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74. Kakashi Hatake 4

~How you met:
You ran to the gates to meet your cousin obito he just returned from his first mission and you were going to congratulate him on a good job. "Hey minato - sensei…bye minato -sensei" you waved as you ran bye him. He chuckled as you jumped onto obito "congrats cuz on your first mission" he laughed also excited "thanks suki" you nodded with a smile. "Hmph you big baby" you heard someone say as you looked to see a boy with spiky silver hair. He was scowling at obito and obito was glaring at him. You looked back and forth at the two confused on what was going on "uhh obito" he glanced at you "you don't need to know him suki he's too good to be friends with anyone". "Friends will just bring me down" the other stated as obito's anger grew "that's enough you two" you looked at minato his face stern as the two boys turned away from one another.
"Kakashi obito has a point" the girl of the team stated as you nodded in agreement "yeah no matter how good a ninja is they still need friends" kakashi looked at you with the same ignorant look. "I thought the uchiha clan were suppose to be a strong clan who don't need others" you blinked in surprise as everyone else did as your shocked face turned into a glare as obito stepped in front of you "lets go suki" you nodded as you walked away from him.
It has been a few months since then and you were on your way to meet obito again from his mission you've been doing so every time he came back and him to you. You ran towards the gates with a smile on your face as you got closer you seen minato, kakashi, and rin but no obito. Confusion ran through you as you slowed your pace and as minato walked towards you. "Minato -sensei where's obito" his face fell as kakashi walked up to you with a cut across his eye. You were worried now as minato nodded to him then walked away "kakashi" you asked slowly as he looked down "obito fell in battle protecting us" he said not once looking at you. Tears brimmed your eyes "he" you couldn't finish as you turned to walk away when he grabbed your arm "suki I'm sorry I should've" he didn't finish as you slapped him tears falling now. "I guess he didn't bring you down huh" you choked out he looked at you shocked as you walked away.
How it happened:
You just returned back to leaf and heard some disturbing news that your cousin itachi killed everyone except his brother sasuke. It was now just you sasuke and itachi left to the uchiha name. You ran to your household quickly worried about sasuke. You got there to see him sitting outside on the porch staring at the ground. Sighing you slowly made your way towards him "sasuke" he jumped at the noise but looked at you as his eyes widened "suki your" you smiled as he jumped into your arms holding onto you for dear life. "It’s okay sasuke I'm here" "don't leave me alone okay suki" you nodded as you hugged him back "never" you whispered.
It’s been two years now since sasuke left the leaf you knew what he was going to do and also that what you had to say wouldn't mean anything so you let him be. You were worried about him yes but still he was now old enough to take care of himself kakashi trained him well. Speaking of kakashi it's been almost a year since you two started dating. He explained everything that happened that day and you forgave him.
It went black as you felt hands over your eyes "guess who" you smiled knowing who "kotetsu" you asked jokingly he let you go and looked at you with a fake hurt face as you giggled "kidding" he smiled as you pulled down his mask "I don't see why you wear this" he chuckled and placed his lips onto yours before you could get a good look at him he already had his mask back on. "So I've been thinking" he started as you two began to walk you hummed in response "we've been together for almost a year now" you stopped and looked at him worry in your eyes "is something wrong" he shook his head with a slight blush "well I know we've gotten intimate before but" you smirked he always got like this when he hinted what he wanted. Smirking mischievously you wrapped your arms around his neck "your so cute when you get shy" you said as you pecked his covered lips as he groaned in frustration. You slowly ran your fingers down his chest and abs as you nibbled on his neck. He gripped onto you tightly "not in public suki" he panted out giggling as he quickly teleported the two of you to his apartment.
Now behind closed doors he quickly removed his mask and smashed his lips onto yours you squeaked in surprise at the sudden impact. He smirked as his hands quickly began to dispose the clothing off the two of you. Your breaths mixed together as his face was only inches away from yours. Your hips crashing into one another quickly and harshly. You moaned loudly as he hit a certain spot which doubled the feeling. "Say it" he grunted out as he continued his quick pace. "What" you moaned out as he groaned "my…name" he grunted as he went harder "ka-ka-shi" you moaned out with each thrust. He crashed his lips onto yours in a hot passion filled kiss.
Minutes--hours passed as you two came to your ends as you moaned loudly feeling his seed fill you. He slowly pulled out and rolled over onto the bed. Sighing happily and laying your head on his chest he chuckled as he pulled you closer to him "it seems I'm not the only one who needed that" giggling you kissed his cheek and nodded. Sleep taking over your tired body.
How you told him:
Two weeks has passed and you've noticed you've been getting sick every morning since that night. Washing your face and brushing your teeth you got called in by the hokage. Making your way over there you knew it was a mission with kakashi you have been told to be ready for today and having a medical exam the other day. You got there to see kakashi already there as he smiled at you which you returned.
"Okay kakashi suki" you both nodded as she continued "it was suppose to be the two of you on this mission but since we've found out that suki cannot go on this mission it will be delayed until we find another partner for kakashi" you blinked in confusion as kakashi shot you a worried look. "Lady tsunade" she looked at you as she hummed in response "umm why can't I go on this mission" her eyes widened "you don't know or you haven't noticed" shaking your head she smiled "well it's not far along but suki your pregnant" your eyes widened as you seen kakashi flinch you nodded "thank you" you mumbled as you quickly made your way out not wanting to see kakashi's expression.
You walked quickly to your home still in shock from the news "suki" you heard kakashi yell not too far behind you as you quickened your pace. "Suki wait up" your home coming into view as relief flushed over you at the sight. "SUKI STOP!" you turned quickly as he stopped "what" you asked quickly as he sighed "calm down" he said slowly just noticing the tears staining your face. He walked up to you grabbing hold of your hand and walked you the rest of the way to your home as the door closed he turned and pulled you into a hug.
"Kakashi?!?" you asked surprised as he pulled away and smiled at you "it's going to be alright" he whispered wiping away your tears "but" he shook his head "no buts -- besides I was actually going to ask you if you wanted to have a child" he said with a blush and scratching the back of his head. You laughed as his blush darkened "maybe you should've said that before" sniffling away your remaining sadness as he chuckled "we need to find an apartment for all three of us now" you nodded as he kissed you lightly just noticing he took his mask off "you can't hide your face from our child" you mumbled as he smiled sheepishly "wouldn't dream of it".

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