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28. Itachi Uchiha 1

~Name: Cody Young
Age: 19
Village: Leaf but left a year ago and joined the Akatsuki.
Rank: Jounin, missing-nin
Looks:(long black hair, big brown eyes, curvy figure and light skinned)
Abilities/Power/Kekkei Genkai: Able to turn eyes the color of blood, and mind reading.
Personality: cunning, holds a grudge for a long time, smart, friendly, nasty when irritated, bored a lot and likes drawing the members of the Akatsuki.
Horoscope Sign: Cancer

{A year before}
You looked around, eyes searching as the figure you targeted continued to move all around.
“Cody.” You hear being whispered behind your ears, you closed your eyes then opened them. You zoned in with your now blood red eyes, searching as your ears listened.
“I know it’s you, Weasel boy.” You growled vigorously. The man you once knew long ago, glared at you and even though you knew the truth; the said man walked out from the shadows.
“Itachi you know her?” Another asked as he came up from behind Itachi, although Itachi ignored his partner.
“Cody our leader wishes for you to join us.” Itachi said in his mind knowing you could hear him.
“Why should I?” You asked out loud since he couldn’t read your mind, this alone made Itachi’s partner look between the both of you.
“It’s your unique ability to read minds, is why.” He growled inside of his thoughts, you looked down for a moment then back up to the both of them.
“Fine but I don’t want to stay any longer then needed with you.” You marked, Itachi knew you held a passion for grudges and how you held them deeply to your heart.

{Itachi’s POV}
I nodded in agreement, and turned to lead the way. I knew I hurt her and Sasuke too. We ran most of the way. But merely slowed for a break once a while, every so often stare at her. I did the fire jutsu for us as we stopped to rest, four day with no sleep was rough on all of us. Even though she was to stubborn to admit it.
“Why do you keep doing that?” She growled catching me looking at her again, I looked away.
“Hm.” Was all I said.

{Back to regular POV}
You got up and started to walk away, just as you passed Itachi you slowed down facing ahead.
“Why did you lie so long ago?” You asked starting to walk away once again.
“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” You hear him say as you were almost out of earshot.

{Present Day}
You mostly did your missions alone, but once in awhile you did help the other members on the side if needed. Since the day Itachi brought you to the Akatsuki hideout you’ve ignored him all this time except on missions but in your free time you acted coldly, emotionless or as if he wasn’t there.
“Tomorrow.” You noted to yourself as the day that Itachi broke your heart. You walked out of your room and headed to the main room where everyone, including the one you wanted to ignore sat in there listening to Pein’s evening talks.
“Cody you, Kisame, and Itachi are to find the jinjuriki in the stone village.” Pein said.
“Hai, when do we leave?” You boredly asked as if it was nothing but a boring mission, mostly because you would have to be with Itachi.
“At first light.” He replied.
“Fine.” You whispered under your breath, then walked away.

{Itachi’s POV}
Like all the many times for the last year, Cody walks away. Pein sighs heavily then walks out after her.
“Itachi-san.” I hear Tobi say.
“What?” I asked him as he approached pulling me into his room, he took off his mask looking directly at me.
“Is she still holding a grudge against you?” He asked in his real voice then took his mask off.
“Yes.” I simply reply, he huskily laughs.
“You should tell her the truth Itachi-san.” He said.
“She knows the truth.” I grunted in annoyance, then turn to leave.
“Not that truth, the other truth of you still desiring for her.” He shouted to my walking form.

*The next morning, still in Itachi’s POV*
Kisame and I looked all around the hideout still no sigh of her, Kisame growls lowly just as Tobi runs by laughing.
“Cody-chan is outside, is Tobi a good boy for telling Kisame and Itachi- senpai?” Tobi asked in his childish way. I and Kisame headed to the entrance and sure enough Cody was there leaning against the tree. She opened her eyes already knowing it was us coming, since her eyes were blood shot red.
‘Would you like to lead or me?’ I asked suddenly causing her to look over at me from her shoulder, but I knew it was the only way to get her to talk to me.
“You.” She simply replied. I started to walk off, then it soon went to us moving faster. Just as I thought we should rest she places her hand on my shoulder, she nods her head letting me know it is time to find a place for the night.

{Regular POV}
You sat down after making your rolled out bed up, you walked away but not before letting them know you will return. You found a river to bathe in, you soon finished and headed back to camp. Kisame was no were found only Itachi was, he had his eyes closed and was apparently sleeping against the stump of a burnt tree. You smiled to yourself watching him closely as you remembered all the times you shared with him.
‘Why are you staring like that?’ Itachi asked as you snapped back into reality.
“Am not.” You growled, Itachi got up walking over to you. He placed his hand on your cheek, he smiled a smile you haven’t seen for years.
“I miss you.” He said his breath as warm as ever upon your face.
“I miss you too.” You replied back but looked down as you added. “But I can’t imagine why you would leave me like you did. Even thought it was only a week until our wedding was to be. Itachi why…why did you leave me there and not take me with you.” He cupped your chin lifting your face up as he placed his lips smoothly on yours.
“I still care and love you that’s why I left you and Sasuke…to protect you both.” He huskily said after breaking the long, warm passionate kiss. He snaked his arms around your waist as you snaked yours around his shoulder and behind his neck. Itachi moved his lips down your chin and in search of your soft spot all on your neck. You sighed deeply closing your eyes as he had found what he’d been searching for, you lightly moaned just enough for him to smirk as he moved his fingers down with the zipper of your Akatsuki cloak. You breathed in huskily as his hands moved to the back of you cupping your ass as he lifted you up, making you wrap your legs around his waist. You gasped as your back hit the wall, Itachi’s hands moved freely all over your body while you were held there in between the wall and Itachi’s warm body.
“Itachi.” You moaned as his lips moved to your cleavage, as his wet tongue lashed against your skin. Your hands make way to his hair untieing his ponytail, your fingers twisting and knotting inside of his silk hair as he slowly took off your shirt. Itachi cupped your breast in his hands first he knead the right breast, suck, nibbling and taunting the nipple. Once satified he moved to your left breast giving it the same treatement. You moaned again, arching your back up as he moved back to your lips. He roughly kissed you licking your bottem lip for entrance, you smirked not letting him in. Itachi growled then bit your bottem lip, you finally let him in. The taste of your warm blood lingering on your lips, as your hand move to his Akatsuki cloak removing it along with his shirt. He graps your hand dropping your legs as he moves to his bed, swinging you around as your back hits his covers. He unzips your pants sliding them down along with your panty, his fingers teasing your clit as he moves it in a cicular motion. You arch your back, as he continues to taunt your lower half.
“Hmm.” You moaned far to low for his ears to hear. He moves his fingers only to replace it with his tongue, the licking and sucking noise from his lips give you an ultimate feeling. You bite your lower lip as he sticks two fingers deep with in, he slowly moves them out then back in. The movements tease your lower body as you moan and breath deeply with every stroke of his fingers, he feels the walls get tighter around his fingers as he moves fast and deep. You felt the sensation build up with in your lower body, your skin feeling like a feverish touch as you come close to your frist climax.
“ITACHI!” You scream releasing your fluids in his mouth and fingers, he moves up dropping his pants as you sit up in return. He leans down licking his lips driving you mad, you bring your lips to his and kiss him roughly tasting yourself as you move south with your lips gliding your tongue in the same way.
“C-cody.” He groaned as you wrapped your finger around his base, then you begin to lick the tip while stroking him up and down. He leans his head back closing his eyes, as you start to suck all the way from the tip and down his shaft. He moaned your name, gripping your hair as you moved faster and faster.
“CODY.” He grunted in a moan so loud it seemed he could shake the earth as you felt his bittersweet cum in your mouth slowly making its way down your lips. He picked you up tossing you on the bed as he hovered over your body, he roughly but gently kisses your lips as he spreads your legs apart.He looked into your eyes then he leaned back, lifting your legs lightly up as he thrusted deep with in your core.
“Ahh.” You lightly cried out with tears brimming your eyes. He thrusted a few times in slowly, then stopped waiting for you to let him know.
“It’s ok..naa move now please.” You said moments later when the pain subsided, he moved in a slow rhythm as he started to get the feeling. Soon joining in as he thrusted up your hip to meet his.
“Harder.” You moaned as you bucked your hips up again meeting his thrusts, he groan.
“Cody.” He moaned as he felt you meet his, thrust smoothly.
This continued until your bodies where covered with sweat, like beams of sunlight glaring in the sky.
“Faster, yee-naahh..” You moaned as he hit your g-spot. You felt your climax reaching soon. He kept pounding in and out very fast as you both called out each other’s names feeling your juice come down.
“Over, now.” He barked in a demand at you followed by you getting on all fours, he thrusted up again ramming into your ass. You cried out felling pain once again which soon subsided just as fast and the only thing that was heard where the groan and moans of you and Itachi making love. You felt his cock pulse as you tighten around him even knowing your climax would soon follow a few more thrust you screamed out hitting your second orgasm.
“ITACHI-CODY!!!” You and Itachi screamed in ecstasy. He kept ramming in and out until he released his warm seed inside you calling out your name. Still inside of you he lay next to you pulling cover over your bodies as you rolled up inside of his bedding. He embraced you, and passionately kisses you again and wraps his arms around your soft curvy body.
“Cody…” He called trailing off, you looked up at him laying your head on his chest.
“I didn’t tell you this whole time because I still and do want to protect you and Sasuke. You two are my only reason of life.” He finished, you smiled leaning up on your elbow.
“Thicker then blood.” You remined him, he smiled to you as he too remembered the saying you to would say instead of ‘I Love You’ it was always ‘Thicker Then Blood’.


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