Knowing Them (Book One)

This is a repost from my Wattpad account of the same username. Enjoy! ----- Melanie Bagtrab's sudden flashbacks to her time with the marauders.


4. Chapter Three

Before I knew it my first year was gone, and I was staying at James Potter's house for the summer. I guess James mentioned to his parents that I was an orphan somewhere along the line. I sat in the kitchen with Sirius, drinking morning tea. Sirius was always at the house of the Potter's. He basically loved there.

The Potter's adopted me around Christmas as a present. I honestly didn't think anyone ever would. They surprised me. Besides Sirius, Remus was also around a lot. He gave me the book he was reading on the train in the beginning for our first year, One Summer. He said it was an old book from around the 1870's. Peter got me a Sneakoscope from Zonko's, and Sirius got a picture of all five of us that moved like the portraits at Hogwarts. He also got me a picture of himself that did the same. I gave James one of the bracelets Lily had made me. He seemed very satisfied. Sirius was happy with the pranking spell book I got him. I gave Remus 7 Galleons and 15 Dollars of Muggle money to get more books. I gave Peter a small book of wand tricks like the one Sirius used to have. But the weather had drastically changed before any of us could use what we bought each other. I never found out what they all got each other.

Summer. It went from freezing to the warmest. Before I could blink, I was at the Potter's home and Sirius was pranking James with spells and Remus had a small pile of books from both Muggle and Wizard shops. I didn't see much of Peter, but when I did he was conjuring either Birds from grass, or bugs from leaves. Sirius' butterflies had been made out of thin air.


I was sitting out in the grass, Sirius on my left, James on my right. Staring at the clouds. I smelled chocolate. I bolted up from my position in the grass. Nothing. "What's wrong?" James asked sitting up. I looked around. Laying back down I just shook my head. I stared back up at the sky. The cloud was shaped like James' glasses.

"That cloud looks like your glasses." I told him pointing up. He chuckled.

"That one looks like its going to rain." said a voice from behind us. I whipped up and turned around.

"Remus!" I said flinging my arms around him. I knew I smelled chocolate.

"Woah!" He said in response to me. I let go. His eyes were tired and his face had a grin on it. He handed me a piece of chocolate. I smiled.

"I knew it." I said taking a bite.

"Oi! How come you always give her some and never us?" asked Sirius still staring at the clouds.

"Because I'm specialer than you are." I chuckled in response. Remus nodded. I laid by him with Sirius on my left and James beside him.

Sure enough, not even five minutes after Remus said it would rain it did. At first it was just a sprinkle, so we stayed in the grass. Then the flood gates broke and we were forced to go inside because of how hard it was raining. I went up to my bedroom and sat on the bed. I didn't know what I could do. It was pouring outside. I opened my night stand drawer there was an envelope in it. It read on the back: To Melanie, Don't open until year seven. Okay. I won't open it then.


Pans were clattering, I walked into the kitchen. Mrs. Potter was cooking dinner. "Can I help?" I asked.

"Sure can you make pudding for desert, Mel?" I nodded.

"What flavor?"

"Mr. Potter's favorite." she smiled.

"Okay, dad's favor-" I stopped dead. "I'm sorry." I said I started breathing heavy. My eyes burned.

"No, no, no it's okay sweetie. It's okay." Mrs. Potter grabbed my shoulders and knelt down in front of me. Tears burned my eyes and rolled down my cheeks. "Sweetie, you can call us Mum and Dad. It's okay." I nodded my tears still coming. Mr. Potter walked through the door and into the kitchen. He stopped when he seen me such a mess. "Dear, Mel called you Dad." said Mrs.- Mum. I looked up to Mr. - Dad. He knelt down next to his wife, smiled and hugged me.

"You will always be our daughter, Mel."


James, Sirius, Remus and Peter never found out about that story.

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