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35. Gin Ichimaru

~Name: Pla
Age: 15
Race: Shinigami
Rank: No rank is a student at Shinigami Academy [4th year]
(long black hair, and black eyes)
Powers/Ablilites/Zanpatuko: Has her zanpatuko.
Zanpatuko Name: Shiroi Tsuki. [white moon]
Personality: childish, curious, stubborn, always get herself into terrible and also terrible maker
Horoscope Sign: Scorpio

“Hey Pla!” You hear your name being called you didn’t turn around to see your friend, since you already knew it was her.
“Kisa we must hurry or we’ll be late again.” You said to her, with a large smirk.
“Hai..hai.” She mumbled in reply. You both made it to class, you sat behind Kisa as you passed her a note. Why you waited for her reply you started to stare out into nothing, a dream of a once long memory flooded your thoughts.

{Flashback, your 1st year at Shinigami Academy}
You was sent to the living world, told to blend in as a student. You couldn’t stay still for long and wanted something more exciting then a boring lecture in class. You sneaked out and roamed the city with your arms wide open like a bird. You walked and walked until you felt you couldn’t move no longer stopping at the nearest park, you hear loud clashing sounds. Being the trouble maker you were your childish ways set in, running to see what was happening. Only to be involved in seeing a fight with a hollow, it sees you there turning it’s attention to you now. You see that it claw high in the air, just about to hit you when you suddenly feel something soft yet warm to the touch. You parted your eyes only to blink a few times, a man in captain’s robe holding you in his arm as he dodges the hollows attacks.
“W-who are you?” You stuttered, the expression upon his face like a sly fox coming at its prey lurked upon his lips.
“Ichimaru Gin, captain of the third squad.” He tells you, still with the fox like grin ever so plastered expression.
{End of flashback}

“Yo’.” You hear Kisa sing-song voice ring in the back of your ears as she hands you the note back. You opened it to find her words inclining to the evening events as it said:
‘Why would I want to crash that event, we could get into trouble. You already have us on house arrest inside so what more do you want? Are you trying to get that one guys attention I always hear you call out in the middle of the night?’

You blushed at her words, you looked up at her then start to write again on the paper.
‘Kisa that is no way to help a friend and what do you mean call out in the middle of the night. Ha that man is only a mere dream.’
Then you tossed the paper to Kisa as she reads it shaking her head, you put your head down leaning against your arms as you close your eyes. You felt a poke to your arm, looking up Kisa tosses the note making it hit your forehead. You growled at her as she giggled, opening the paper once again.
‘Oh really now, then why do you moan all the time calling his name even before I come to the room? I think your having a crush on him and don’t want to say it. Besides he is here why don’t you look up more often instead of trying to sleep and getting into more trouble then you should.’
You sat up and sure enough the said person, or should I say the said captain standing in front of the class about ready to speak. Kisa giggling slightly as you hear him slowly start to speak.
‘Ass, you even say a word I swear you’ll be joining me for the next millennium doing some aweful stuff I swear KISA!!!’
You tossed the note hitting the back of her head, just as she bent over opening the note, he stood before her.
“Miss?” He said politely, she closed the note stuffing it up her sleeve.
“Hai Taicho.” She nevously replies, you giggled in the back of your throat.
“What is your names?” He asked looking between us.
“Ryuu Kisa.” Kisa says then he looks to you.
“Pla.” You say, he leans closer between you and Kisa.
“Kisa, Pla I suggest you pay attention. I doubt you want SaiTaicho know of this I believe you both are still under house arrest. Am I correct?” He said, as both you and Kisa nod. He walks back to the front, starting up is convo again. Soon after he was finished he had us all follow him as we all walked around the different squads, you and Kisa stay in the back as he continued to talk and walk.
“See Pla, even he knows and you call me an ass. Che I wish it was more easy then actually being in trouble all the freaking time.” Kisa says, with an annoyed expression playing on her features. You poke her in the sides as she starts to laugh again, then you stopped at everyone looks to the back at both you and Kisa.
“Kisa, Pla. Is there something you both would like to share?” Ichimaru asked, you and Kisa nod your head ‘no’ then started to walk on as if nothing had happened.

=Later that night=
“Alright.” You say to Kisa as she gives you the ‘look’.
“Pla!” She says raising her voice just enough for you to see she was serious.
“I swear we wont be late no go so we can sleep, and why don’t you set your alarm instead of me setting mine.” You say, she turns around then looks over her shoulder to you.
“Fine but if you don’t wake up I am pouring freezeing cold water on you until your soaking wet.” She says then walks on across your room to hers. You close your door, untying your uniform tossing it aside on your bed. You tied up your hair then started to unwrap your chest walking to your closet, to get a robe so you could sleep in bed with.

“So beautiful.” You hear someone murumer, you jumped in your skin turning on your heel facing you bed. The shadowed figure then stood up, you moved back with each step he took. The light from the moon showed you who it was, you looked up then turned your face away blushing ever so slightly.
“W-what are you-” You started but couldn’t finish as he crashed his lips to yours, he pushed your back until your back hit the wall. His hands tracing down your curves as the kiss grew more and more. He held your wrist above your head holding you in place, you tried to kick your knees up but with his body firmly in place you barely had enough room to breathe.

“S-stop, please.” You started to say as your body trembled and your started to cry. He stepped back looking at you, then he lifted you up in his arms moving you to your bed. He laid you down as, getting on top finishing what you started. His cold hands moving over your skin giving you goose bumps. Gin stood up after taking all the remaining of your clothes and then he disrobed himself, you tuned your face away choking back tears as he moved over you once again before penetrating your warmth. As you moved in and out with fury your renderness unable to choke back no more and began to sob out in tears. Gin slows down seeing the state you were in, his heart began to ache. He placed his on your face in a comforting feel, you opened your eyes as he starred into yours.
“Pla.” He whispered getting off of you. You sat up as he stood, confusion written over you face as you starred at his back.

“Why Taicho?” You asked lightly with a sob. He looked at you from over his shoulder and you could see clearly in his blood red eyes that he meant more then he came and you wanted to feel it. You stood up and walked over to him placing your lips on his shoulders as your arms wrap around him. You feel him flinch at your warm touch, he places his hand over yours then lightly squeeze them. Gin turns around pulling you to him, he started to kiss you fiercely; biting your bottom lip for entrance. Your lips parted and his slick tongue played with yours, his hands roamed your body and he groped your ass which made you laugh. He lay you on your bed once more as he moved his lips to do his bidding.

He sat up and slowly started kissing down your neck to your collarbone and towards your breast. He kissed around it, and slowly cupped his hand around the breast as he watched it turn to a harden nubbed. He lightly licked it with the tip of his tongue, teasing you by doing this slowly.
You arched your back high off the bed and Gin took this chance and slid his hands behind you, still licking your nipple. Then took your breast and covered it with his mouth, running his tongue over your already rock hard nipple.
"Gin!" You moaned out, he started to suck on your breast, moving his head back and forth then side to side. A sudden aching awakened between you thighs and your warmth as you started to give in. You moaned and shifted around slightly.

The aching was getting worse as he continued his foreplay with your breast. You grabbed Gin's hand and put it against your wetness, he smirked at you.
You grabbed his hair and moaned loudly as he shoved two fingers inside of your core. He started to pump them in and out of you, but to your disappointment he took out his fingers. You groaned in protest but yelped when you felt something warm slide against your clit.
You arched your back off the bed making a bridge as he continued to lick your wet sex, his tongue danced around against your clit as you moaned. His tongue went lower until it entered your core rubbing against your walls. You screamed in pleasure and tightly closer your eyes.
"Naah Gin!" You moaned, and gripped his hair, pushing his head further against your womanhood.
Gin grabbed your thighs and spread them wider, giving him more access to you. He started to thrust his tongue in and out, his fingers slowly inched their way to your sex and started to rub your clit again. You screamed his name in awe as he continued his foreplay.
His eyes slowly opened and he stared at your juicy red cunt and started getting harder. He opened his mouth and covered your entire womanhood and while licking it at the same time.
He reached up and grabbed your breast and squeezed it roughly, tweaking the hard nipples with his fingers. A bubbly feeling came on your stomach and you knew you were going to come.
He felt your walls tighten and he knew what was happening. He then stopped sucking, only to stick his tongue inside of you again and he feeling your walls tighten around his tongue.
"Gin!" You screamed as you spilled your sweet white liquid all over his tongue. He lapped up all of your cum and crawled up to you staring into your barely opened eyes. He watched your chest rise up and down and your eyes stare back at his.
Your eyes slowly trailed down to his mouth where a bit of your cum was leaking out. You leaned your head up and licked the cum off his face, then stuck your tongue inside of his mouth, tasting yourself making you even more horny. You grabbed the back of his head and pushed him over on his back, taking control.
You sensually kissed his chest, running your tongue over his nipple and slowly went down to his erection.
You stuck your tongue out and licked the tip of Gin's manhood, he arched his back slightly. You smirked, liking the reaction then continued to lick the tip, sending him to a craze.
"Please." He moaned out. You chuckled, knowing what he was talking about and opened your mouth wider and put the head inside of your mouth and started to suck on the head only.
He groaned loudly and thrusted his hips toward your mouth, you looked up at him and saw that he had his eyes closed and in the corner of his slightly open mouth, a smile line of saliva slid down, you smirked slightly and licked the slit.
Pre-cum escaped and you licked it up, then put his whole shaft in your mouth and started to suck on it, bobbing your head up and down. You could feel him pulsating in your mouth, he grabbed the back of your head and pushed your head more towards his cock, making you slightly gag on him, but you didn't mind.
You scraped your teeth against his long shaft and he arched his back further off the bed, moaning loudly. Your left hand started playing with one of his sacks and he moaned loudly. You could feel him tremble under you and suddenly, his cum shot out of his cock and straight into your mouth.
You licked it up, despite the salty taste and nibbled at him one last time before sitting up and looking up at him panting. Gin managed to pin you to the bed and you both stared at each other. He grinned and slammed into you, making you moan loudly and almost immediately cummed, but you held your ground.
"Naahh.” You moaned as he groaned against your ear.
You gripped his shoulders tightly as he slammed into you mercilessly, a blush found it's way to your cheeks and a coat of sweat appeared on the two of you.
You closed your eyes in pleasure and with your mouth slightly open, letting moans and groans escape your lips.
Your head arched back and he leaned down and licked your throat, sucking on it, making you moan louder. Sweat trailed down Gin's lean abs and he grunted each time he thrusted into you. His hands gripped your thighs and spread them further, holding them with his arms as he rested his hands on the bed gripping the blanket.
Gin reached down towards your womanhood rubbing your clit slightly as you arched your back further off the bed, as he continued to pounded into you mercilessly and you both moaned loudly. You groaned as he kept hitting her secret spot again and again, making you go crazy.
"Faster Gin!" You moaned, and he went faster.
The bed moved with the both of you, making screeching noises against the floor. Your body moving slightly with the motion of the bed, he was enjoying the view watching your full round breast bounce in rythym. Your full lips mouthing his name and moaning it out loud.
“GIN!” You moaned loudly.
You felt a bubbling feeling, similar to the one before but much stronger, you moaned loudly felling your climax coming, hard. You screamed his name in pure bliss as you came, it was so pleasurable that she couldn't think straight. You practically passed out for a second because it was so intense, Gin went faster than before, using your cum so he could pump in and out quicker.
You were still recovering from your climax staring straight into GIn's closed eyes and from his facial expression when he went faster that he was also on the verge of a strong climax. With one final hard thrust, he shot his seed inside of you like a rocket taking off.
“PLA!” He moaned out loudly and panted for air.
With the remaining of his strength Gin slowly got out of you, leaving a small line of cum connecting from both your sexes. He collapsed beside you and groaned happily from feeling you wrap your arms and legs around him.
Both were panting hard with sweat covered bodies, Gin turned his head around and stared at your flushed face. You smiled placing your hand on his sweaty cheek.
“I guess I do love you.” You laughed, then kissed him once more.
“I suppose, you should at least since I am your savior.” He replied as you pulled the thick cover over your not glistening cold bodies
‘Savior, you bet my sly fox’ You thought watching him sleep as you slowly closed your eyes.


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