Anime One Shots

One Shots about Anime characters


45. Deidara 2

~You: “Where are you taking me?” you reached out into the air in front of you, you couldn’t see.

Tobi: “Tobi can’t tell you that, Tobi made a promise.”

You: “But Tobi!” he continued to push you forward and soon you heard a door open and close. You reached around and finally took off the blind fold that had blinked you seconds before.

You called: “Tobi? Where are you?” all you saw was darkness. Even though your eyes were opened and the blind fold was off. You stepped further into the darkness and reached out feeling something soft and warm. You stepped closer to it letting your hands trail up and down. It was almost moving from what you could tell, but it was also still. Almost like breathing.

You: “Hello?” you stepped even closer still feeling trying to figure out what this was. You applied more pressure to your hands as they trailed farther down and a little farther up.

Voice: “God, I’m so horny right now…” you gasped and stepped back.

You: “Whose there?!”

Voice: “Guess who, un”

Your eyes widened: “Deidara-sama?!” you were feeling on Deidara?! Oh well this was just perfect; you got locked in the closet with your life long crush. And to make things worse he was now ‘horny’ thanks to you.

Deidara: “You guessed it” he pressed you against a wall and a hot blush rose to your cheeks in an instant.

You: “Wh-What are you d-doing?”

Deidara: “Playing seven minutes in heaven, un. This is how you play Akauri…” his lips went to your ear slightly nibbling on the lobe. You shivered as his breath ran down your spine.

You: “B-But we can’t… “One of his hands went around your waist as another rested on your breast. You unconsciously moaned.

Deidara: “On yes we can” he kissed your cheek, then your neck, then began licking you before he sucked plastering his mark pink on your flesh for the world to see. You shuttered as his mouth of on his left hand began biting, licking, and sucking on your now hard nipple threw your shirt. You blushed furiously as the one that was now licking up your thigh.

You whimpered: “D-Deidara-sama…” he pulled your shirt off leaving your top bare to his pleasure. You instinctively wrapped your arms around your chest embarrassed.

Deidara: “I can’t see you in he darkness anyway, there no point in that, un.” He removed your arms and one of his hands began rubbing all over you while his mouth sucked on a nipple. Let’s not forget the hand making its way into your panties.

You gasped: “Dei-kun!” the slimy tongue of his right hand licked along your dampening folds of your forbidden area. Deidara chuckled.

Deidara: “I like the sound of that, un. Let’s make that happen again…” The tongue was now interested into you. Of course you yelped his name again. Or at least the new abbreviation of his name. His other hand joined his mouth in sucking your nipples so now both your breast were covered and you couldn’t help but squirm and writhe under him a little. Before you knew it you were completely nude. You would have never imagined you’d end up nude, in a closet, with Deidara. How unlikely. How lucky. You lost control and listened to your urges and pushed Deidara against another wall kissing him back wholly. He was surprised at first, but then he smirked and kissed back resting his hands on your sides allowing you to have your way. You undid his cloak and it dropped to the floor and kept kissing him pressing your body closely against his getting on you toes. You felt his hard excitement press against your stomach as you played with his hand your hands ran down his chest to feel him. Deidara sighed deeply filled with pleasure and jolted his hips into your hand causing better friction between your hand and his manhood. He growled when he had had enough and pushed you to the ground pulled his pants down.

You giggled: “Don’t you think we’ve been in here little more then seven minutes?”

Deidara: “Like I care, I want you now, un” you felt his tip press against your ready entrance. You moaned and then you were soon filled with him. You’d have to thank Tobi later.

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