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54. Kiba Inuzuka 4

~Name: Mika Holt

Age: 16

Crush: Kiba Inuzuka.

Family: They were all killed by Hidan from akatsuki when Mika was a little girl. She has a cat named yuki that can grow into a snow leopard with deep blue eyes.

Past: Her clan was of the cats like Kiba is from the dogs. When she was 6 she witnessed her whole clan being murdered by Hidan. She still lives in the leaf village but alone like naruto and sasuke do.

Personality: Funny, stubborn, helps those in need, like a cat in other areas...

Looks: Brown medium length hair, dark brown eyes with a hint of gold, 5' 8", and skinny.

“looks like I beat you again Inuzuka…” you said as you looked down at the boy you had pinned. You didn’t really know why you hated him, and you didn’t really care. All that mattered was you two were enemies.
“ stupid cat…” he said as you unpinned him, you sent him a glare then looked over to yuki, then back to Inuzuka.
“plenteous prick..” you said as you walked away, “come on yuki lets go home..” you say to her as you started in the direction of home. You gave one last glare at the Inuzuka before making a right turn to your home. As you walked in to you house you looked around, as you walked to the couch to sit down and watch TV. As you did yuki came up behind you and changed into her snow leopard and sat around you while you got comfy between her chest and stomach.
As you stared at the TV your eyelids started to feel heavy as you let sleep consume your body. In the morning you woke up with Yuki lying down next to you, you smiled down at her, you knew she was the one that took you to your room.
You got up out of bed as yuki slowly woke up and followed you. As you started to make breakfast for yourself you up down a plate of food for yuki too, then put down your food and started to eat.
2 hours later
It’s now 11:00 am as you make your way to the park,as you did you were hoping kiba would be there so you could beat him again. You didn’t know why you wanted kiba to be there even though you hated him and he hated you, but you just dismissed the thought.
As you arrived you were feeling upset that kiba wasn’t here, “ why am I feel these emotions for him…” you asked yourself quietly until a soft rough voice answered back.
“maybe because you care for him?, because he cares for you…” you turn around to meet eyes with kiba, you let a small smile grace your lips, before putting a scowl on instead.
“like I would have feelings for a mutt like you, who would?” you replied, you thought he would start with a comeback but instead he just backed up and walked away. You looked down at yuki as she looked up at you, you then looked at kiba the feeling of guilt and regret of your words hitting you like a brick.
You then sat on the soft grass and looked to yuki. ‘was that too much?’ you asked her as she looked at you and simply nodded her head you sighed as you got up and went for a walk. “ what should I do yuki? Do you think he’ll forgive me? Maybe I could get him something for him?” you asked her as you both walked down the streets.
‘yeah, he probably forgive you, it’s kiba you guys always say stuff and you both don’t care..’ she replied to your question. You then ran around looking at stuff before going home and righting a note saying:
I’m so sorry I took it too far and your wright I do care about you..
You looked at the note one last time before putting it on the door step and left with yuki to go home.
~next morning~
As you walk to the training grounds hoping kiba will be there after reading the note, you happily smile as you walk but it then drops, as you get to the training grounds you notice nobody else is here. You sigh and start practicing with yuki.
By the time you were finished you decided to take a walk and see if kiba got your note you left for his house, as you walked you were talking to yuki and joking around that is until you look up and see your note crumpled up in a ball thrown on the ground.
You sigh and walk away. As you were walking away you heard a door open and close, you look back to see kiba and Akamaru. You fully turn around and stare at him as he walked right passed the note, he then looked up to see you. He then shot you an angry glare, as he continued walking.
You sigh again and head home. That night you couldn’t sleep, you look down to yuki, and smile at her before getting up and heading down stairs, you glance at the clock and see that its 1:34am. You then slip on your shoes and head out the door.
As you jumped from house to house till you finally land on the roof of the house you were heading to. The
Inuzuka house hold. You peek through every window to find no one home until you came to the last upstairs window, you peek in to find a boy with shaggy brown hair, the boy you think you fell in love with. You guys were enemies since you were 5.
But now you loved him.. as you slowly opened his window you see akamaru’s head shoot up, “shhh” you whispered to him he nodded and then quietly walked out of the big room. You then walk over to then bed and look down at kiba. You didn’t want to wake him up, you were in is house you then thought you should head back. You were about to jump out the window but when you looked back at him you walked over to him and then quickly kissed his lips.
Just as you pull away your out the window and walking through town. You sigh as you then realized how stupid you were to do that… but then you heard someone call your name you turn around to find kiba running up to you. You were still upset about the note thing but soon forgot about it as you felt his lips crash on to yours.
You kiss back hungrily as he pulls you closer. A few minutes later you pull away, as you look into his eyes he pulls you into his chest and the kisses your ear.
“will you… stay with me tonight..” he asked as he whispered into your ear, as you shiver from his warm breath on your neck. You look up at him once more before nodding your head, as he lead you back by holding your hands you joked and kissed, as you stop suddenly. “ w-what?” he asked..
“what about your mother and sister?” you asked, as he looked at you.
“their gone on a mission they won’t be back until 3 days from now.” He replied then kissed you as he pulled you through the open door as he closed ad locked it behind you.
He then started to kiss his way down you neck you let out a moan as his tongue grazed your soft spot, he then lifted you up on to his hips and carried you up stairs to his room he then again closed the door and then started sucking on your soft spot as he grabbed your ass, he then laid you down on the bed.
As he did so he pulled off you tank top and threw it somewhere in the room you then took the chance to start sucking down his neck and trailed your tongue along the rim of his shirt, which you then pulled over his head. You slowly run your hands down his well-toned chest and abs. he let out a low growl at this before he swiftly unclasped and pulled off your bra.
You gasp, and look back at him before he starts to kiss down you neck again when he found you spot again he bit down on it harder just enough to draw blood, which he happily licked up. He then kissed down to your left breast as he started to like and suck at it while he rubbed the other one.
He then stopped and went to the other and gave it the same treatment he pulled away and looked at the hardened nipples before kissing you again and pulling off you shorts, and kissing down your stomach then he licked down your thigh and finally pulled down you panties.
You let out a sharp gasp as you felt something soft and wet enter your woman hood before you realized it was his tongue, you then started to moan even louder as he sucked on you clit. “ahhh… ki-kiba…” you moaned out he then stuck a finger in and started to pump in and out of you.
As you moaned out his name again he added two more fingers soon you felt a build-up in your lower stomach as your walls closed around his fingers as he pumped them in and out faster as you finally came onto his fingers, he pulled them out as he licked them clean you then flip him over and pulled off his pants as you kissed your way down passed his abs and stopped when you came to a tent starting to form in his boxers.
You remove them and looked at his enlarged member before licking the tip and taking most of it into your mouth using your hand to wrap around the base as you bobbed up and down, you heard him let out grunts and groans, you then start to go faster as you felt him start to plus in your mouth you then go harder as he moans out your name, you lick your lips and come up and slam you lips onto his as you let each other taste yourselves.
You then felt smoothing poke at you entrance and you sat back it’s tip pushed into you casing you gasp and kiba to moan. You feel kiba’s hands on your hips as he pulls you down on top of his cock hard. You went to scream in pain but he quickly places his lips there.
As you start to calm down you slowly pull up and push back down on him as you let out a soft moan, he then flips you on all fours and enters you harder as he kisses your ear.
“I’m going to make you mine… and by the end of tonight the entire village will know…” he whispered huskily into your ear. He then started to pump in and out of you as you started to moan. Kiba then started going faster as he also then started grunting and panting, “mmhhmmm Mika your so ahh tight..” he moaned into your ear.
He then started to go deeper as you were moaning he hit a special spot deep inside you that made you want to scream. “aggghhh KIBA HIT aggagh there ahhh again nahhgg” you moan out, he started aiming for that spot again and again, you the felt that tight build up again as he hit that spot one more time you bout came, screaming down each other’s mouths…

You then collapsed on the bed as you felt kiba pull you into him. “see now you are mine..” he says before drifting off to sleep.
3 weeks later
As you woke up feeling a little sick for the past 4 days you finally decided to see a doctor.
As you waited to find out what you were sick from the doctor came in looking through some papers before looking back at you.
“ well Ms. Holt it was only a madder of time before you came to see me..” he said as he sat down, you quirked an eyebrow at him wondering what he meant.
“you’re not sick, your pregnant.” He said again. After saying good bye to him and the nurses you left the hospital and
went to the park , you then saw kiba there and broke down crying.
“whats wrong? Mika ?” he asked you 2 times before you answered as you looked at him.
“I’m pregnant..” you state as you look to the ground ready for rejection.
“that’s great!” he yelled as he hugged you…

~8 months later~
You ended up having twins your first son Hoshi and you daughter Sayuri…
Oh and naruto became hokage!!

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