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56. Gaara 2

~Crush: Gaara
Name:Aeon Miller(meaning: Seductive Killer) Nick-Name: Tuffy(meaning: strong or tough)
Best-friend: Temari & Hinata
Sex: Female
Rank: Ex-ANBU; Currently a Jounin IQ:170
Hidden Village: Konohagakure
Team: team 7(sometimes she works on solo missions.)
Enemies: Akatsuki (except for Itachi Uchiha.), Orochimaru, and Kabuto.
Looks: 5'6 in height. Dark skinned; crystal blue eyes; jet black, long hair down to her back that is nearly always in a high pony-tail. She is nicely proportioned in an hour-glass figure, long-legs and has a solid six-pack. Her canines are distinctive, like vampire teeth.
Outfit: All black. She wears a cropped jacket that reaches just under her chest over a fish net shirt. Shorts-shorts with her ninja head band strapped around her hips like a belt. Weapons pouch on her right thigh and go-go boots with the bottoms in a similar fashion to ninja sandals. She wears a mask like Kakashi's over half her face and sunglasses.
Personality: A nice girl that is grudgeless, cool and carefree person sometimes that likes to relax in a meadow on a warm sunny day to daydream. Can be a flirt, (but not in a whorish way.)Loves to dance; both sexily/dirty and just basics. Gets annoyed when she has to repeat herself more than twice and people who are egotistic or think that they can one-up her. Also bipolar so she's quiet most of the time and it’s rare for her to have temper tantrums (but when she's comfortable with new people and her new surroundings. she'll be more of herself.). Not a girly-girl or a complete tomboy. Acts mysterious and loves to keep people guessing, and enjoys observing the situation and people in the background. Weird, funny, extremely sarcastic, and completely deadly in battle.
Family: Died from a terrible disease that is unknown
History: Aeon was found by the Third Hokage in a forest as a baby. She was found with a will from her parents, who were dead around her, who were wealthy and famous. Currently, Aeon lives in a mansion provided by her family's wealth. Her family died from a disease that is unknown to her and medical examiners.
Weapons: Black katana (family heirloom), kunai knives, shurikens, senbon needles, and an eleven-foot whip.

As you jumped through the trees, you were on your way to Sunagakure. Another mission to Suna, at least you will be able to see Temari. As you reached the village you see Temari there waiting for you. As you got closer you saw her wave to you.
“Hey! Tuffy!!” you heard her yell to you, you simply nod you head and smile through your mask to her. You have been sent here for a while now because the chunnin exams are coming up once again.
“hey Temari, it’s nice to see you again” you say to her as you look around at the buildings and the busy streets.
“yeah, it’s nice to see you too, so you’re going to be staying with us while you’re here?” she asked you.
“yup, just like always!” you say as you both laugh and joke as you walked down the streets. As you headed for the Kazekage building.
As you enter the building you look towards the flight of stair you were about to head up with Temari. As you made your way up the stairs, you both started to tell each other of what was happening since the last time you had a mission here.
You soon came you two large double doors, “Tuffy I have a mission myself to the leaf, will you mind if I left?” she asked you as you were about to open the door. You then nod your head as you watch her descend down the stairs.
You then took your hand and softly knocked on the door, before hearing a ‘come in’ from the other side. As you enter the room you see Gaara look up at you, you then stood in front of his desk as you waited for him to finish the paper work he had. He then looked back up at you.
“hello Aeon. Did you have any trouble getting here?” he asked you, you have fell in love with Gaara and though you don’t act like it your heart will beat always increased when he was around.
“nope, so how are you Gaara?” you asked him as you looked at him through the shaded glass of your sun glasses.
“fine.” He replied as you stared at him intently, without meaning too.
“are you ok Aeon?” his voice brought you back from the staring, as you blush, but it was covered by your mask.
“I’m.. fine” you say as you looked at him. You wondered if he would ever feel this way about somebody, namely you. But just as you were about to ask him, he started to speak first.
“Aeon… i..” he stop and stared at the ground for a few minute before you took the chance to speck.
“Gaara.. how.. how do you feel about me?..” you asked him.
“I.. I think I care about you, … more than anyone else..” he said before asking why.
You smirked under your mask as you look at him, as you then slowly take off your sunglasses and put them on his desk.
“I feel the same.. Gaara.” You say, he then stood and came around and over to you.
“I always wanted to see what you face looks like without your mask..” he whispered huskily into your ear, as he slowly pulled it down, you didn’t move you let him pull it off and as he finally got it off he looked at you and gave a small soft smile as you then smile back showing you fangs.
“is that why you wear the mask?..” he asked you as you just shrug your shoulders, and before you could give a reply he kissed you, it was a very passionate kiss. You then kissed back with equal force. You soon felt him leve your lips as he trailed kisses down your neck.
“ahh Gaara..” you moan when you felt him kiss over a certain spot. As he started to leave his love bite you pulled off his robes as he pulled away from you neck to pull it over his head.
As you started to kiss down his neck letting your fangs scrap every so often you felt him tug at the bottom of you shirt as you stop kissing him so he could pull your shirt over your head and as you continued to kiss him he unhooked and discarded your bra.
Soon you were pushed against the desk ,as he pulled down you shorts. You then felt him start to kiss down your neck to in between your breast, as his hand came up and pushed against the soft flesh of you left breast you let out a loud moan. As he did this you let out a little gasp as you felt him lick your nipple on the other.
After he did this he quickly switched, and gave the other one the same treatment. He then started to continue his decent down past your stomach where he came back up and kissed you has he felt your wetness seeping through your panties.
“your very.. wet,. .. Aeon” he whispered into your ear, as she then tugged off your panties, you then take a sharp intake of air as you feel him insert a finger, as he then moved in and out.
“g-gaara..” you moan out as you felt him insert another finger pumping in and out of your wet sex. “ahh…gaara..” you moan out again but you then open your eyes when you feel something wet lick up you pussy, and bucked your hips as it lightly sucked on your clit.
“aggah..:” you moan out as he lick your entrance before pushing his tongue into your womanhood. As he lick your inner walls you felt a bubbling start in your stomach as your walls closed around his tongue. He then started to move his tongue faster as the bubbling was set free as you came.
“you taste very good.. aeon..” he says right before he kisses you. As you taste yourself in his mouth you moan, as the vibrations when past your lips to gaara’s he let out a low growl. You then started to feel down his chest as you got to his pants you felt the bulge in them before tugging them down and off.
You then bent down and pulled off his boxers, you then looked at his length before taking hold of it and licking up the shaft as you licked the tip in a circle before taking as much as you could in. and let you hand cover the rest, as you started to bob you head.
“gahh… ugha.. Aeon.. faster.. please..” you heard Gaara say as you started to go faster you let your canines softly scrape against his shaft. You bobbed you head faster, you then felt him take hold of your hair and bucked his hips making his cock go farther into your mouth.
You then started to feel him plus in your mouth as you bobbed your head while running your tongue up his hard member. He then shot his cum into your mouth as you swallowed it all and came up and kissed him.
“ you sure you want this” he asked you as you looked into his eyes, you nod your head. You then felt him lift your leg up and put in around his waist as you felt him place his tip at your entrance.
“it will hurt… but not for long..” he said again as you nod your head, he then kissed you hard as he pushed into you. You squeezed your eyes shut as a few tears spilt out. But you felt Gaara wipe them away with his thumb. You then pull away from the heated kiss and look at him letting him know he can move.
He then started to slowly push in and out of your womanhood, as there was some pain but after a few thrusts it turned into sheer bliss, as you bucked your hips to meet his.
“Arggah… Gaa-ahhr..Gaara… please faster…” you moan out as he obeyed as started to go faster and deeper looking for you special spot that would make you scream his name. you soon felt him hit that spot as you let out a loud moan followed my his name.
You could hear the sound of skin slapping against skin as he thrusted harder into your wet pussy. You then felt that same coil build up as you moan louder then before. He then pushed you up on the desk more as you wrap both your legs around him.
After pounding into you over and over that coil finally broke and you came hard on his cock, as he kept going thrusting in and out of you. You then felt him start plus in you as with one more hard thrust he filled you with his hot seed..
As he pulled out he looked at you and gave you a genuine smile..
“I love you Aeon…” he whispered in your ear.
“I love you too Gaara..” you whispered back…



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