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43. Itachi Uchiha 2

~INFO: Name: Aeon Miller

Looks: 5'6 in height. Dark skinned; crystal blue eyes; jet black, long hair down to her back that is nearly always in a high pony-tail. She is nicely proportioned in an hour-glass figure, and has a solid six-pack. Her canines are distinctive, like vampire teeth.

Outfit: All black. She wears a cropped jacket that reaches just under her chest over a fish net shirt. Shorts-shorts with her ninja head band strapped around her hips like a belt. Weapons pouch on her right thigh and go-go boots with the bottoms in a similar fashion to ninja sandals. She wears a mask like Kakashi's over half her face and sunglasses.


Personality:A nice girl that is grudgeless,cool and carefree person sometimes that likes to relax in a meadow on a warm sunny day to daydream. Can be a flirt,(but not in a whorish way.)loves to dance; both sexily and just basics. gets annoyed when she has to repeat herself more than twice and people who are egotistic or think that they can one-up her. Also bipolor so she's quiet most of the time and its rare for her to have temper tantrums(but when she's comfortable with new people and her new surroundings. she'll be more of herself.). Not a girly-girl or a complete tomboy.Acts mysterious and loves to keep people guessing, and enjoys observing the situation and people in the background. weird, funny, extremly sarcastic, and completely deadly in battle.


Past: History: Aeon was found by the Third Hokage in a forest as a baby. She was found with a will from her parents, who were dead around her, who were wealthy and famous. Currently, Aeon lives in a mansion provided by her family's wealth. Her family died from a disease that is unknown to her and medical examiners.

Like's: Itachi Uchiha
Dislikes's: The rain

Age: 18


Ive been in the anbu for like my whole life,
I joined with Itachi when we were sixteen. He was my closest friend, and unforgetable lover. When I found out he killed his whole clan I knew it couldnt have been true, there had to be someone else that helped him, or he had to have had a reason. I never told him I loved him, I never got to, he just left me behind. Like I was nothing, It hurt like hell, I then had to take care of Sasuke. He was all by himself, and in pain with lonelyness. Me being there didnt help him with loosing his family, but it was better than nothing. Soon after that Sasuke left the leaf village, I kept loosing people that ment so much to me, was I doing something wrong? Im still not sure.
I woke up to rain, and fog as it stormed hard outside. I covered my face not wanting to get up, but I knew that Milady would not be happy if I was late yet again. I rolled, literally rolled out of bed landing on my back, now I was awake and my back hurt like hell. I did my thing getting in the shower and brushing hair ect; ect;. I jumped out my window landing lightly on my feet, and had myself heading for the Hokage Tower. I was half asleep not knowing what the hell I was doing but apparently, I made it there without getting lost. I was all wet, from the rain that poored down hard apon my face. Today didnt seem right, something was wrong. I couldnt help think that something or someone was watching, but yet I felt like that everyday, who am I kidding. I just hoped that the day would come and go as fast as possible.
I walked in sightly wondering if I made a good decision to get up today, Milady smiled at me and raised her head to meet my gaze.
"Well today's mission is quite difficult..." she paused and turned to the window, I watched her as her smile faded, I sweat dropped knowing that she wasnt lying about how difficult it was. "Its against the Akasuki." she said turning to me to see my reaction. I didnt have much of a reaction, I was blank plus I didnt care if it was the Akasuki. I didnt mind at all, it gave me a chance to find out more infromation about them. I nodded and awaited for her to assign it, I crossed my arms over my chest feeling slightly agrivated. She sat down in her chair and took out some paper work.
"Well you taking people with you, Kakashi Hatake, and Captain Yamato." I saw them walk in. I knew Kakashi used to be in the anbu but I didnt know the other guy. I bowed at them as they walked in, they seemed like particulary kind people maybe this wouldnt be so bad.
"You know what to do, I explained it already to the others Aeon, now please get along." She said while sighing. I nodded while giggling, and walked out with my mask on and I was ready to go. We started our way out and didnt talk much at all, not even eye contact. Guess there really into the mission. I felt an amazing amount of chakra, and I stopped on a branch. They looked at me, signaling that they felt it too. Even though I said I wanst scared, now that im here, I was shaking. I felt like I knew this chakra, it felt warm and cold at the same time. I felt the wind change direction, and I met with his eyes. A cold rush went threw me, he saw right threw me, I knew he knew who I was. I couldnt move, I struggled with my eyes, that were attachted to his. I then felt this slight pain in the back of my head and I then saw nothing...


I woke up feeling freezing, seeing that I was in the dark, on a cold damp floor. I couldnt see anything, my head hurt like hell. when I remembered what happened, I started shaking again, I realized i wasnt alone in the deep darkness. I shiverd from the cold and atempted to get up, but felt hands push me back down. I got up again angry this time. I forcefully tried pushing back, the person grabbed my hands to stop me, the person whispered to me. But I couldnt not hear what he had said. I felt the person back up away from me, I couldnt see and I was scared. what should I do? what is there I can do? All I can do is wait to die and fight back as much as I can, but then I remembered who I saw. I saw Itachi Uchiha, maybe he is the one thats here. but im still not sure. I wish to see him, I want to tell him how I feel about what he did, and make he feel the pain that I suffered when he left. I walked around this place and found a wall, and I walked around trying to find find a person. I felt around, which felt like forever, but I couldnt find the person. Till I felt hands wrap around my waist. I blushed with this new feeling rushing to my lower bottom. They went up towards my breast and slid back down sliding right across my clit, I turned around trying to smack the person but they Grabbed my hand and started to kiss it. I tried to pull away but it wasnt working.
"Ive missed you Aeon..." I knew it, Its Itachi Uchiha. I wasnt sure how to react but I found myself being lifted up and layed down on the floor. I could now see him in the darkness, I watched his eyes as we met. Whats he going to do?
"I love you Aeon... Ive missed you so much, take me now, as I beg for your forgivness." He said to me leaning down to my face. I felt my face heating up, and I knew he knew. I knew I was getting wet and I was scared slightly but I wanted him so bad. He was so amazingly sexy right now, it was so turning me on. But was he telling me the truth? Thats is what matterd to me, I needed to know, cause I loved him so much. Ive been waiting for this very moment. I hoped that he was feeling this conection from so long ago, and still feel this way.
"Itachi Uchiha, you wouldnt lie to such a close friend would you?" I said grabbing on too his cloak, I stopped him before he kissed me. He stared darkly at me, I gave him a glare as he smirked at me. I guess thats his way of saying hes not lieing but thats not enough for me. I grew an anime vein and pushed him off, and I jumped on top. He gave me a wider smirk, I grabbed his collar and started shaking him.
"Well ARE YOU!?!?!?!??!" I sceamed while shaking him, he laughed. I got even angrier, I shook him faster trying to get him to answer but he just kept laughing. I stopped giving up, I tired to get off him but he grabbed me and kept me in my place. I gave him a glare, but his expression softened, and he smiled sweetly at me. I looked away in Discust. He lightly grabbed my chin to move me back to look at him. I felt tears come to my eyes, he looked at me sadly.
"I know Ive been acting so different but I, I need you so, so badly." He whispered to me. I felt so helpless but I wanted him too. He gently grabbed my body and placed me on ground so he was on top again. I layed there trying to not give him any emotion, but he just saw right through me. I wasnt sure what to do, what else could I do but just lay there and let him take me. He stripped himself down to nothing, I watched him tensely, and I was extremely impressed by his muscels. I blushed as he slightly giggled at me, he leaned over me completly naked. I felt so relaxed I wanted him in me i needed him righ now it was hopeless, I couldnt control myself. I felt as though he could read my thoughts. He undressed me slowly and suductively. He swept away a piece of hair out of my face I couldnt stop blushing.
"Are you ready for me!?" he whispered into my ear. I nodded quickly holding breath as he leaned in for an amazing pashionate kiss. I reached for his hair to deapen the kiss and took my other hand and grabbed his waist. He had his hands groping my breast heavely. He then traced my stomache with his pointer finger, slowly going close to my womenhood... I moaned loudly, slightly whispering his name. He smirked at me holdin in his victory smile. But I was getting quite annoyed that he was having all the fun. I pushed him off of me and slammed him on the cold floor. I started to grined on his overly large dick while kissing him roughly. He grabbed my ass while I was doing this to increase my speed. He bit my lip hard making me yelp, I got angry and grabbed his dick. Lighly sliding my hand up and down all over it. He was pre-cumming, I felt so accomplished having him right in the palm of my hands. I moved myself lower to his pelvis, and licking him slowly tasting his juices. He smiled at me I laughed at him trying to hold in laughter. I gently kissed him on the lips and fept so very happy for the first tiem in years. I felt like myself again, He was the only one I ever wanted he turned me over and got on top of me and I knew what was coming... He grabbed his member and positioned it over my entrance. Then I felt this crazy pain and pleasure all at the same time. I moaned loudly feeling all these crazy emotions going through my head, I couldnt control the noises I was making. He smirked at me and started to go faster. I breathed in and finally felt only pleasure, I couldnt believe what was happening me and my best friend Making love Hell YEAH!!! I started blushing and Itachi just kept doing what he was doing.
He started to get faster and faster, he was going so fast I lost my train of thought. I started moaning like crazy, I could hear Itachi getting to his climax ... I was too. He went in again and let out everything. He layed down next to me on the cold dirty floor, His head landing on my shoulder.
"Im sorry I left..." He said to me, I felt tears swell up in my eyes and hugged him. but then I felt his member against me. He was still extremely hard, I looked at it confused didnt he just cum?... I looked over at him and smiled.
"Lets do it again..." He smirked and laughed hysterically.
"Your crazy..." He layed down tired... I punched him lighty in the arm and jumped on top of him.
"Im damn proud of IT!!!" He smiled. and we just fucked....

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