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4. Deidara 1

~Name: Jerrica Ryuga
Age: 18
Village: Formerly of the Hidden Leaf but joined Akatsuki
Rank: S-ranked criminal
(long black hair, lavender eyes, average height, lightly tanned skin, wears black clothing under akatsuki cloak.)
Personality: Quiet, smart, clever, and short tempered.
Horoscope sign: Pisces

“TOBI GET BACK HERE!” You shout, chasing said man with the orange mask on his face.
“Tobi good boy, Senpai!” Tobi shouts, the said bomber walks out of the Akatsuki living room with an annoyed look upon his face.
“Tobi.” You warned.
“I got it Senpai, Tobi good boy?” Tobi says handing him the said item that Tobi took out of your room.
“Jerrica, hm.” Deidara said as he took the item from Tobi, then he started to walk closer to you.
“Give it to me little blonde girl.” You teased, Deidara back you up against the wall.
“No, I think I will keep it un.” He said glaring.
“Deidara…Jerrica.” A voice called, both Deidara and you looked.
“Yes, Konan.” You said.
“Pein wants to see you both.” She replied, you squirmed your way under Deidara’s arm. Deidara stayed behind you and Konan as you three made way to Pein’s office. Konan knocked then opened the door, letting you and Deidara enter.
“Jerrica, Deidara. I have a mission for you both.” Pein started.
“What about Tobi?” You asked.
“Tobi will go with Zetsu, I need you both to recover the scroll from the mist village.” He said handing you a sheet showing you the location of the temple and the scroll.
“Nii-sama.” You said to Pein.
“Yes.” He said.
“Will you order Deidara to give me back my diary.” You pouted out your lip.
“Deidara give it back to her.” Pein orders, Deidara complies handing back your diary.
“You’re both dismissed, you have tonight to leave.” Pein states, and you both leave.
“Why do you call Leader, brother?” Deidara asked as you stopped in front of your room door.
“Well they saved me, and brought me here.” You simply say to him while opening your door, entering and then closing it.
“Jerrica, are you ever going to tell him the truth?” Madara says, you look to the Uchiha sitting on your bed.
“What truth, and why are you not with Zetsu?” You asked, he sighs standing up walking over to you.
“About him.” Madara simply says ignoring your other question.
“Perhaps not.” You say, as Madara putts on his orange mask opening your door.
“Hai Hai.” He says closing it.

==Later on==
You finished packing what you would need, opening and closing your door as you head to Deidara’s.
“Yo Dei!” You bang on said door, he answered it only to get hit in the head by your fist.
“Ouch, hm.” He says, you back up letting him out as he closes his door.
“Deidara, we will be about half way there by morning. So we can go into a small inn in a small non ninja village.” You say to him as you both leave the hideout.
“Fine, un.” He replies half awake and half asleep. He does a few hand signs summoning his giant clay bird, as you both jump on it. It seems like days have passed rather then hours.
“Dei, there the village.” You say to him from behind, he nods. You both jump off the bird and it shrinks down to a miniature clay figure, you take off your Akatsuki cloak. Tossing it to Deidara as you fixed up yourself to seem like you were indeed a traveler, so you would raise no suspension.
“Alright I will go first, you meet me here while I get the room and all ok.” You say to him, he nods. You walk on opening the inn’s door entering the building.
“How may I help you miss?” The lady in the front asks.
“One room please, just for tonight.” You request, she smiles handing you a key.
“Please sign here, and your room is on the second floor to the left.” She says.
“Thank you.” You say politely.
“You’re welcome and if there is anything you need let me know.” She said as you walk out.
“Dei.” You call seeing him sitting down eating some anko dango.
“Hm, what room.” He asked
“97.” You simply say taking his last dango stick, which he had only three out to the four left on his lips.
“Hey.” He says as you start to stick the dango in your mouth.
“What?” You ask licking your lips in a teasing way as you look up innocently to him.
“Nothing, let’s just head to the room.” He said, and you nodded. After you ate the dango you both headed up to your shared room, unlocking and closing as you both lay on the bed next to each other. You sat up soon as you wanted to take a shower.
“Be back, don’t you hog the whole bed Dei.” You said walking into the bathroom starting the water to a warmish touch. You undressed and stepped in the light steam flowed around just as the water did. You guided your hands all over, until you feel something warm yet cold. You looked down seeing a hand with a mouth, you already knew by the look of his hand who it was.
“What are you doing Deidara?” You asked as he pulls you back against his chest.
“Hm your so warm, what to do with this soft form of art?” He pondered. You turned around facing him, your eyes wandered around his body but stopped upon his chest seeing a marking of some sort. Your finger tip glided over it, you blushed upon feeling his hands around your waist. Only his left hand moved to your rear giving it a gentle squeeze.

“Deidara.” You gasped, his lips crashed down on yours. He pulls you closer to him turning off the water then lifting you up in his arms carrying you out and to the bedroom. He put you down wrapping a towel around you slowly drying you and then him off. Deidara again pulls you to him holding you from behind as his hand moved over your body, with each mouth kissing and sucking your silky flesh.

Deidara leans his head in over your shoulder as his hands move back up cupping both breast, massaging as you arch your chest out leaning your head back giving him access to your neck. His hands move over the nipples as they start to suck and bite ever so lightly, his teasing was clouding your mind as your own hands move to his length as you could feel it protruding your back side.

Deidara stopped and turned you around pushing you on top of the bed as he leans over your body moving down below, lifting your right leg up and over his shoulder then your left leg. He leaned in taunting your clit with his hot tongue dancing around as his fingers moved to your entrance, sticking two in first pumping in and out as steady pace as his tongue then moved down. The hand that wasn’t pumping in and out moved to your clit with it’s own action.

“Deidara.” You moaned feeling the build up in the pit of your stomach. Deidara continued to taunt your clit while eating your out.
“Deidara!” You shout as you came inside his mouth and on his fingers. He leans up as you sit up seeing him lick up your juices off his fingers and mouth. You leaned in forward capturing his lips to your as you slowly stood up with him. You got on your knees taking his erected member into your hands stroking him then you began to lick and suck up and down on him from the tip to the bottom shaft, he was loving this feeling as you stroked and bobbed your head he tossed his head back arching out his chest.

The faster and harder you went the more his breathing became erratic.
You felt his climax soon to come as he pulsed in your hand and mouth, tasting pre-cum at the tip then going back down you felt him intertwine his fingers in your hair. Deidara’s grunts and groans were like soft music filling in the air.
“Hm…Jerrika.” He groaned.

As you began to suck harder as you came back to the tip you then tasted a salty and sweetness in your mouth and knew he had came. He gained back his composer picking you up off your knees laying your back down on the soft bed as he crawled back on top of you.

“Jerrika are you sure you want this?” He asked with a lustful expression.
“Yes.” Was all you could say out as the need and desire to fill him inside gave away the lust that dripped in your silence. He nodded putting his tip to your warmth, and out of excitement he rammed hard and deep. Tears fell from your eyes as he penetrated you; he looked down and came to a sudden halt.

“Jerrika would you like me to stop, un?” He asked.
“No Deidara I want you so take me as you wish to.” You reply, not soon after the pain subsided to an end. He like you asked took you like he wished thrusting deep and hard as fast as he could.
“Nuhh…De-deidara faster…nah harder.” You moaned and as any man pleasing a woman he obeyed your command picking up at inhuman speed thrusting in, out, hard and deep. He continued ramming in and out. He pulled himself out and you took control pushing him on his back and getting on top to ride him.

You lowered yourself on his thick manhood, he quickly grasp your hips lifting you up as he rammed in you. This feeling dubbed over in pure bliss as you rocked and he thrusted deep and fast both you calling each other’s names, with musical moans and groans.
“Dei-deidara.” You seemed unable to form words as he rammed harder and harder.

“Jer-jerrila…hmm…un” He grunted huskily, he slowly sat up as if seemed you were giving him a lap dance. He felt the need to take over again as he got you on all fours thrusting upward hard and deep, he began to once again go in and out at inhuman speed and strength. You felt the need of release as you climax was near, he too felt the same as he continued the thrust you arched your head back.

“DEIDARA!” You scream in complete bliss as you came, no more then another few thrust did you hit hard grunting.
“JERRIKA!” He moaned out as he released his seed mixing your delighted pleasure. You got off on top of him laying on your side as he pulls you to him with the sheet over your body. Deidara kissed your lips once more as you both laying in each other’s arms smiling so brightly.
“Boom Boom Bang.” You laughed , he joined you turning on his side.
“Hai Jerrika, art is a blast. When its with you.” He said, you smiled to him as you both closed your eyes.

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