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59. Kakashi Hatake 3

~NAME – Erina Hoshiyama
AGE- 20
CRUSH- Kakashi Hatake

As you sat at the counter of you parents book store, you watched the people looking around and looking at books, right now though it was pretty boring. You lifted your hand up and rested your head on it. As the sound of the bell rang as someone came in you looked up to see Kakashi walk in as you grew silent as he came up to the counter with a book.
“hello Kakashi” you say as you looked at him with a light smile on your face. you watched his facial feature bend into a warm smile as he nodded his head. “ahh Kakashi.. you I see I uh….i…” what were you thinking! You thought as you looked around quickly as he gave you a questioning look. “I uh think that this book is great! Yeah! You love it.” You say as you looked down at the book as he gave you the money, and as you read the cover you instantly blush. It was another perv book, of course I get my self out of my embarrassing confession, and instead made him think I’m into books like that…

You let out a sigh as you passed him his book, him with that still warming look on, and you… with a what else look on. “thank you. Erina.” He said as he left the shop. Once he left out turn around so your back was against the counter, and let out a sigh as you slowly slid down it to the floor.
“um? Miss I like to buy this book.” You heard the next costumer say, as let out another sigh you rose to your feet to stand at the counter once again.
As you started to close up the shop for the night you heard the bell of the door echo though out the building. “sorry but were closed!” you hollered from back be hide the counter, you didn’t hear the door close so you came back.
“hello?” you questioned out but got no reply as you looked around from the counter you couldn’t see or hear anyone, as you turn around to finish closing you smacked right into someone’s chest. You jumped as you backed up from the person. As you looked at their face . it was Kakashi? Whats he doing here you wondered, that is until he started to move closer towards you backing you into the counter.
“Kakashi… what…what are you d-doing?” you asked as he bent down and lightly kissed you neck through his mask. You let out a light gasp as he did so.
“Erina.. I know what you fell for me....” he said as he kissed your neck even more so, as you stood still shocked and wide eyes at how he knew. “I.. also feel … the same..” you heard him say in between his kisses.
“kakashi…” you asked/moaned out. As he stopped and looked at you, your hands slowly backing their way up to his face as you pulled down his mask, to reveal a very handsome face behind it. You then reached your head up some as you lightly brush your lips against his, but before you could pull away he had slammed his back onto yours. You let out another slight gasp at the force of the kiss and with that he shoved his tongue into your mouth roaming it, he then rubbed it against yours, in which a moan slipped past your mouth.
He then pulled away as he kissed you down your neck, as he gently nibbled at your collar bone you let out a groan. Kakashi smirked at the reply he got back and started to bite and suck harder on that one spot, leaving a visible mark.
As he started to lift your shirt over your head he also unclipped your bra. Once those articles of clothing were removed he put you up on the counter and left a trail of burning kisses down your neck to your chest. He then engulfed your right breast into his mouth as he sucked, licked and bit your already hard nipple, before switching to the neglected one.
As you started to tug of his vest and pull up on his shirt, you felt him leave your chest as he then pulled his shirt over and off. You then kissed him passionately as he grinded his hips into yours , as you fet his clothed member you slowly slid off the desk and started to kiss down his neck.
As you went lower you felt him tug up on you chin before kissing you with so much love lust and need your knees started to get weak as he gently placed you on the floor. He hovered over you while his knee was between your legs rising up more to your clothed womanhood, as he then started to pull down your skirt along with your panties you blushed and tried to close your thighs so he wouldn’t look, but his knee kept that from happening as he sat up and un buttoned his pants pulling them down and off. You then watched as he pull his boxers down enough so he could free himself of the pain. As you let out a gasp at his size you didn’t really know if it were going to fit.
He then kissed you as he pulled away he positioned himself at your entrance as you felt his tip. Soon he pushed all the way into you breaking down your virgin walls, as you screamed out in immense pain you felt him kiss you to help ease it.
“fuck… you so tight… erina…” you heard him groan out.
After a few seconds he started to move in and out of you in a rocking motion as you moaned out his name. he then took that as a signal that you were fine now as he started to pump in and out of youat in human speeds you felt his thick rod hit a bundle of nerves that made you scream out in pure bliss.
As he hit that spot over and over again you felt your wall close in on him as you let out one final moan as you hit your climax, kakashi not far behind as he hit his soon after..
“I love you kakashi…” you panted out.
“I know…” he replied and smirked at you, “ and I love you too erina.”

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