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53. Kiba Inuzuka 3

~Name: Yuki Tanaka
Age :14 about to be 15
Crush: Kiba
Past: she had a rough past but has gotten over it, but still doesn’t like to talk about it.
Background: Her parents died when she was 6 and she doesn’t know if anyone has made it out alive but there is hardly a chance.
Friends: Everyone
Enemies: fan girls and Ino
Personality: Short tempered smart and funny. She is quiet most of the time and people mistake it for her being shy but she is only she around Kiba. And she is a medical nin.

As you walked down the dusty path to meet up with Hinata, you notice a very large dog coming towards you. You knew that dog though, he’s your favourite dog in the whole village. It was akamaru and then on his back you saw him. Kiba.
You started to walk faster to get away without being noticed by them, so you could get on with you meet up with Hinata. But that failed, as the said white dog jumped in front of you.
“oi, yuki where are you heading?” asked the very hot.. owner of akamaru. You didn’t know what it was that made kiba so special, was it his shaggy hair, his deep brown eyes, he’s canine teeth? Or the way he made you laugh. It didn’t madder to you though, you loved him and that all there is to it.
“I’m o-o-on my way t-to meet up with H- Hinata…” you stuttered out, he then smirked and went to jump away but not before saying good bye.
As you finished your walk to hinata’s house you noticed her training outside of the compound. You stop and look through the trees to see what she was doing. You then let out a little giggle as you approached.
“still thinking about Naruto??” you asked curiously, while looking around. She looked over at you with a slight blush on her cheeks. And you took that as a yes.
It was now almost 10:00 pm, you both mostly trained then grabbed something to eat before heading separate ways, As you started your walk to your apartment.
As you slowly unlock your door, opening it and walking in you look around at some of the old pictures of when you were 6. You sigh before closing and locking the door behind you. You make your way to your room as you flop down on the bed, you then heard tapping on you window.
You turn and look out your window to see kiba standing there. You run over quickly, and open it for him as he slips inside. He looks around and then at you.
“one second k-kiba I just have to change into my pyjamas. Ok” you ask as you head to the washroom. You com out a few minutes later to see him asleep on your queen sized bed. You walk over slowing trying not to wake him as you pull the blankets over him.
Then the next thing you knew you were pinned under kiba, you look up into his eyes as you both lean forward into a soft kiss. He then pulls away a few seconds later.
“I love you yuki…” he whispered into your ear as you whispered back an “I love you too k-kiba…” he then kissed you roughly but still full of love and passion. He then left your lips and started sucking down your neck, biting every so often. As he crossed over your neck under your ear some you let out a slight gasp as he then started to suck and bite harder than before.
He stopped to look at the hickkie he just gave you. You then felt a cold breeze hit you skin as you then notice that kiba had removed your shit and was smirking at you, that is before looking you over and to stop and take a good look at you nicely shaped breast. You weren’t wearing a bra because you were about to go to bed.
He the tackled you to the bed kissing you all over, and stopped as he rolled his tongue over your right nipple, as he took it into his mouth and started to suck on it while his other hand played with the other nipple. He then switched breast as he gave the other one the same treatment. You were moaning out loud as you unbuttoned his pants and pulled them down along with his boxers.
you then gasped as you felt him lick up your thigh to your womanhood, as he stuck his tongue in and started to eat you out. “ki-kiba… mo-more.. ahh” you moan out as he did as you asked you soon felt a butterfly feeling in your stomach and kiba stopped but only to kiss you deeply before pushing into you.
You wanted to scream but only a slight mumble and a few tears were seen or heard as he stayed frozen waiting for you to let him move. Soon you bucked your hips giving him the signal to move, as he started to pump in and out of you as he found a steady beat.
“Arggh… Yuki your so… tight..” you heard him moan into your ear as he started to thrust at inhuman speeds. You felt the same build-up of butterflies and you felt bliss at the sound of skin slapping against one and other and the cries and moan from the two of you it almost set you off the edge as you climax hit both of you hard. As your inner walls closed tightly around his hard cock you felt him release inside of you.
As he pulled out of you, he pull you into his chest and kissed your forehead. “good night, my love” he said as you then replied with “yes good night kiba.”

~~5 weeks later~~
You were at your apartment with Hinata, you in shock on the couch at what Hinata had told you. You were pregnant with kiba’s child and you didn’t even know what to do. As you sat there you soon fell asleep.
You slowly open your eyes to see to blurry figures yelling at each other.
“what do you mean she’s pregnant?!?” yelled kiba. He sounded kind of mad at it.
“that’s what i-it is kiba i-I’m pregnant..” you say sadly.
“ who’s is it..” he asked, as he dropped his head, in an angry madder.
“….yours…” you slowly say to him, his head shot up as he heard this
“it’s… mine?” he asked unbelieving. ‘yes kiba it’s yours” you say again.
He then picked you up into a hug and kissed you as he spun you around
~8 months later~
You ended up having twins two boys who look identical to kiba! And they both have their own nin dogs too!

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