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63. Kiba Inuzuka 5

~you name it the story- Rebekah Mae
your age- 16
your crush- Kiba Inuzuka

Finally a day off. A day to relax. A day to…. Go to the beach! You thought as you, your brother, kiba, shino, Hinata, ino, Shikamaru, and choji, reached the warm sand of the beach. Grinning from ear to ear you looked for a place to put your towels, and beach equipment.

Reaching a spot that everyone agreed on, you quickly unrolled your towel, laying it out on the sand. You then looked around as you watched the boys in the water, along with Ino and Hinata. After about 15 minutes of laughing at how childish the boys act, ino had decided to look for cute boys, and your eyes were quick to land on kiba when she said cute boys. EVEN though she had a boyfriend already.

You have had a crush on kiba, no wait, you have now fallen in love with the Inuzuka and, let’s face it, you fell for his looks too! But he pays no mind at all to you, you are like invisible to him, and you can’t forget this iddy bitty detail, he now has a girlfriend. Yup, and you can probably guess who. That’s right, Ino. She just doesn’t care about him.

“oooh look at that one Mae!” you heard an all too familiar voice say, but it was like she was in a different world, as you looked at kiba and continued to rant on about ino in your head.

“hey. Mae he’s –“ Ino couldn’t believe this, here she is trying to help Mae get her own guy, not to mention while looking for herself too, when she looks to find Mae getting googly eyed at kiba.

You didn’t hear anything on the outside of your mind, un till your head whipped to the side and a smack ran through the air. Your face stung as you turned your head to a furious Ino.

“WHAT DO YOU THINK YOUR DOING!? HUH?! NOBODY AND I MEAN NOBODY TRIES TO STEAL MY MAN! I HAD HIM FIRST, YOU BITCH!” Ino screeched at you tears brimmed your eyes, not from the slap, but from everyone on the beach ; eyes staring at you, piercing through you.

But the eyes that got the most attention from you was kiba’s. he now knew who you were. Not only that but now he also knows that you like him. You quickly stand as Hinata tried to comfort you. that is until you lightly push her away and took off running.

You didn’t know how long you ran for, but you soon got tired and collapsed in the sand as you watched the sun set. You waited till the last ray of the day shone past the horizon of water, before deciding to head back.
“they had to at least leave my stuff for me.” You say to yourself as you continued down the now deserted beach. As you got back from where ever you were, you see they left your towel. But someone else was there.

At first you thought of your brother, but as you got closer, you noticed it wasn’t. soon you were close enough to breath down his back. And you knew who he was, it was kiba. He was sitting on your towel.
“w-what are y-you do-doing here kiba?” you asked while looking anywhere but at him.

“I don’t know. Concerting I broke it off with ino might be why.” He explained to you as he waited for you to look at him, which you eventfully did.

“why did you do that?” you asked for some reason your shyness evaporating.
“because slapping people just because they like someone isn’t right to do.” He said to you as he stood. And got closer to you. “just saying but, I like you too.” He whispered as he tilted your head up meeting his in a kiss.

Your eyes slowly drifting closed you felt him pull away and before you could ask why, you were being dragged into the water. Kicking and telling him to stop, was all in vain as he dropped you. as your head ducked under, you came back up gasping and yelling at him.

“KIBA!! You got me wet!” you yelled at him, while he started to smirk.

“I make you wet?” he asked as he wiggled his eyebrows. A light blush crossed your cheeks as you became shy once again and looked away. But soon felt him turn your head around and kiss you. this time pulling you into his chest, and picking you up out of the water as you wrapped your legs around him.

As the kiss got more heated you felt his tongue slide in past your lips. His tongue tasted salty from the ocean’s water, and you were guessing yours did too. Soon it became more lustful as he left your lips and headed down your neck, leaving a burning trail of hot kisses. As the light waves crashed against kibas legs, he slowly came back up to kiss you, before walking out of the salty spray and onto the beach.

You felt your back lightly touch what you thought was probably yours and kibas towel’s. he then left your lips for the soft skin of your neck, but this time it was different, you felt you bathing suit top become lose and before you knew it, kiba had already taken it off. He stopped kissing your neck and looked up to meet your gaze.

“you know Mae, if you don’t want to do this tell me right now and I’ll stop. And I want you to tell me, because if we keep going I don’t think I will be able to stop..” he whispered while looking into your eyes. You thought for a moment before looking him dead in the eye and kissing him, with everything you had, “then don’t stop… kiba..” you whispered against his lips as you pulled back from the kiss.

He gave you a smirk as he kissed you before kissing down your neck and to your breast where he lightly flicked your right nipple with his tongue. You let out a soft moan as he then started to suck on your hard nipple. As you let out another groan you felt his hands slide up and down you sides before going down to your bottoms and lightly yanking them off.

You blushed even more than you were when you saw a bulge in kiba’s swimming trunks. Then your smirked as kiba’s started to lick kiss and suck your other breast, your hand snaked down to his bulge and as you lightly squeezed it he let out a loud groan before looking up at you.

Untying the string on his swimming shorts you let out another moan as kiba lightly bit your nipple. You started to pull his shorts off and as you did your eyes slightly grew, and kiba, unfortunately for you, notice. “like what you see?” he ask his voice husky, you swallowed before pulling your gaze from his member to him, and he was big you didn’t know how it would fit but the next thing that happened surprised you. he sat up and pulled you into his lap.

“don’t worry it will only hurt for a second…” you heard him whisper in your ear as he lifted you before bringing you down onto his hard cock as it slid into you, and as he did this you let out a scream that was soon muffled by kiba as he shoved his tongue into your mouth. As soon as you stopped and calmed down you felt him start to kiss your neck once again, but this time it felt like he was looking for something and as you let out a loud moan he smirked and started to bite and suck that area harder, and while doing so he lifted you up and brought you back down on his member as you let out a loud moan.

He pulled away from your neck as he continued to do this. He then pulled you off him and placed you on the ground. As you wrap your arms aound his neck you pulled him down as he pulled your hips up and spread you legs. As you kissed him again he rammed back into you. groaning into the kiss you felt something at the pit of your stomach start to build up. Then he hit something deep inside you, it made you go crazy, moaning even louder than before every time he hit that spot.

Then he hit it again and something snapped inside you, you fell into complete bliss as your orgasm hit you hard. And soon kiba followed you.

As you both laid there panting you looked up at the stars, you were thinking about what you did, while you didn’t know what kiba was thinking about. But you had an idea of what it could be from the smirk on his face. He then stood up and pulled you into his chest hugging you closely.

“I love you mae..” he whispered to you, as you replied. “I love you too kiba.” He then picked you up bridal style and carried you back out into the salty water of the ocean as you kissed.

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