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55. Kankuro

~you name it the story- Hikari Tsuki
your age-17/18
your crush-Kankuro

family-no family, raised within the nara clan
family member's names- Shikamaru, shikaku(shikamaru's dad)

past- parents died when was 12, and Shikamaru offers his place to stay, so somehow nara clan became family
what you wear-black kimono style shirt, with dark red shorts and high shoes like sakura
what you look like- blonde, blue eyes, average body
personality-hyper and funny and cuddly(the opposite of Shikamaru)

As you ran down past shikamaru’s room to the kitchen, your feet banging on the hard wood floor, you grabbed an apple on your way out. You slipped on your shoes and started in a full on sprint through the village to the front gates you were late to meet up with Temari, she was coming here to check up on the chunin exams. The reason you were late is still unknown…

As you neared the gates you notice two figures instead of just one, as to then come to a stop in front of them, the other figure turns out to be Kankuro.
“Hey guys!” you say happily, looking and waving at both of them.
“Hey Hikari, Kankuro came with me to accompany me.” She said pointing her thumb towards him. You laughed at this and then started to walk to the hokage office. As you got there Temari told to you to wait here and for Kankuro to go check in at a hotel.
About 20 minutes later she came out with some papers in hand, “I have to go to your house to shika to help me fill them out, can you also do me a little favour?” she asked you.
“ahh sure!” you said thinking to see if you had anything planed.
“ok will you go and check on Kankuro for me and make sure he got us a room?” she asked you, you then nodded your head and sped off to find what hotel he went to.
“Finally I found it!!!” you exclaim as you stare at his door, before knocking. You waited 5 minutes before he opened the door. “what took so long to answer the door?” you asked as you walk right past him into the room.
“sorry for brushing my teeth?” he questioned you. You looked at him and quirked and eyebrow.
“brushing your teeth? You were brushing your teeth ?” you questioned him
“yes I brush my teeth any normal person would!” he shouted back at you. You then were about to yell something back when he interrupted you with a sigh.
“what’s wrong now?” you ask while looking at him.
“You are what’s wrong with me!” he yelled back, “ no madder what I do you can’t even notice that I love you!” he shouted again. You were shocked, he loved you? You then got up and looked at him, he was looking at the ground to busy staring at the floor to notice you walking over to him. As you stood in front of him he looked at you before the next thing he knew you were kissing him.
When you finally pull away for air you look at him before saying “ I love you too Kankuro..” you then kiss him again he pushed you back to the bed as he licked you bottom lip for entrance. Which you denied, let out a grunt before slowly bringing your shirt over your head and gripped your right breast through your bra, before slyly sneaking his hand under the cup and playing with your nipple.
You let out a light moan as he then takes the quick chance to enter your mouth, he then pulled you on top of him as you pulled off his shirt and lightly dragged your nails down his very built chest and abs. you the felt you bra loosen as you realized he un hooked it and then pulled it down your arm, he smirked up at you as you kissed him again while you grinded your hips into his making his member harden more, and as that happened he let out a low growl.
He then flipped you again so he was on top, he then started to pull off your shorts, once he got them off he threw them somewhere in the room. as you looked down at him, he looked up at you as he kissed your lower stomach, he then also licked your thigh as he pulled down you panties but before he could get them off you flipped him again and removed his pants, in doing so his boxers too.
As you looked down at his member you playfully licked up his shaft to the tip where you slowly licked the slit. You then took the tip into your mouth and swirled your tongue around it, as you did he was groaning out your name.
“aggrhh Hikari… please don’t tease me..” he moaned out huskily. You then started to move your mouth and head up and down his hard shaft but slowly as you watched him squirm under you touch. He then bucked his hips so that you had to take more of him.
You started to deep thought him, as you felt him plus inside your mouth, and just then he shot his yummy juices into your mouth, which you happily licked up.
You were the flipped as he tore off you panties and licked up you woman hood and as he did he let his tongue push against your clit. “aggh Kankuro-o…” you moan out. He then started to eat you out, as you were moaning his name. you started to feel you climax building up as he started to pump his fingers in and out of you, soon your walls tightened around his fingers as you then hit you climax.
“Kankuro…” You moan out as you then were flipped once more but this time with you on top, he positioned himself at your entrance as you push down as he entered you. You started to ride him as you felt him buck his hips to meet yours, the sound of skin slapping against skin fill the room as he flipped you and started to find a rhythm, once he found one he kept at it and soon you felt the build-up again.
As you neared your climax you started to feel him plus inside you. You started to meet his thrusts as your climax hit, you rode it out as he then came inside you seconds later. He then pulled out and kissed your sweaty forehead, the room was now at a warmer temperature than before too.
He pulled the blankets over you as you soon felt the sleepiness take you over.
6 weeks later
“what do you mean I’m pregnant?!?” you yell at sakura, as Temari just shook her head
“I knew you couldn’t even do one small favour right for me… and you did that with my brother…” she stated as she looked up at you, so someone came through the door and you looked up to see Kankuro, standing there.
“hey Kankuro I’m pregnant!! “ you say while smiling and waving at him. He just froze with his eyes glued to yours.
“w-with my child?!?” he asked after the awkward moment.
“yes its yours silly!” you say looking at him again.
“well good.” He said as he came over and kissed you.
“AWW my new boyfriend is sweet!!!” you say as he hugged you.
7 months later.
You ended up having twins 2 boys the first born was kenji and the second born was saito, you and Kankuro live long happy lives with your children and grandchildren!

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