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70. Deidara 3

~Giggling at her boyfriend who was gently placing kisses along her neck and arms around her waist. "Dei-Dei we can't do this here" he grunted in response as his grip tightened "it's been way too long since I've last seen you though don't you think (Name) hmmm". Sighing as he nibbled on her neck she turned in his arms as his lips crashed down onto hers. Moaning in response as his tongue eagerly made it's way into her mouth and started a battle of dominance. He won in the end as his fingers grasped onto her body wherever he could get hold. She pulled away from him and smirked he sighed "no games this time yeah". Giggling she began to walk away swaying her hips as she did. Staring her body down hungrily he quickly made his way to follow her. Grasping her hand he pulled her in a hurry to get to her home.
It felt like hours to get to her house much to deidara's annoyance and she took her time unlocking the damn door. He watched her patience wearing thin as she walked in him following close behind her. Smirking she walked away from him towards the room removing her jacket as she glanced back at him. Chuckling he eagerly followed removing his akutski cloak. Sitting on the bed she stared at him innocently but mischief was clear in her eyes. "What are you going to do to me dei-dei?" Slowly making his way forward she watched him hunger, need, and lust in his eyes.
"Do you want me to tell you or show you hmmm" giggling she once again pulled away from him as he sighed in frustration. "Tell me than show me" he smirked and began to climb onto the bed "well first of all I am going to ravish you in kisses yeah" inching closer she watched him closely. "Then we are going to make love so hard you won't be able to walk straight for a week un". "Oh" she teased with a smirk he shook his head as the bulge in his pants expanded. Inches apart there breaths mingled licking his lips playfully he quickly smashed his lips onto hers.
His hand roamed every part of her body they could get hold of the mouths nibbling waiting for a taste of her skin. Giggling at the sensation his hands gave raising an eyebrow he glanced at her through clouded eyes. Pecking his nose she smiled he began an attack on her neck nibbling sucking and licking. Sighing she tugged at his shirt as he quickly removed it returning to his previous actions.
Running her hands through his blonde locks he groaned as she tugged him back into a heated kiss. Together their tongues danced as his hands slipped under her shirt. A squeak came from her at the sudden coldness of his hands. Smirking the tongues on his hands began to lick her at her stomach. A shiver ran down her spine at the feeling of his hands tongues as he moved them up slowly.
Briefly touching the bra lining he pulled away frowning as he pulled off her shirt and slightly glaring at the piece of clothing. Giggling she shook her head and unclasped the bra removing it from herself.
Smirking he began his work on her breasts. Moaning loudly she arched into him shoving his head more into her. The want between her thighs became more stronger. He was hard as ever now groaning at the sounds she made. "Dei-Dei" she whimpered. Chuckling he glanced at her. Face flushed and lips parted as she panted slightly. "P-please" he kissed her as she practically ripped off his clothes leaving him in just his boxers.
Pulling away he glanced at himself confusion in his eyes as he looked at the woman beneath him who smiled innocently at him. "Eager aren't we yeah" face heating up she looked away as he pulled her back in for a sweat kiss. Her pants were quickly removed as his hand rubbed her covered warmth. Tongue eagerly trying to have a taste of her sweetness. Moaning loudly as it licked at her again.
His throbbing manhood twitched with anticipation as her moans grew louder. "(N-name) I need you now yeah" ripping off her underwear and positioning himself at her entrance. Bracing herself she grasped onto his shoulders as he pushed himself in slowly. Whimpering at the sudden intrusion she kissed him deeply as he shoved himself all the way in.
Hips snapped against one another as she cried out in pleasure him groaning in satisfaction. He groped her breasts the teeth on his hands nibbling and sucking on her pink nubs. Nails digging into his back she arched into him wanting to feel more of him. Lips crashing into one another in a heated kiss as his pace sped up hitting her G-spot. "DEI-DEI!" smirking he aimed for that spot hitting it repeatedly.
The coil grew feeling her release nearing as his member throbbed more. "I-I'm going to..nnnngh" he nibbled on her neck as he groaned lowly. Hands pinned above her head he pounded into like no tomorrow. Her mind blanked out at the intensity of the pleasure as she cried out word she couldn't understand as she released. A growl erupted from deep within his chest as he gave on final thrust spilling his seed into her.
Panting harshly against one another he smirked at her and kissed her lightly "I'm not done with you yet yeah not until I do what I said I would un" giggling she pecked him "I was hoping you would say that".

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