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44. Itachi Uchiha 3

~Deidara held a piece of candy in his hand: “Do you really want it Akauri?”

You nodded: “Please Dei? Pretty, pretty, pretty please?”

Deidara: “On one condition?”

You nodded: “Anything!”

Deidara: “You have to go into that closet, for seven minutes” he pointed to it. You thought this over.

You shrugged: “Ok!” he gave you the candy and you ate it quickly then walked into the closet while he locked the door.

Deidara: “Have fun…” Y

you: “But there’s nothing in here?”

Voice: “Yes there is…” you felt someone wrap their arms around you. You gasped and moved away from them.

You: “Who’s there?” you felt them stroke your face.

Voice: “It’s just me, Akauri…” you blushed knowing that voice quite well.

You: “Itachi?” he licked your face making you turn red.

Itachi: “You guessed it…” one of his hands went to your breast pressing against it making you whimper.

You: “Whadda you doing?”

Itachi: “I only get one chance to do this, there is no way I’m missing out…” he kissed from your neck up to your jaw and then to your lips. You tried pushing him away but he was too strong for you to beat him.

You whimpered again: “Itachi… Th-This is wrong…” he began opening your shirt.

Itachi: “Then how come it feels so right?” the hand that wasn’t on your chest was upping your to skirt going to a certain area where you squeaked a little. Itachi has never acted like this before… You were turning redder the longer this went on. Soon he got off your shirt and he was kissing all over your chest. You tried stopping him numerous times but he wouldn’t listen. He shoved you against the wall and got fiercer. You couldn’t hold back your moans. His tongue flicked up then down your nipple making you tremble with pleasure. His other hand slid down your stomach and then past your skirt, up your thigh then against your dampening panties.

Itachi chuckled: “Seems you’re enjoying this more then you’re making it seem…” you shook your head trying to not to think about how good this felt. His fingers trusted up, sliding digging into you threw your panties causing to you to whimper uncontrollably and instinctively held onto Itachi by clinging onto his cloak. He moved his fingers hooking one into your panties pulling them down leading you to feel bare and cold. Your blush worsened as they dropped around your ankles and you had no choice but to step out. You were left in nothing but your skirt and socks. Without warning Itachi inserted one of his fingers inside your tight, wet flower.

You gasped: “Itachi!”

Itachi: “Don’t worry, this will make it hurt less once I fully take you” you shut your eyes tightly as he made his fingers stretch out your insides preparing you for what you felt pushing flush against your side threw his clothes. Right when you were about to release from Itachi’s actions he pulled his hand away.

You whimpered in protest: “N-No!” you shook your head. You were so close; you’ve never felt like this before. You heard Itachi chuckled devilishly.

Itachi: “I knew you liked it… Now… To make you mine…” you heard his cloak drop to the ground as he slid down his pants far enough to release his erection that pressed warmly against you’re stomach. You pushed him away.

You: “No…. P-Please…” you squeaked as he hoisted you up. “I’m a virgin…” you felt tears. Itachi softly kissed your lips. He rubbed your thighs, kissing you again aliening your bodies up as you prepare for collision. You didn’t think this was worth a piece of candy.

Itachi: “Don’t worry… I’ll make sure you enjoy this…” he smoothed your sides, kissing you again aliening your bodies up as you prepare for collision. You didn’t think this was worth a piece of candy.

Deidara started banging on the door: “Ok Itachi, that’s enough, you’re not aloud to steel her virginity.” You blushed even more if that was possible.

Itachi growled: “Go away, when I’m finished, I’ll let you know.”

Deidara: “Itachi-“

Itachi: “Leave!”

Deidara: “I’m gone!” there were no more other noises besides the two of yours in the closet. Itachi went a lot further then seven minutes in heaven…

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