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13. Kiba Inuzuka 2

~Name: Kumi Aquamarina
Age: 17
Rank if ninja: Jonin
Crush: Kiba
Family: None
Abilities: Able to "mold" and use water and Ice to do her bidding
Personality: Shy, music-oriented, always hyper. Tends to be calm but can get agitated easily
Horoscope Sign: Virgo


You just entered into Konoha, heading to the Hokage’s office. You were requested to assist on a mission with a team, yet the details where still sketchy. You knocked on the doors waiting for an answer, the door opened and you smiled.
“Aquamarina, Kumi is here now Lady Hokage.” Shizune announced letting you in, you see three others in the room aside from the Hokage, you and Shizune.
“Kumi, since your assisting and aiding you well be housed as a guest in the Inuzuka household.” Tsunade firmly states.
“Very well and what team will I be assisting then?” You asked, she then pointed to the boy who looked to be around your age.
“Then names Kiba, come on or we’ll be late.” The boy announced then pulled you out with him. You blushed never having so much contact like this before, you looked down trying to clear the thoughts and cool the tinted blush.
“We’re here now.” Kiba shouted as we entered a training area. You looked around at the team smiling gingerly.
“Ok this is Hinata, Shino and our sensei-Kurenai. So everyone this is Aquamarina, Kumi she is staying with my family for the next three months and is the one assisting us too.” He huffed after introducing everyone to you and you to them.
“From what I am told Kumi here is a Jonin, and was offered Anbu right?” Their sensei asked, and you nodded.

=Two months later=

Your time was drawing near and sadly over the time you had spent with the Inuzuka family has been exciting, recently you had just last night come back from a scouting mission and was injured not badly. You were at the park relaxing with Akamaru, as you both just played around tossing and fetching. You laughed enjoying this until you heard Kiba yelling in the distance for Akamaru, the said white haired dog barked as the frantic owner ran over. Panting heavily he looked up and froze from a moment then paced slowly up behind you as your attention was on the big dog.
"Kumi-chan..." He said in a deep voice that turned into a moan and making you blush. He then turned you around capturing your lips to his, this left you feeling like you were floating in the clouds. You returned the heated kiss but unfortunate for you he broke it fast, and then started to walk away while shaking his head almost like he couldn’t believe he had done such a thing.

=The next day=

You woke early walked down the stairs and went to the kitchen, you were told the following night before that you, Kiba and Akamaru would be the only ones home for the next few days. You started to clean the Inuzuka home, you started washing and folding clothes, vacuuming carpets and tidying up the rooms. After you had finished then you headed off to the kitchen, since it was the last place you didn’t tidy or clean up yet.
You passed a sleeping Kiba who was on the couch in the main area room. You just finished washing the dishes and was putting them away, leaning over the counter slightly as you were putting a silver dish up and that is when you felt a pair of warm, strong arms wrap around your waist. You already knew who it was as his hands warmth rubbed against your stomach and grasped. Slowly you leaned back up to meet a heavy breathing on your neck and a rock hard form pressed against your back.

-Lemon Time-

“Kumi-chan.” His husky voice cooed as his arms were even more securely around. He took the silver dish from your hand laying it on the clean counter, then moved your hair to the side to get a clear view of your neck. Kiba let out a loud possessive growl as his lips lightly traced over the crook of your neck. As he then slowly let his wet tongue started to lick a random spot, making you shiver in his arms.
“Ahh..wait…” You softly moaned, he responded with putting his right leg in between yours, you felt his arousal that poked against your back as he leaned in. Your hands braced against the counter top, Kiba slowly began to grind himself against your ass. You heard his soft husky groan vibrate in the back of his throat, as another light moan escaped your lips as his warm hands mad there way underneath your shirt as he started to rub your bare curvy sides.
His lips on you neck stopped it sucking, licking and biting, as he moved up to your ear. You shivered as you felt him nibbling on you lobe caressing and flicking his tongue in a sexual pleasing way.

“Uhh..mmm..Kiba.” You gasped as you body began to feel the pleasuring touch, he smirked across your neck and his hands started to travel up more and more until he cupped your covered breast, massaging them.

“Kumi.” He whispered in your ear making you shudder an d moan, lightly pushing your chest out with his hands as you moved your ass rubbing against his cock.
“I need you Kumi…” He added, you knew he wasn’t lying either as you felt his hard cock twich and grow against your backside.
You quickly turned around capturing his lips with yours, he breathed in deep enjoying you sweet scent. He then lifted you up setting you on the table not once breaking the kiss as his tongue flicked against yours. You soon melted into the kiss your hands then moved to his shoulders as his hands tugged on the ends of your shirt. Breaking this kiss for a moments, you smirked and pulled your shirt over you head throwing it in any direction his lustful eyes gazed over your body then focused on you breast.
He licked is lips taking off your bra, his hand pressed on you lower back keeping you arched to the back while his mouth captured your right breast. You cried out in pleasure toying with hair as you threw your head back, feeling his hands inch upwards on your back with his tongue flicking against your nipple.

“Uhh Oh Kiba suck them hard, please..uhh.” You begged moaning as he chuckled deeply, as he pressed against your back bringing you closer. He continued sucking while making you moan, felling a sudden rush of wetness slide down you leg from your warmth. He suddenly stopped and started to inhale in the surrounding air the looked in between you legs, grinning feverishly.

“Mmm..Kumi.” He said lowering to his knees, smelling in between your legs, you thighs began to tremble from the heat that came from his mouth as he breathed against you skin. Kiba began to undress you, pulling your shorts down and off spreading your thighs with his hands bringing his face in between taking another inhale. You looked down seeing his eyes grow darker and he the stood up, kissing you hungrily on the lips then back down.

Slowly came back up resting his head in the crook of your neck, while he moved his hand rubbing you through your panties. You screamed out shaking and wrapping your arms around his neck.
“May I have a taste of you?” He asked huskily, as he moved his hand from your warmth moving back down removing your panties and throwing the somewhere.

“uhh…Ahh.” You moaned out as his tongue licked across your clit and opening, slipping in a finger inside of you. He sucked and licked up your sweet juices, Kiba lifted your leg over his shoulder getting better acess as he continued to eat you out and pumping his finger in and out. He then inserted another finger as he now thrusted two in and out as fast and rough as he could. You soon felt your climax come near as you were panting heavily.

“Kiba!” You screamed as you came n side his mouth, he stood up licking his lips while panting and heaving. You looked him up and down a little sadden as he still had his clothes on.
“What?” he asked.
“Your fully clothed.” You replied, he looked down with a gring from ear to ear, he moved his hands to pull his shirt up but you slapped them away smirking at him.
“My turn now doggy boy.” You cooed undressing him, you then reached under his shirt and feeling his muscles, raising his shirt at the same time.
Kiba's head bent down slightly as he stared at you, with the same lustful stare. Your hands brushed passed his nipples and he squeezed his eyes shut with his hands balled into tight fists. You pulled his shirt off of him and slammed him against the wall, kissing him fiercely. We both moaned and you unbuttoned his pants, quickly gripping his cock through his boxers, he cursed and groaned.

“Ahh Kumi Ahhh.” He groaned, as his cock grew solid in your hands, wasting no time he picked you up letting you wrap your legs around his waist. He then turned around having you between him and the wall, his thick long shaft poking at your entrance.
“Ahh..fuck.” He grunted as he slid himself all the way in, leaving his face in the crook of your neck.
“Ahhh…uhhh.” You moaned.
“”Damn Kumi your so fucking tight.” He grunted and groaned, moving slowly as he whispered sweet and naughty things in your ear. He thrusted in and out, rough and deep inside of you. Both you were groaning and moaning, screaming each others name.
“Ahh Kiba uhh please fuck me harder ahhh.” You moaned and soon feeling your climax.
“Kumi, uhh I am coming.” He slammed into you with inhumane strength, while using one of his hands to gently rub your clit as he neared his own release. You felt the orgasm getting closer and closer with a panting him not far behind. Right when you thought you couldn’t hold on any longer, his fangs sunk into the crook of your neck, making you cry out in release. Kiba thrusted a few more times before you felt his seed fill inside you. He lifted you up in his arms carrying you to his bedroom, laying you on his bed and laying behind as he covered both you naked bodies.
“Kiba?” You called, feeling exhausted.
“Hm.” He replied, you put your hand over the bite marks he put on your neck.
“Why did you bite me?” You asked laying your head on his chest.
“I marked you as mine.” He simply replied, you smiled.
“I love you to Kiba.” You said falling asleep, he looked down at your now sleeping form and smiled.
“I love you too Kumi.” He whispered as sleep now consumed him.

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