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7. Kakashi Hatake 2

~Name: Nami Orino
Age: 25 (Kakashi-26)
Village: Konoha
Rank: was Anbu, but went back to Jounin
Looks: (blonde hair average length, blue eyes.)
Abilities/Power/Kekkei Genkai: Able to control wind and water elements.
Personality: Calm, aloof, can be really dense sometimes, can be very perverted, composed, caring, and can be shy sometimes.
Hobbies: Reading the Icha Icha series, going for walks, gardening, and training.


[Flashback- At the ninja academy, 13 years ago]
“Oi Obito!” You shout running to the Uchiha clan’s side, your best and first friend was Orbit Uchiha. He was also your first crush too, he ran out wearing his goggles.
“Kami are you going to train with Obito?” Mrs. Uchiha asked
“Mom, we’ll be back soon.” Obito replies, as we took off to the academy to see who our Sensei will be hoping to be on the same team.
“Alright congratulations on being the new genin, as I call your name that is the team and you will then be ready to meet your Sensei.” Sensei said to us all as Obito and you smile crossing fingers.
“Team Minato, will be Hatake Kakashi, Rin and Uchiha Obito. Next team Uzumaki will be Ryuu Makiko, Hiroshi Shirou, and Orino Nami.” She finished and we all set out to meet our new Sensei. As you walked back to meet up with Obito then headed to his home where his mother waited for you both to return.
“Nami, even though we’re not on the same team will we still be friends?” Obito asked as we entered his home.
“Hai not even death could take that away.” You say high and proud.
[End of flashback]

You were heading back to Konoha after hearing of what happened with Orohimaru and the Chuunin exams. You wanted to see and know that everything was all right. You stopped in a nearby village you still had three days to go before you would be near the Hidden Leaf village. Rain started to pour as you entered in an inn the woman handed you a key and showed you to your room. You partly opened the window letting the scent of fresh rain fill the room, you pulled out the newest addition to the Icha Icha Paradise book and laid it on your bed. You looked out the window as you started to remember your first mission.

[Flashback- 13 years ago]
“Sensei Uzumaki look.” You, Makiko and Shirou says as team Minato came up behind with his team. She smiles walking up to their Sensei and giving him a soft kiss on his lips, you decided to greet your best friend.
“Oi Obito.” You call out seeing him with his goggles on.
“Oi Nami.” He replies walking up to you as you two would always do.
“I am excited, we go on our first mission today.” You say to him.
“Hai I am too, although we are to be there silently.” He says.

[Later that night]
You heard of the village’s own flash had came into your base, only two student with him. You raced out toward where your sensei was, her expression was sadden as you looked around frantically.
“Sensei.” You call slowly walking over, she turned and immediately hugged you.
“Nami, there is something we need to tell you.” She starts off but stops as one of Obito’s teammates wall over with a patch over his eye.
“Has Orbito ever tell you about a boy on his team named Hatake Kakashi?” She asked, you nod.
“Hai Sensei.” You reply as she pulls the boy with grey hair in front of her.
“Go ahead Kakashi tell her.” She said to him.
“Obito, died saving us. He was crushed by a large rock.” Kakashi said as his only eye looked up in to your gaze.
“Obito…” You trailed off as tears brimmed your eyes.
“Nami, I’m sorry.” She said, you smacked her hand away standing up then raced off. You called a messenger bird to you as you wrote on the not once to Obito’s family. His mother greeted you at the gate, holding you in her arms as you all attended Obito’s funeral. You place a white rose on his grave as you held in your tears.
‘I promise I will get stronger so I can protect those I love around me.’ You thought and headed to the training grounds.
[End of flashback]

Lighting flashed as you felt the tears hit your cheeks, wiping them away. You walked over to the bed picking up the book and laying down as you started to read it until you were ready to fall asleep. When morning came you got up and headed out. Again time flew by as your didn’t stop running, the day soon turned night as you stopped. You rested a bit since you knew by morning you would be in front of Konoha. You opened your eyes seeing the sun about to rise, you headed off again and hours before noon you made it to the front gates. Two guards stood there as you entered, jaws dropped.
“K-kami?” One said with a bandage across his nose.
“Yes?” You said tilting your head then it hit you that you knew them too, then you realized it was Kotetsu Hagane and Izumo Kamizuki
“I hear you left soon after making Anbu rank?” Izumo asked
“Yes I was sent to be with the Hidden stone village.” You replied.
“Well no matter it is good to see you home.” Kotetsu said as they both watched you walk on, instead of heading the Hokage’s office you headed to the grave of you best friend. You walked over but stopped not far seeing a person with grey hair already there, the person turns around with half his face covered.
“Whose there?” He asked, you stepped out of the shadows walking slowly over placing a white rose on Obito’s grave.
“Long time no see eh Kakashi.” You said, his eyes widen at your voice.
“Kami?” He simply asked.
“Yep.” You reply standing up with a smile.
“I see so when did you decied to come back?” He asked.
“The Hokage summoned me to return.” You reply.
“I see so would you like me to walk with you there?” Kakashi offered, you nodded then he dropped a book. You recognized it from anywhere, you smiled picking it up and handing it back to him.
“I finished that already.” You said, he blinked a few times as you was walking away.

-=-Later that night-=-

You exited the Hokage’s just now wondering around when a sudden scent fill your nostrails. You walked over to the ramen shop, Kakashi’s form stood out as three student sat with him.
“Oi Kakashi who are these little ones?” You asked him, he looks at you with a smile you could clearly see through his mask.
“My team, Uzumaki Naruto, Haruno Sakura and Uchiha Sasuke.” Kakashi introduced.
“Kakashi sensei who is she.” The boy known as Naruto asked, you smiled clearly seeing your sensei and Kakashi’s sensei with in the boy.
“Yeah Kakashi who am I?” You taunted placing your hand on his shoulder.
“Orino Nami, she is an old friend.” Kakashi said, you smiled.
“Old friend, never knew you held such feelings.” You laughed, he blushes while sweat dropping.
“Well see you later Kakashi sensei.” Sakura says while walking away with Naruto and Sasuke.
“Nice bunch of kids Kakashi, didn’t ever imagine you being a sensei.” You said standing after you paid for your ramen. Kakashi stands awell right by your side, as he was walking with you under the moonlit night. Just as you opened your apartment door, you turned looking at Kakashi placing a passionate kiss on his lips. Kakashi pushes the door closed as, both you and Kakashi’s arms snake around another. He breaks from your lips to breath as he moved down your cheek, and chin to your neck lightly sucking on it then he moved to nibble lightly on your ear lobe.
“Ahh…” You purred trying to hold back that growling moan, he smirked moving back to your neck in search for your soft spot. He moved his right hand under your shirt breaking away from you again as he lifts it over your head, then moved to remove your bra. After that his lips trailed down to your breast, he cupped the left breast in his right hand massaging it as his mouth engulfed your right breast.
You squirmed underneath him as he twirled his tongue over you hardening nipple, then moved to give the other breast the same treatment. You moaned in the back of your throat, he looked up at you and you looked down to him. His right hand moved passed your stomach and soon started to massage your inner thigh.
“Kakashi!” You moan as he groaned feeling your touch going further down, you unzipped and buttoned his shorts. Kakashi stood letting them drop, he leaned down to your waist unzipping your skirt and pulling it down with your thong.
“Nami.” Kakashi said as he looked over to you, nodding you watched as his fingers and tongue taunted and licked your pussy lips. He moved his fingers away from your clit and to the opening slit, as he sucked and licked your wet clit he pumped in one digit into your wet cavern pumping it in and out in a slow pace.
“Hmmm.” You moaned as he put another digit into you picking up speed, you moaned and squirmed as the feeling burned in the pit of your stomach. You have masterbated to know that you’re were coming to your release, his fingers moved in ways that not your own would seem to satisfy.
“Hmm anaauuh Kakashi” You moaned as your walls tightened around his fingers, he felt you coming and moved his tongue from your clit to your slit as you cummed into his mouth. You leaned up to take control, pulling him from his knees as you looked to his half harden erection. You started to stroke his long and thick cock, then moved your cherry red colored lips to his tip licking and taunting him as he did you.
“Na..a..mi don’t tease me please…uhhh.” He groaned, you nod and took his long and thick length in your mouth deep as you engulfed him to the base of his cock, teasing his sac with your left hand as your right hand stayed on the base of his length. You sucked, nibbled and grind your teeth against him, he moaned deeply and groaned loudly. As you griped around and stroked him while deep throat him all the same. You felt his cock pulse inside your mouth
“NAMI!” He groaned loudly as he came in your mouth, which you swallowed and then licked around his tip and your lips. He leaned down to kiss you, as your lips touched you could taste each other, he didn’t need to ask for entrance you had gladly let him dominate.
“I have to have you now.” He growled lifting your legs to his waist as his hard erection came back poking at your entrance, you looked at him.
“Will it hurt?” You asked, he looked down knowing you’re already a virgin.
“Yes it will but know this it will not last.” He replied lustfully, the penetrated your virgin sex with his long and hard cock. You gripped his shoulders upon feeling the pain digging your nails into his skin, he moaned at that as he felt your tight wet pussy. He pulled back and then thrusts back in, after a few more times the pain soon subsided and he picked up pace.
“Nnna..uhhh…Ka-kakashi.” You moaned in a pant. He picked up fast and rough and he thrusted in and out.
“Nauuhhaa….mmmm….nnnnaugh.” You both moaned in unison. Kakashi pulled out flipping her on all fours, he looked to her then thrusted in her wet sex again. He kept his grip on her hips as he thrusted hard and deep inside her wet silky pussy.
Moans, groans and the sound of skin slapping skin echoed in the room, he lifts one or your leg up still thrusting in and out, deep and fast.
“Haaauhhaaa!” You moaned as he was hitting a certain spot that seemed to triple the feeling.
“Naahh uhhha!” You moaned loudly he did as you requested thrusting in again hitting it hard as you purred in a moan. Kakashi growls in the back of his throat.
“Nrrrah uhhh.” He groaned deeply, then pulled out again. This time he thrusted in your ass, you squirmed as he kept his firm grip on your waist. Thrusting, in and out, deep and hard he had you soon moaning in more.
“Yah…ahha..naahh!” You moaned, he went fast and hard thrusting more and more as he pulled almost all the way out and thrust back in again and again. He kept in as he flipped you over lifting you in his lap letting you ride against him.
“Nuuahha.” He groaned as moved with him, you began to dig your nails in his flesh on his shoulder. He pulled you closer to him laying his head in the crook of your neck.
“Hmm…naahh” He growled, biting down on your tender flesh, as you moaned from the slight pain. Both your climax was soon near as you kept riding him.
“Nuuahaha….Uhhha ahaha!!” You both shout in unison, as you release and feel his seed spill inside of you. You lean on each other panting for air, you look up to him as he kisses your head then your lips.
“I love you Kakashi, have since Obito’s death.” You suddenly say as you lay on your side looking him in the face, his mask still on.
“Good, I love you too Nami. No matter what…with ever sad ending.” He whispered pulling down his mask as he fully touched his lips to yours softly.

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