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36. Jushiro Ukitake

~Name: Tsukiko Kuchiki
Age: 21 real age 120
Family: Kuchiki family, Elder brother Byakuya and younger sister Rukia
Race: Shinigami
Rank: 2nd seat of the 7th division
Looks:(red hair, green eyes and hour glass body)
Powers/Abilitites: Very masterful in Kido
Zanpakuto of fire: Able to control fire as the wielder pleases.
Personality: cold like Byakuya but will show emotion every now and then. She’s not mean like Byakuya can be but likes to train and fight.
Horoscope Sign: Cancer

You nodded your head taking the paper stack of your Taicho’s desk, turning around you headed on to the tweleth division. Your bright green orbs searched around for the opening door as your dark red hair blew in the breeze.
“Who are you?” A female asked you regonized them both.
“Kiyone open please I was sent to deliever these papers.” You say, and after your voice echoed the doors opened revealing them both.

“Tsukiko, haven’t seen you around lately.” Sentaro noted taking the stack from your hands. You smiled to them. “I kno I’ve been busy with all the problems reguarding the bount attacks in Karakura town.”
“When are you off?” Kiyone asks.
“Well right now, I was only delivering then was going to go find Rukia since I haven’t seen her for some time.” You reply, then bowed taking your leave.

The afternoon breeze sung a light song around you, dancing on it’s toes. You spun around in circles smiling with grace. “Still as careless as ever elder sister.” You hear, and then came to a stop. “Rukia darling, your words always sting my heart.” You fake cry with a smile, then held out your arms wrapping them around her. “Why are you not at work?” She asks. “Why do you care?” You respond pulling away from her to gaze down at her.

“Because if you skip work elder brother will be mad.” Rukia says. You smile caringly at her then stand up, holding out your hand as you say to her. “Well he won’t because I am off for the rest of the day, and I was so busy hardly seeing you at home let alone here.” “Hey Rukia!” came a shout causing both you and Rukia to glance up. Rukia shakes her head as a tall boy with orange hair, along with another tall man with white hair walk over.

“Ichigo, Taicho Ukitake.” Rukia says whispering as she saw your curious gaze. You watch them stand before you and Rukia in silence until the said boy Ichigo pulls her away leaving you and her captain alone. “You must be Tsukiko Kuchiki.” Ukitakie says smiling warmly. “Yes, and I’ve heard of you Captian Jushiro Ukitake. I did drop off some papers to your division but I should head home now.” You say quickly and just as the words left your lips you were gone.

After the bount attacks everything in Soul Society slowly started to calm down but as heat rised amonst the problems concerning Aizen. Months have passed and still you were hardly seeing Rukia or Byakuya. Today just so happened to be your day off you knew Rukia was in the living workd with Ichigo, so you decided to bother your older brother Byakuya at his division. You knocked on the door and Renji answered.

“Ohayo Abarai-san.” You say entering the office.
“Ohayo Kuchiki-chan.” He responds in surprise.
“Tsukiko, what are you doing here?” You hear Byakuya ask, the depth of his voice made Renji jump in his skin. “Ohayo onii-sama.” You say walking over to him, Renji still after knowing you for years couldn’t believe your related to the cold firm Byakuya Kuchiki.

“Tsukiko.” Byakuya warns, you sat in his chair. “Oi I went out of my way on my day off to see you and this is how you respond elder brother?” You ask him, he shakes his head rubbing his temples. “Alright fine, here do some work and I’ll just keep you company.” You quickly added getting out of his seat and sitting on the edge of his desk.

“Tsukiko what is it you are doing?” He asked firmly with his usual stronic stare. You shrugged your shoulders and went to take the seat in front of his desk. Renji stands up nervous with you smiling and Byakuya staring at you, he grabs some of his paperwork. Opening and closing the door, once you knew Renji was out of ear shot. You stood up looking at Byakuya. “Bya-chan.” You call using chan like you did when you were children.

“Hm?” He mumbled coherently at your words, you walked behing him laying your arms over his shoulder and your chin over you right arm. “Could you tell me about Rukia’s captain?” You sweetly asked, he turns his head looking at you. “Why Tsukiko?” He softly asked back. You removed your arms standing straight, and headed towards the door. “No reason, just wondering.” You reply, opening the door.

“Tsukiko, are you heading home?” He asked you, shrugging your shoulders as you reply. “Just a random walk.” After you closed the doors you walk around all the divisions then stopped under a cherry blossom tree as the wind blew and the petal danced around you. Looking up with your eyes closed as you twirled the opposite direction of the breeze with the petals still going around you.

When the wind stopped so did you, taking a soft thud to the ground you lay against the base of the tree. Humming softly at first then a little more sound from the back of your throat came out as if to sing out loud. You finished humming but sudden clapping sound caused you to turn your head around, there standing was Rukia’s captain. His handsome soft appearance redeemed your senses, his chocolate brown eyes followed by his beautiful long snow white hair.

“How are you Kuchiki Tsukiko?” He asked smiling at you. “Very well and how are you feeling?” You reply asking him, he smiled brightly taking a seat next to you and began sipping from his cup. “I’ve had my better days.” He say, you nodded your head in agreement but smiled none the less in return. You both say in silence for a bit but slowly started to talk, random things with laughter hitting the air.

“Tsukiko?” You hear your name and turned your head after you stopped laughing to see Rukia. “Oi Rukia, come over here” You call back, she did. “Oh captain Ukitake.” She said coming around. He smiled warmly at her as she sat down in front of you. “Well Jushiro we best be off, how about I come visit you at lunch?” You ask. “I would much love that.” Came his reply, you nodded.

You walked passed Renji and Byakuya not noticing them standing there watching you. At that moment you were lost in your own thoughts of Jushiro being the item of you day dream. ‘I hope he will like this stew, did I make it to spicy?’ you thought, but the tentive eyes of your older brother seemed to burn in the back of your head as you turned around.

“Bya-chan?” You called quirking your brow. Renji shook his head, as the unusual strict silent captain glared. “What are you doing Tsukiko?” He calmly asked with his deep brute voice. “Heh, well cooking.” You reply nervously, he slowly walks over. “I can clearly see, but for who?” He said asking you. “Well some if for you, Rukia and Jushiro.” You say but as the white haired captians name left your lip you quickly covered them.

“Jushiro? You mean captian Ukitaki.” Renji corrected and you rapidly nod your head. “Yes, him.” You say. Renji sweat dropped walking back a few steps towards your office door. “Is this the reason you’ve been daydreaming and humming?” Byakuya asks, your gaze shoots up like a shooting star into his. “What you mean?” You childishly question, hoping that would work if you played it off but Byakuya knew you all to well. “I see, well you should be off to take some to Rukia and captain Ukitake.” He says taking a bowl for himself and adding more peppers to his own.

You smiled taking three bowls and making them along with tea. Renji relaxes watching you leave as Byakuya stays still. Renji opens his mouth but quickly shuts it as Byakuya turns to face him. “Get me some more background on Ukitake, I wish to make sure he can support my sister that way a man should. After all Tsukiko and Rukia are my pride.” Byakuya orders, and Renji left to follow through on his captains wish.

You walked over seeing Rukia talking to Ichigo again, you smiled freely seeing them. “Here Rukia.” You say offering her a bowl, she smiles taking it along with the tea you sat down next to her. You look over towards Ichigo handing him the bowl and tea you originally made for yourself, but gave it to him instead. “Thanks.” He mumbles taking them. “You’re welcomed, eat up you two.” You laugh leaving them once again alone, and headed to Jushiro’s.

You knocked waiting for a reply, hearing footsteps shuffling as the door opens. “Tsukiko, please come in.” Jushiro says, standing aside as you entered. “Here I hope you like it, and this tea is good I made it especially for you. It promotes good breathing and opens your lungs more.” You say handing him the food and drink. “And what of you?” He asks, noticing only the single bowl and cup. “I ate already, but please do enjoy.” You smile, he nods.

“Tsukiko.” He calls, and you looked up meeting his gaze. “Hm.” You reply. He takes a bite, then takes a few sips of the tea. “Why is it you’re like your older brother but you show more emotion and with Rukia you have this playful touch?” He asks. You sit on your knees and legs thinking, then smiled as you say to him. “Well she is our little sister, and we only need one strict family member. I know it is hard sometimes for my brother to be cold, but he is very caring. Often says if something happens to us that who ever it was had hurt his pride, but none the less he is still forever the hot head we all knew long ago.”

You laughed thinking back in the day, that once upon a time your older brother would flip his lid. Jushiro studies your movements, smiling to himself as he leans over placing his lips upon yours. You blinked a few times feeling soft warm lips, but you kissed back. Your body curved and leaned into his husky bulk strong chest and arms as they moved around your waist.

“Jushiro?” You called with a questioning tone in your short breaths. He smiled panting along side of you, his large hands cup each side of your cheeks sweetly. “Forgive me for being to bold, but I could not help myself.” He says, you shake your head no and pull yourself to his lips once more capturing them as you both got air in your lungs. He leans back, as you lay on top of him. Still kissing him as he rolls over taking above you, arms and elbow hoisting him up. Jushiro breaks the kiss, moving his lips down your cheek and to your neck.

“J-jushiro.” You moaned softly, he moves his lips to your collar bone then back up on your neck. His hands moved to your clothes, then under them as his thumb rubed over your stomach. Earning him another soft moan, and your head leans back while you pushed up your chest. “May I, Tsukiko?” He asks breaking his hot wet lips from your neck, you nodded your head. Jushiro leans up removing his yukata and your shinigami robes.

He looks over every curve of your body, excitement hindered in his eyes. You sat up wrapping your arms around his neck as you kissed him roughly. He returns the kiss while wrapping his arms around your lower back. He grunted in the kiss as your hands smoothly move over his chest, and down his stomach. “Tsukiko.” He moaned as your hands found his thick, rock hard member. You started rubbing up and down his long thick shaft, his grunts got louder and louder with each stroke. Jushiro captured your lips while your strokes picked up pace.

“T-tsukiko.” He groaned, breaking from your lips. He soon came in your hand, the warmth from his seed to your lips felt heavenly as you tasted him. Jushiro lay your back down as he trailed his hands to your breast cupping them in one swift movement. Your innocent pink nipples harden like a diamond as he massaged and teased them. He moved down to your lower section and inner thigh. Lifting your right leg over his left shoulder as he rubbed over your wet clit. Licking here and there as he massaged the swollen clit then moved his fingers to your entrance.

Your back arched as he stuck in two of his fingers deep inside, pulling them in and out at a slow pace. “Na- J-jushiro.” You purred as he picked up pace, pumping in and out of you like a violent thrunder storm. You rocked your hips with each of his thrusts, in and out deep and hard. You felt a pinch at the pit of your stomach as he felt your walls tighten around his fingers. His head leaned down, as you came in his mouth.

Jushiro moved back on top of you, licking his lips. His towering body hovered over yours, as his harden member poked at your entrance. He softly entered, as you closed your eyes in pain. His soothing words that whispered in your ear beckoned you as he was deep inside. Jushiro slowly pulled back out, then moved back in. Repeating over and over at a slow gentle pack until tears no longer ran down your cheeks, you moaned as he started to pound inside and thrust in and out.

“Jushiro!” You yelled, while chanting his name over and over. He grunts with each thrusts that slammed back in and out. He screamed your name chanting it over and over. “Tsukiko naahh Tsukiko.”

Heat rised from both of your bodies as you met his thrust, rocking your hips and bucking them so he could go even deeper. “J-naa-jushiro.” You moaned still bucking your hips to his. Again you felt that feeling in the pit of your stomach, and he grunted out incoherent mumbles slamming in and out, deep and hard. “Tsukiko, I’m going to come.” He grunted feeling your hot wet walls tightening around his long, thicking cock.

“Tsukiko-Jushiro!” You both say in unison, climaxing. A stream of your sex juices ran down your thighs and on the bed roll, he pulled up the sheets over your naked bodies. You held on to him as he held onto you, laying side by side holding eachother. “You’re like melting snow, Jushiro.” You giggled, as his hair lay against your skin. Jushiro smiled as he adds. “Tsukiko, you’re like running water for my spring.”

After that night, you and Jushiro started to date. A little afterwards with Byakuya’s consent Jushiro proposed to you. From that moment you knew it was forever…

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