought his head down toward your womanhood, lightly kissing you stomach on the way down. He then bit the end of you panties and dragged them down to your ankles then taking them and throwing them somewhere in the room. You gasped as you felt his finger enter you, and started to moan out his name, he then added another finger and started to pump faster as you felt a build-up in your stomach that felt almost like butterflies.
“Ohh Kisame…’ you moaned loudly as he stuck his tongue in, as his tongue pumped in and out of you he felt your walls close around his tongue. “KISAME….” You moaned as you realest into his mouth, licked you clean before coming back up and letting you taste yourself.
He then looked down at you, “you sure you want to do this?” he asked you looking into your eyes. You felt the tip of his man hood poking at your entrance, you kissed him as you nodded. He then pushed into you and held his mouth on your to stop you from screaming. When he pulled away from the kiss you moaned as you bucked your hips into him. He started to pump in and out of you. “ Mmmh Keihime your so tight…” he moaned out as he found a rhythm, “aghh Kisame. . . harder... faster...” you moaned.
As he did as you asked you felt his member start to throb inside of you, as your inner walls tighten around his thick cock. You started to get that feeling again. “Kisame…” you moaned as he hit that special spot that made the pleasure increase tenfold. “Kisame hit ahah that spot again...” you moaned out, he started to thrust harder hiting that spot very time you then yelled out his name as you came on him hard...
He grunted as he came soon after as you felt him shoot his cum inside you. he then got on your side as he pulled the blankets up, you turned around to face him, as you did he kissed your swollen lips once more as you said “I love you kisame.”

“I love you too, Keihime..” he breathed into your ear.
~2 months later~
You weren’t feeling good for a while , at first you thought you were just sick but now to think otherwise as you came out of the bathroom staring at the little pink plus sign.
As you walked down the hallway you finally found kisame, as you walked up to him, he looked up from the tv and saw you walking towards him, he smirked and got up and hugged you.
“hey.” He whispered in your ear, but you started to cry, “what? What’s wrong?” he asked looking you up and down.
“i-i-im p-pregnant…” you said looking him in the eyes. He then pulled you into another hug.
“that’s great..” he said
7 months later you had a 10 hour labour then finally gave birth to Satoshi, he was your first born. Then 3 years later you gave birth to your daughter Mirki. And you stayed together for the rest of your lives.

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