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5. Kakashi Hatake 1

~Name: Luna Uzumaki (naruto's big sister)
Age: 25-27(Well same age as Kakashi)
Rank if ninja: Anbu Black Ops Captain
Abilities: five tailed white wolf demon sealed in her, can control fire, water n lightning at will.
Personality: caring, feisty, short tempered, protective
Horoscope Sign: Libra

“Luna!” Someone yells, you turn to look back seeing your younger brother and Iruka right besides him.
“Hey Naruto, Iruka.” You say sweetly at them.
“You have anything you’re doing tonight sis?” Naruto asked.
“Not as far as I can tell. Why do you ask?” You curiously ask as Naruto and Iruka take side glances then smile looking back at you.
“Well you see…” Naruto trails off looking back at Iruka.
“Oh yes you see Luna the new book for Icha Icha Paradise is out.” He finishes shyly as your eyes lit up.
“Oh so what in it for you two?” you asked, skeptically.
“Oh nothing lets go.” Naruto says fast hooking on arm to you as Iruka followed. As you get closer to the building, you see through the glass noticing a certain hot grey haired man. You glance to Iruka already seeing their plot.
“NO!” You shout at them at they try to get you into the store.
“Ugh why not sis?” Naruto asked.
“I already see why and if you two don’t stop oh so help me I will so kick your butts.” You exclaim dramatically.
“Luna I have known you for some time and I know you did work with Kakashi before when he was in the Anbu Black Ops.” He states the complete obvious. You feel your self shirk in your skin knowing they were both right but oh you couldn’t bring yourself to tell a good friend you been dreaming to fuck him non-stop. You walk into the store going directly to the section of said books and fake looking at them like he wasn’t there.
“I’m sorry I guess I wasn’t paying attention.” You apologize after bumping into him still pretending like you didn’t know he was there, Kakashi stands tall looking down smirks at you.
“Its ok Luna no harm done.” He says still with that playful smirk you see under his mask.
“But Luna I know you knew I was here.” He whispered in your ear making shivers and goose bumps rise. You smirk to yourself and he puts his hand on you upper arms gently rubbing up and down, still feeling is breath tickling the back of your neck. You giggled lightly fighting your raging hormones so you wouldn't pounce on him right then and there.
"Kakashi" You whisper turning around to face him.
"Hm?" He says looking deep into your eyes; you push him away so you could clear out those succumbing and tempting thoughts that linger in the back of your head. You turn to leave as he grips your wrist, lightly enough without being so rough.
"Luna could you meet me near the training academy later on?" He asks you.
"Sure." You reply with a smile.
You walk out and turn left as fast and quick too, only to bump into your brother and Iruka.
"How did it go?" Naruto hyperly asked.
"Um..ok I guess." You say with a smile.
"You told him then?" They ask in unison.
"I didnt tell him anything geez, he only asked for me to meet him tonight ok." You say annoyed.
They both got the clue and dropped the subject you already walking ahead of them not waiting to hear any more ridiculous statements or ideas. As you walk past the training area you see Gai and his team.
"Oh Luna-chan you look so youthful everyday like you brother." Gai greeted patting Naruto's head.
"Thank you Gai, your team and you look just as youthful to." You commented he smiled and looked over at them.
"Well we need to get going so another day then Gai." You said getting his attention.
"Yes, let the youth grow." He yelled running back to his team, while you three sweat drop running away.
.....Later that Night........
You walk to the training academy thinking of what he would want to see you for but as the thought passed it also was gone like they say in one ear and out the other. You enter near the area and see a man in the distance you figured without a doubt it was Kakashi laying there. As you hovered over his sleeping form.

You smirk tapping him awake as his charming eyes flutter open seeing you stand their as his eyes adjust.
"Oh you came." He said sitting up a bit more and closing the book he was reading.
"Yea I did so what." You reply sarcastically, he noted it and stood up. He signaled for you to follow which you did. As you walked up to his side he was caught up in his book you smirked looking over his shoulder reading it with him then you laughed at one of the scenes which made him look up at you.
"What is so funny?" He asked.
"Nothing." You giggled, his eye brow risen up with curiousity.
"No just tell me." He huffed from under his mask.
"It is just that part." You say pointing to the graphics in the book.
"How so?" He questioned.
"Oh um...well...I dont know." You stammered looking away as you felt yourself blushing, he closed the book again looking down at his feet. Finally looking back towards him you see this sadden expression.
"Kakashi?" You said getting him to look up but he didnt make any eye contact.
"Hm yeah?" He replied sounding somewhat constricted in his thoughts and words.
"Why you look so upset?" You ask.
"No reason it is just I have really liked this girl who is a complete obvious to those around her." He stated looking over at you then back down to his feet as they shuffle back and forth.
"Oh the Kakashi I know? the pervert?" You say laughing.
"Funny Luna funny but you will soon eat those words, for I know your weakness." He laughed back catching your attention at the end making you stop laughing.
"You wouldnt?" You barked questioningly.
"Wanna bet." He replied seductively, you smiled and raced off towards his place. With ease he had already beat you by only seconds.
"Cheater." You said panting for air as he unlocked his door letting you in first then him. You looked around taking a seat on his bed.
"So what now?" You ask propping yourself on one elbow to look at him, he turned to face you as he bent down on his knees in front of you.
"Do you really want to you know?" He said whispering in your face.
"Yes, I would like to know." You reply. Kakashi took a seat next to you.
"Luna, do you have any interest in any man?" He asked suddenly.
"Hm maybe and if you tell me who I will tell you mind." You say cheekily.
"It is the one person who teased and pushed me around, and she is also a perverted like me. and she is right here in this room to." He said simply blurting it out seeing if you catch on.
"I see so she is-" You said now catching the whole of it, eyes widen as you feel is velvet lips kiss yours in a deep meaningful kiss. Minutes pass as you soon grew to need the air breaking for mere moments, you look at what he is doing as he take one of his books out turning it to a page as you look over it.
"Whoa there ninja boy, that looks fun but oh so painful." You tease taking the book and throwing it somewhere. He eyes how you lower yourself to your knees undoing his pants and teasing his cock letting it out, you pump it a few times going up and down on his shaft setting a slow feel. You felt him grow in your hands deciding to lick the tip slowly working your way down his shaft and to the bottom of the base, you licked, sucked forcefully, and grinded your teeth again his flesh as you came up to the tip then deep throating it again.
"Uh ah Luna fast go fast." He groaned moving his head back as the pleasure threaten to come loose. You continued to suck roughly going faster and faster while bobbing your head to it.
"Perfect Luna go deeper and faster Luna ahhhh uhhh," He moaned out loudly once again this time putting his hand on your head trying to get more of himself in the wet cavern of your warm mouth.
"Luna Im almost there...yes there uuuhhhh Luna." He moaned again releasing his cum in your mouth as you swallowed. You still fully clothed laid down on his bed, Kakashi moved to your lips as he tasted himself. He nipped and sucked on your lip begging for entrance as you granted him it he memorized all detain the moved to your neck in search for your soft spot, which was found shortly after he had bitten down enough to draw blood. You moaned as he licked it up and started to undress you.
He removed your upper clothing playing with one breast and he sucked on the other then switching, slowly after he had successfully erected the nipples out he moved to your stomach kissing it tenderly; while unzipping your pants and pulling them off along with your underwear. He placed his hand to your vagina caressing it gently and playfully taunting your clit making you crave more and more.
"Uhhhh....Kakashi." You whimpered as you felt your body get wetter and wetter with each touch. You soon felt something wet looking down you saw him licking and sucking on your clit, as he did this he stuck two fingers inside scissoring you as he went deeper. After he did that he started to pump his fingers in and out fast and deep moaning loudly every so often shouting his name. He put his face back down sticking his tongue in your wettness thrusting it in and out, while sticking one finger in again.
"Ahh ohh there yes uuuhhh." You moaned/panted out breathing heavy. You felt your body's climax hit as he swallowed up all your juices licking you clean he took off his shirt and vest moving his way up to your lips as he let you have a taste of yourself. He positioned himself near your opening ready to rock your world in many ways according to his 'guide' series since he wanted to try the missionary first.
He crashed his lips to yours and he rammed inside your vigina thrusting in and out without waiting for you to adjust to his size. He pulled all the way out the slammed right back into you. So the pain went away and you started to moan in his mout he moved from your lips to you chest then he partly lay up flipping you on all fours.
"Uhh right there oooohhh yes." You moan as he picked up his pace. This continued with different ways finally as he lay you on your side lifting on leg up and slamming hard and deep inside you.
"Uhhhh hit it again in that spot uhhhahhhha." You screamed as he hit your g-spot. He kept going at that spot as you felt your climax coming near and he to felt his you stopped fast laying down and pulling you on top. He guided you up and down as your skin smacked against each other going faster, deeper and harder with each cry of pleasure both you let out.
"Uhhhhh Luna..." He groaned.
"Ahhh Kakashi.." You moaned.
Both panting as sweat run down your bodies from sheer bliss, your wall tightening around his long, hard cock. Coming both to your climaxes.
"Kakashi....Luna" You both moan out in unison as you release and he shot his hot seed inside you the mixture combined from your love, he pulls out laying beside you.
"I love you Kakashi." You said laying on your side putting your head on his chest, he embraced you body pulling the cover over both your naked bodies.
"I love you too, Luna." He said kissing the top of your head.
"Good wanna try when we wake up?" You ask with a smirk.
"Any fantasy you wish Lady Luna." He replies as the darkness soon takes over putting you to rest knowing this was a start worth creating for. A fantasy, your fantasy but most of all your HIS fantasy......

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