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67. Gaara 3

~Name: Melody
Age: 16

"YEAH PARTY!!" you yelled as you jumped up on the table while temari tried to pull you off. "Come on mel settle down" you giggled as you moved away from her as she tired to grab you "oh come on temari loosen up" you said as she sighed. You looked at naruto who was apparently as drunk as you. You laughed "naruto" he looked up at you and gave you a drunken smile as you motioned him to join you. He laughed as he jumped on the table with you as you hit play on the stereo and began to dance "come on you guys get off" sakura said irritated it was after all her party.
You looked at her as she crossed her arms you smiled "sakura come *hiccup* dance" she sighed as she easily pulled naruto off "awww sakura you…you party" he didn't finish as his head fell on the table and passed out. You looked at sakura who sweat dropped then looked at you. Temari sighed "someone needs to tame you mel" you looked at her and laughed "never" you said as you looked at sakura who was now glaring daggers at you.
You shook your hands defensively "fine I'll *hiccup* get off" you jumped of as you staggered forward and bumped onto someone as you grabbed onto them to help you keep your balance. You glanced up to see gaara he helped you stand straight as you looked around everyone was leaving and sakura was dragging naruto to the couch. Temari stared at the two of you then smirked as she seen you had a grip on gaara and gaara was also holding on to you. She walked up to the two of you and whispered into your ear "hey mel bet you can't gaara down". You giggled evilly as you nodded "bet I can". She nodded "we'll see he's a tough one" she said as she looked at gaara with a smile who raised an eyebrow at the two of you.
You smirked at him "gaaaaaa-ra" you said in a sing song voice he raised an eyebrow as you leaned onto him and giggled "wanna walk me home" his eyes widened slightly as he stared at you. You giggled as you ran your hands down his chest "well" you asked as he cleared his throat and grabbed onto your arm and walked out the door with you close behind him. You kept on tripping on the way home as gaara held onto you closely. You stopped about half ways there "we need a break" you said as he nodded and sat on a bench as you sat beside him it was quiet. You looked at him as he stared straight ahead you leaned onto him as he looked at you "thanks for walking me home" you said as he smirked "were not there yet" you giggled "I know" you got up as he stood with you.
You looked at him and smirked as you jumped on him he caught you but lost his balance and fell on the ground with you on top. You giggled "I did it" he raised an eyebrow at you as you smiled at him "I got you down" he smirked as he wrapped his arms around your waist. "You got me down what now" you faked a surprised gasp as you looked at him "gaara subaka if you think I do things like that in public you are sadly mistaken" he sat up and kissed your neck "then we better hurry and get you home" he whispered as you shivered and nodded. He also nodded as he got the two of you up. He wrapped his arms around your waist as he began to walk you home.
The door swung open as the two of you stumbled in lips locked together as you tugged at his clothes. He groaned deeply as he quickly pulled your shirt off and returned to your lips as you tugged his shirt up. He discarded his shirt as you ran your hands up and down his well toned chest. Your back hit the wall as he pulled your hips forward into his as the two of you groaned in pleasure as you began to grind into each other. You pulled away as he attacked your neck kissing, licking and nibbling "pants….off" you panted out as he grunted in response. You undid his belt and tugged his pants down as they fell on the floor. He lifted your skirt and tugged off your panties as his fingers began to taunt with your opening. You groaned as he slid two digits into you and began to pump them slowly. He kissed you roughly as he entered another digit and sped up his movements as you arched your back and moaned loudly.
Your walls tightened as you hit your orgasm and your fluids ran down his fingers. He licked up the fluids as he looked at you "you taste good" he said as he bent down and put your legs over his shoulders. You grabbed his hair and moaned loudly as his tongue began to do wondrous things. You bit down hard on your lip as you can feel yourself ready to cum for a second time. He pulled away right before your release you panted hard as he stood straight as he pushed his lips against yours. Tasting yourself on them. You pushed him forward as he fell onto the couch as you quickly ripped off his boxers. Pulling away from him you gave him a devilish smirk. He watched you as you crawled down him to his hardened member as you almost drooled at the sight.
You licked his shaft slowly bottom to tip as he groaned deeply. "Don't…tease" he managed out as you giggled and engulfed him whole. He grasped onto your hair as you began to suck and bob your head. He pushed your head further down as you ran your teeth over him slowly going back up. He pulsated in your mouth as he moaned loudly and shot his seed into your mouth. You swallowed it as you pulled away from him as sat on him. He licked the rest of the cum off that was on the side your mouth. You licked his lips as he growled and shoved you down on the couch. You wrapped your arms around his neck as he looked at you and smirked you raised and eyebrow as he kissed you and wrapped your legs around his waist. "You're mine" he whispered demandingly as you looked up at him. Lust and hunger reflected in his eyes and in one quick movement entered you.
You moaned loudly as his length stretched your walls like none other has before. How you didn't realize how big he was surprised you as he grabbed your chin and hungrily kissed you. You bit down on his lip as he began to thrust into you harder and faster. You met him thrust for thrust until he began to go even faster and you couldn't keep up with his speed. You scratched down his back as he hissed in pleasure and pain. He nuzzled into the crook of your neck as he bit down hard and began to lick the mark as you yelped in pleasure. He gripped onto your hips as he rammed into you harder and harder hitting your g-spot over and over. You began to see stars as he groaned deeply into your ear "ga-gaara" you moaned as your walls tightened around his length as you came.
He continued to thrust into you not too long after came with a deep growl as his seed shot into you as his thrusts slowed down and eventually stopped. You panted as did he and the two of you just stayed silent as he got up and looked at you. You smiled at him as you moved his hair out of his eyes "that was" he smirked as you didn't finish. He rolled off of you and wrapped his arm around your waist and pulled you to him. You snuggled into him "mel" "hmmm" you answered tired "you belong to me now" you just nodded as his grip tightened on you.
~~~Temari & Kankuro's Pov~~~
Temari looked at the drunk kankuro "we should go check on mel see if she made it home" kankuro looked at his sister "you said she was with gaara he probably got her home" you giggled "I wonder if she got gaara down" kankuro glanced at his sister confusion in his eyes. She smiled "I bet her she couldn't take down gaara" kankuro just shrugged "I don't get why you guys do that" "to prove girls can hold there own" he laughed "girls can't take on guys" temari smirked "then why did she get you down" kankuro glared at his sister as she laughed. The two got to melody's as they approached the door temari raised her hand to knock when "GAARA" they heard a moan. Temari stopped face beet red as she glanced at her brother whose eyes looked they were about to pop out but then burst out laughing. "Well I guess that means she got home" temari just chuckled "tamed and claimed" they both said as they turned and left.

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