Anime One Shots

One Shots about Anime characters


9. Itachi and Madara Uchiha

~Name: Aurora
Age: 16
Abilities: Clan ability, she is a light wolf


You shifted in your cage, you looked up meeting two sets of Sharingan eyes. The blood colored eyes watched you withering below as they stared at you. Itachi watched you move to the back of your cage as he opened it, he gripped your ankle pulling you out. Madara watched amused with Itachi dragging you against your own free will.
“Tie her to the posts.” Madara ordered.
Itachi did as he was told tying your wrists to the post of the bed, you squirmed beneath him as he hovered over your whimpering body. Both of them then moved to their desired areas as you watched them start to peel away your clothing, you knew what they wanted so you closed your eyes.
“Wait I want her to be able to please us as we do this untie her wrists.” Madara ordered again, Itachi followed.
“Do anything wrong and I will kill you.” He threatened, you nod obeying. Madara and Itachi soon rid themselves of their own confines, then they walked over towards you as they started to taunt your body in foreplay. Your body, strung between the two slowly twists in pleasurable pain. You run your palms up the inside of Itachi’s thighs cupping his balls, and takes him more deeply in your mouth. At the same time, Madara presses your clit between his lips.
You trail kisses down the underside of his cock tonguing the tiny space between his base and that of his balls, and relishes the harshness of his gasp in your ears. You hook a leg over Madara’s shoulder and draws him in, a rogue whimper escaping when he licks deeply into you.
You scratch long red lines down Itachi’s thighs, and sucks on the head of his erection while your tongue dances, flame like, into the tiny slit at the end. You allowed him to thread his fingers in your hair, displacing the clip and sending it tumbling in heavy waves across your shoulders to pool on his belly. He groans at its cool weight against his fevered skin, and arches more of his cock into your mouth.
Madara kneels behind you and positions you, hands on hips raising them to the perfect angle. He slides deep, spearing you with the hard length of prick, and you couldn’t stifle your moan.
You raised up and straighten, knees spread wide enough for Itachi to slide his legs between yours and Madara’s. Bracing your hands on his shoulders, the warm skin damp beneath your clutching fingers, holding your breath as his hand rubs his cock against the drenched cleft between your legs and the slick shaft sunk within.
Carefully, he positions himself, and carefully, slides in alongside Madara’s prick. You head falls back on a silent groan as you are slowly, inexorably filled. The pressure is immense.
Madara is the first to move; he withdraws, only to the head, and glides back up into you. Then it’s Itachi’s turn; he does the same, and sucks your nipple into his mouth, sucking hotly, on the upstroke. Stretched around them both so tightly, it’s not long before all three are panting, writhing, grasping at each other with no regard to which person your fingernails sink into for purchase. One arm looped up around Madara’s neck, the other around Itachi’s and your hand in his raven black hair.
“Naaaahhh.” You cry out panting. Beneath You, Itachi trembles as he comes, and behind you, Madara slumps as his body releases into yours.
Slowly, you all relax and shift until all are laying on your sides. Again, their hands come up to grasp; again, none care who is holding what of the others. Madara reaches for a blanket, to keep you three from getting chilled. Between them, sodden with sweat and semen, you relax into the damp warmth, and sleeps.

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