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24. Kakuzu

~Name: Kuro Shiitan (first, last)
Age: 20
Village: Sunakagure
Rank if ninja: Jounin,S-rank criminal/missing Nin
Looks:(Brown-blonde tint hair,golden brown eyes, sporty like athletic body, 5’10 and 120 lbs.)
Abilities/Kekkei Genkai: Medical abilities, super strength and lightning.
Personality: Mean and cruel
Horoscope Sign: Virgo

“Damn.” You say under your breath, just as a sharp thunderstorm hit. “What is it Shiitan?” Kakuzu asks, from under his mask. “We need to get out of rain, or lightning will be drawn to me.” You reply, his expressionless cold neon green eyes glare from the side. “Fine, but don’t disturb me.” He coldly says, you shrug your shoulders as if nothing he says would hurt you. “Let’s fucking go, I need to do an offering soon for fucking sake.” Says an annoyed Hidan, while muttering to himself some more. “Move your ass then.” You say in remark, Hidan looks at you but moves as the storm got closer. Hidan, you and then Kakuzu find shelter in a cave.

You felt ease, yet a lot of your energy was drained down, thanks to the storm. Even underneath the storm Anbu followers still managed to follow you three to the cave. They shadowed with the storm, but still you three heard. Annoyed that they found you, Hidan slept as Kakuzu counted his stash. You stood up walking to the entrance of the cave but stopped doing a jutsu to be hidden under an illusion. Kakuzu knew you all to well, he was after all the one that brought you to the Akatsuki. Even before Hidan joined, it used to be just you and Kakuzu but that changed.

Just only thing with Hidan that annoyed you the most was the fact he would do an offering with each kill, always holding back and being late. A bolt flashed in the sky, as it did you used its energy to kill all six anbu that were watching with one strike of over twenty thousand volts. Releasing your cloak illusion jutsu, revealing yourself, as you walked back into the cave holding your arms from the burns you received doing your nature jutsu.

“Fuck.” You whispered, walking to your small pack that lay on your bed roll. You pulled out a cream, antibiotic out and some gaze to wrap the burns. Kakuzu watches you, as you put the cream on first then the gaze to protect it from any more injury. You put the cream back in to you pack, zipping it back up and moving it aside. You unfolded part of the cover on your bed roll, gently you went under it, laying down so you could fall fast asleep. Which you soon did, Kakuzu gets up after ten minutes, moving slowly to your side as he sees you bandage hand lay lightly up on your stomach.

His neon green eyes gaze all around, as he reaches out, lifting your injured hand up. He looks all around seeing if you would need any alternative healing, or in his case stitching. Sure enough, a part in the corner of your wound needed a few stitches, so some of Kakuzu’s thread splitted apart from his own flesh, moving fast towards yours. You looked towards the door, focusing on something else until he was done, which was no more then a minute.

“Thanks Kakuzu.” You say, rubbing your left hand, with the right. Hidan looks at you then at Kakuzu, unknowingly you both didn’t notice him watching silently, since he is hardly ever silent. You look up, seeing Hidan stand up rolling his bed roll. Kakuzu stood and started to walk out the cave, followed by you and then Hidan. The three of you all headed on, Kakuzu took the dead shinobi for a bounty, since it was on the way. Another day in a half you three will be back to the hideout. Suddenly Kakuzu stopped, haulting you slowly, and Hidan who ended up falling off the edge of the tree branch. “Fuck, Kakuzu, why the fuck did you stop. Bastard!” He shouted, and just as Kakuzu thought you three was in the clear, but thanks to Hidan.

The Mist village, Anbu black ops found you three once again. All because Hidan had to shout it out, “Ready yourself, Kuro, Do you think you can draw them in with a special attack?” Kakuzu asks, his neon eye penetrating yours. “Well I could use that one with your threads and draw lightning to them like magnets.” You reply, pulling out some of your medical knives. Kakuzu nodded, drawing out his threads the way he knew you would use, surrounding the Anbu shinobi like they were trapped in a cage.

“Draw to me, Kaze no Hikari.” You say, doing the hand signs. Lightning flashed brightly in the sky, as the clouds pick up wind, circulating around the blowing trees. Your other undamaged hand held the medical kunai tightly, as you readily draw the lightening to yourself, then to the threads that were wrapped around your body. As the light touched your whole body, you magnetized the threads causing a wild fire like shock short circuit killing all ten Anbu in such surprise. How ever the ones that figured the trick out, and survived came to attack you.

Your body moves, turning around to kick the one running towards you. Violently you unwrap the lightning ignited threads, and like a whip used them as a weapon. Slashing through the ones that dare attack you, the last one the whip thread ties around the shinobi, choking him as his skin sets a flame. “Fuck, did you have to go on a murderous rampage too?” Hidan asks, smiling as he pulls one of the dead bodies in his blood like circle. “I wouln’t talk you blabbing fucking moron.” You reply, glaring sharply at him.

“What the fuck is up your ass? You don’t have to fucking go on you know. You fucking bitch.” Hidan says, then stabs himself with his scythe. “Shut up you bastard, at least I know when to fucking keep my mouth close. Fucking idiot.” You retort once again. Hidan moves his head looking directly at you, his glare in his mind pierced daggars into every angle of your body. Kakuzu looks sharply at you and Hidan, his glare strong enough to make you both go silent, as he started to recount his money once more. Kakuzu puts his money away, and starts to move again with you and Hidan following.

Nightfall came, and you three unrolled your beds. The starry blanket sky, you three slept under, your thoughts caused you to toss and turn. Kakuzu watches you, Hidan praying not far from Kakuzu. His neon eyes starring so deeply at you, that he didn’t at first notice Hidan kneeling by him, smirking. Kakuzu looks up, after noticing but something started to frustrate him, Hidan’s all knowing smirk plague across the silver like hair man. “What?” Kakuzu asks, looking back toward your sleeping form. “Oh nothing, just trying to keep my fucking mouth closed.” He responded. Kakuzu sits up, leaning against the trunk of the tree he is near, Hidan looking from the corner of his eyes at Kakuzu.

“You’ve been her partner much longer then mine, when ever she’s asleep you’re always fucking starring at her ass. If you fucking love her why don’t you just fucking tell her, for fuck sake.” Hidan says, moving to his bedroll. “I’ve known her for fifthteen years.” He says, as he starts to remember seeing the little five years old that he once knew. “But Kuro is only twenty, so how is it you’ve known her for that long?” Hidan asks, blankly like he always did. “I was sent on a mission to kill a source, but he had a daughter. When I got there the source was already dead, Kuro stood over weeping, I walked in as she pulled a kunai wildly out. She started to attack me with using lightning and wind attacks.” He says, taking a deep breath.

“Then what the fuck else?” Hidan asks, finding something more about this cruel and mean woman that lay not far from either of them. Kakuzu closes then opens his eyes as he starts to continue on, “She stabbed one of the hearts I have in me. I noticed her abilities immediately, I knew she is no ordinary child. My thread even haulted to her abilities, I didn’t know much about her only that her father was a brilliant medical shinobi. Hint as to her abilities, that night I took her with me, Pein thought she could be useful as a spy and ninja in training. I was to be her like guardian, reporting in and all her progress. She continued on to perform medical and ninjutsu training. Since her Jounin rank she disappeared from the Hidden Sand village, and has been with me since.” He finishes, still staring at you.

If there is anything that Kakuzu couldn’t understand it is the reason as to why he, himself watches deeply over you. To him your life meant like water to a man barren in the desert sands. Your face distorted, clearing showing that there is something on your mind, Hidan went to lay on his bedroll, as Kakuzu lay back down pulling up his cover and going to sleep himself. Sweat built up on your luke warm body, your golden brown eyes shot open as you sat up suddenly. You processing the thoughts that flooded your mind, then your gaze moved around like the wind did blowing your golden blonde hair, the swaying made you remember the first time you met Kakuzu too.

You gazed over to him, then towards Hidan; both deep asleep. You tossed your cover from over your body, standing up slowly. You took your chance, climbing up the tree in front of you. The wind blew more and more, you opened your water jug, splashing yourself little by little, just cooling off. Kakuzu, peeked a bit after hearing you move. He noticed you in the tree high above, your head leaning back as droplets of water fell to the ground. Kakuzu watches how the wind blew your gold blonde hair swaying like smooth spider silk. While he was lost in your mesmerizing looks, you noticed him staring. This caused your cheeks to turn, as a small child like devious smile plays across your lips.

“Kaku?” You sang, as your voice lingers around in an echo to his ears. Kakuzu looks up, blinking his eyes as he watches you move, and land softly on the ground. “Cannot sleep?” You ask, getting his attention to your velvet, everlasting sweet like voice. Kakuzu was up on cloud nine alright, he couldn’t do anything but swallow this agonizing feeling that left a lump in his throat. You sway your way over, closer and closer until your breath warmed his nose. You smiled, feeling more then welcoming, as you pressed your palms on his stitched covered chest. He does as you pushed, making him lean back once again the feeling clouded his judgement, and you knew it too.

Seeing the man that became your most desired object, now lifeless below your touch, as you smirked to him. Kakuzu’s eyes glaze over, the feeling growing at the pit of his stomach, urging him. The lust that drapped over him, now lingering over you. Finally, you took control, taking him as he allowed with your lips crashing to his, roughly. Kakuzu snaps from his trance like stage, his neon eye glow but not of anger more passion dressed his intentions. His arms wrap around you, protectively, yet lovingly. His longing takes chance like a blooming rose. His silky threads swirl around you and him, as Kakuzu flips you over on your back.

His lips trace over yours, his finger tips tickle their way down your body tracing every inch, and curve as they glide over. You unzip his cloak, just as he unzipped yours, the cool breeze blows over your warming flesh and his. He moves his lips, trailing down your neck, and shoulder. Your arms wrap around his shoulders, and neck. This pulled you and him closer, as you capture his lips once again. His body tightly pressed against yours, as he massaged your breast with out moving his lips from yours.

You moaned in the kiss, as he stuck his tongue in between your lips, caressing and flicking it around your warm mouth. You both parted, the need for air to fill your lungs came to a sudden intake of. You could feel your excitement grow in between your legs, with the urge to have him deep inside of you. Kakuzu’s feeling risen, passionately just to have you if only this time he would enjoy it with fire like pleasure. Again you couldn’t help but want to just go straight to fucking him, but you thought it would be more fun to first tease him unexpectedly.

A devious smile plays on your lips, dancing with sheer pleasure as you started to flip him on his back, this indeed surprised Kakuzu. He smiles as you remove the remaining clothing from his body, your lips trailing further down to his neither region. Your fingers twirl around as your palm wraps to his lengthy member, grasping tight but not too tight. He closes his eyes as you look up, your hand motions up and down, stroking him faster, as your lips move to his tip. You lightly lick him with the tip of your tongue, he moans softly, feeling the warm wetness.

You pick up pace slowly, as you started to engulf his entire thick member. You moved your left hand to his balls, as you kept your right hand at the base of his dick. Your head bobbed up and down, with each time you moved up to his tip you would take him in further, until you gagged at the back of your throat. Your right hand moved with your mouth, up and down, going faster with each stroke. His member pulses in your mouth and hand, suddenly a small amount of salty bitterness touches your tongue. You sucked harder on him, and not long after you started to slow down your pace he came in your mouth.

You wipe your lower lips, swallowing his cum, and licking your lips while you start to sit up. Kakuzu opens his eyes, the threads from his body still swirling around you both. He sits up as you look down at him, leaning your face into his as your lips collide again. Without taking his lips off yours, Kakuzu moves up and around you, pushing you down slowly while he starts to remove your clothing that remains. His threads slash over you clothes, tearing them off in one swift movement, he stares over your body, his eyes seemed to smile as he once again get hard.

“K-kakuzu.” You moan, feeling his member as you reached down to stroke him. Kakuzu moves your left hand from his thick member, holding it above your head along with your right hand. His threads wrap around your wrists, bounding them together, and his left hand holds them both down, while his right hand moves in between your warm, wet folds. He massages your clit, making you squirm under his touch. No longer does he feel vulnerable, as his pointy long thick member enters your quivering virgin body.

He moves his hand, seeing small droplets of your blood come out as he moves slowly out of your steaming hot entrance. Your facial expression emersed in pain, Kakuzu watches as he continues to slowly move in and out. You slowly dig your nails in his skin, as the pain subsided so did your grip. “Mmmhhaa, faster.” You moaned, his neon eyes looks sharply to you, as he picks up pace. “Mmmaaahhh.” You moaned again, he starts to get rough, his pace and thrust shake your body, rapidly. You moaned his name in a whisper, barely for his to hear, your right hand moves up as your index finger sticks out and over your lower lip.

Your mouth wide opened, with you biting on and off of your finger, “Ka-kakuzu.” You moaned, loudly. In and out, deeply he went, your eyes rolled to the back of your head, toes curling as he went deep and fast with in. Each time he came out, again he rushed back in, as if he were missing his lollipop lick. “Harder, Mammmahhha harder K-kakuzu.” You groaned, trying to keep your quivering lips for mumbling in a incoherent rant. Kakuzu moves in and out, violently as your body yearned yet also quaked like the shaking rocks of a thunderstorm.

“M-mmhm.” He groaned, lifting your legs up. You didn’t think anything of it, until you felt him hit your g-spot, a feeling of satifacation rocked you like a misty snow mountain, gleamering with the sun, “Ahh, mmmaaaahhh there ahhh.” You purred, faded rants of your moaning voice echo around, over and over. His speed picks up with each of his thrust, pounding into you like a drill. You leaned up as he leaned forward, your lips clash together like an unyielding bond, “Naahhh Ku-roo.” He moaned, in the kiss as you felt his cock pulsate, then you felt and he did too.

Your wet walls had like a choke on his cock, tighly in place. You both could feel you’re hitting your climax, you both let each other go. You leaned back down and he lean back up, thrusting in and out, deep and hard until he could no more. “KURO!” He shouted, coming inside of you, then you screamed at the height of your lungs, “KAKUZU!” Both of your sexes mingling, as he liquefies down both your legs, he gets off of you. After pulling up your bed roll sheet over your and his body, you move on your side, gazing at him. The threads that were around you both, stopped dancing and moved back into his body.

You leaned your head over one of his hearts, silently listening. His left hand moves to your right cheek, a cold palm softly laying still, “Tied.” He mumbled, you tiltled your head, looking up as he looks deeply in your gaze, then finishes, “Tied together by your lightening and my threads.”



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