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6. Gaara 1

~Name: Aroura (Melody)
Village: Suna
Abilities: Clan ability, she is a light wolf


Aroura sat listening to Pein, the leader tell the others about the boy they had kidnapped; named Gaara.
‘Gaara.’ She thought thinking about her friend. She closed her eyes thinking of what to do, since she heard they have him captive and she knew what the leader saw going to do.
‘I can’t let them extract his demon..or…he’ll die.’ She thought sadly. It has been three years since she has seen him or the other friends she made.
“Dream Scape.” She called as she left her body, taking her clan’s wolf form. She made it in time to the cave where the Akatsuki extract the tailed demons form other’s. Aroura snuck into the cave blinding all the member’s of the Akatsuki, she put Gaara on her back leaving a clone like version of Gaara while leaving. Aroura ran and ran as she tried to get to the leaf village, but her body grew tired and she was thirsty after running with Gaara on her back for five hours. She found a cave to lay and rest with out any worries, then made a fire. Aroura went to fetch water and food, just as she returned Gaara opened his eyes.
“Who are you?” He asked seeing a wolf like a shinning light blinding as he kept his gaze on the wolf, the animal walked forward as Gaara watched it turned to human. His eyes grew wide once he seen who it was, he wanted nothing more then to hold her in his arms but he knew he couldn’t. he was so happy to see his long lost friend, he heard about her being kidnapped by the Akatsuki three years ago. He was upset that they had came back for her again, he felt he was so helpless to defend her.
“Aroura.” He called to her, she walks over kneeling in front of him.
“I-I love you, always have.” He confessed to her, she smiles softly cupping his chin.
“I love you too Gaara.” She says, he pulls her suddenly into his arms holding her as if she was a delicate flower.
“Marry me.” He mumbles in her ear, she lifts her head up looking into his warm eyes, lust and love both lingered.

“Yes.” She says just above a whisper, she then wraps her arm around his neck crashing her lips to his. He complies their lip moving into one, slowly the kiss evolves from passionate to fiery. His tongue lick her bottom lip as she smiles into the kiss opening her mouth, he wrestles with her tongue while exploring her mouth. Their bodies are flush together, her chest pressing against his and his hips pressing against hers.
The kissing stops and she takes his hand in hers, she then pulls him standing with her. Slipping her hands beneath his shirt, and pulling it over his head. In return he undoes her pants, pushing both them and her panties off her hips, letting them pool at her feet. She then undoes his pants, pulling them down; followed by his boxers.

Lastly he removes her shirt and bra, both now completely nude. He follows after her, his body looming over hers. Their lips meet again as he reaches out, cupping her soft breast in his hand. He smiles into the kiss as she makes a soft sound of pleasure, her nipples hardening as he toys with them.
“Gaara.” She moans against his lips.
He breaks the kiss, nipping at her lip before kissing his way down her neck to her chest, capturing one of her nipples in his mouth. She gasps softly, her head thrown back slightly. He continues to toy with her nipples for a bit and then moves further down her body.
He pushes her legs apart and trails his lips over her bare mound. His tongue flicks out of his mouth and he quickly moves it against he moist entrance. Her hips lift up slightly, wanting more. He complies with her unspoken wish, lapping up her juices and slipping his tongue inside her.

She squeaks, reaching down with one hand and placing it on the back of his head, urging him to continue. He thrusts his tongue in and out of her pink pussy for a while before pulling back and licking her clit. She squeaks again, her legs tensing. His right hand slips between her spread legs, a finger quickly finding her entrance and slipping inside.
One finger quickly becomes two, then three. He pulls back completely, leaving her gasping for air. Their lips meet again and she kisses him back eagerly, not bothered by the taste of herself on his lips.

“Lay on your back Gaara.” She says after breaking the kiss. He complies, lying down. She straddles his waist and grinds her wet pussy against his hard cock for a bit before raising herself up and impaling herself on his cock.

“Ah!” She exclaims breathlessly as his cock fills her tight pussy. She pauses for a bit, keeping their eyes locked as she gets used to having him inside of her again. He places his hands on her waist, allowing her to move when she is ready.
He is taking in even, slow breaths, trying to remain still for her. Slowly she raises herself up a bit on his cock and then slides back down.
She continues to fuck herself on his cock, gaining speed and force as she continues. He cock slides in and out of her wet pussy easily, no barrier separating them from fully becoming one.

She pants softly above him, soft sounds of pleasure escaping her lips. His hands tighten on her hips as he bucks up, meeting her each time with a thrust of his own. Their breathing increases as their climaxes near.
Her legs begin to tense and she rides him harder, her orgasm seconds away due to the teasing she went through not long ago.

His breathing increases even more, his cock slamming into her pussy. Her breath catches in her throat as she gasps hard, an orgasm rushing through her.
Her pussy clenches almost unbearably tight around his cock, triggering his own orgasm. His hips lift up as he shoots inside of her, their juices combining. Slowly their breathing returns to normal.
Aroura Removes herself from Gaara’s cock and lies down next to him, instantly being pulled against him and kissed softly. She can still feel his cum slowly slipping out of her body but is too tiered to be bothered by it.
They both can still feel the pleasure coursing though out their bodies, Gaara reaches down and pulls the sheets over them as Aroura’s eyes slowly slip closed. Soon enough they both are asleep, tow content lovers wrapped in each other’s ams.
The next morning came as she stretched and stood, her eyes looked to him as she smiled remembering he will wait for her and they will be together forever. She stands getting dressed the sees Naruto in the distance, turning back around to wake Gaara.
“Hey.” He says to her.
“Hey, I love you but I must go.” She said to him, he nods.
“I love you too.” He says, she stands and he gets up embracing her from behind.
“I promise I will get you back from them and we will be together.” He stated.
“I know, I will wait for that day my love until then. Rest assured and get better, Naruto is near so see him and I will always wait for you.” She said then disappeared before his eyes. Aurora wakes in her body stuck in her little prison at the Akatsuki’s hideout, she soon again lays to sleep. Her only thoughts as she drifts off to dreamland; Gaara…

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