Knowing Them (Book One)

This is a repost from my Wattpad account of the same username. Enjoy! ----- Melanie Bagtrab's sudden flashbacks to her time with the marauders.


7. Chapter Six

After I broke my leg and had it regrown, it never really felt the same again. It hurt a lot more often than Mom said it should've. Dad was concerned too. So my second summer with the Marauders wasn't with the Marauders entirely. I spent most of it at St. Mungo's. James, Mom, and Dad came to visit me every day, but Sirius and Remus only came every few weeks. Peter never came. I didn't really mind, but it still hurt a little because I must've thought that Remy would've dragged him at least once.

Remus and Sirius did seem to care more when they came to see me. I think James was just tired of seeing me every single day considering what I did to him before I came to St. Mungo's.

I hexed his pillow. I know, I know, lame trick. Except, I hexed it to turn into a jarvey. Or at least a duplicate or simulation. I honestly did'nt know what I was doing. I think he still hasn't forgiven me for that one. I did manage to prank Sirius as well. I managed to put frogs in his sleeping bag when he wasn't looking. He wasn't happy but he still didn't hold a grudge like James. I don't like to prank Remus though. He seems mild on te outside, but trust me, James pranked him earlier in the summer, and it didn't end well. James ended up in the bottom of a dry well, the horrid part is, we couldn't find him for about a week. Remus did pretty -erm- crazy. That's a good word. Sirius doesn't even try to prank him anymore.


While I was in St. Mungo's, I met a boy who was in his early teens by the name of Lucius. Healers said that his condition made his mind work differently. He talked to me and said it was because of being hexed by his "friends" at Hogwarts. I was shocked, but then I remembered how cruel the older Slytherin boys are and assumed that he was a Slytherin. I felt even worse for his girlfriend, Narcissa. Apparently, she is pregnant and hasn't told him. She told me one night that she didn't want to because of his state of mind. I completely understand. The news of a baby could send him over the edge. We talked for hours that night. She talked about how she didn't want to marry Lucius and how she was betrothed and expected to bear children that were pure-blooded. Because there is little pure-bloods out there, she says her family believes in only being paired with other purebloods. By the time she was done talking about that, i had decided to tell her about my Remus-Sirius situation. She told me to choose the one I was happiest with for her, because she couldn't. The problem is, I don't know who I want. Who I need.

The healers of St. Mungo's figured out what was wrong with my leg shortly after that night. They gave me a serum every day for a month. It tasted horrid. I was finally released to go home, after my month was up. I was greeted by three boys, Remy, Sirius, and Peter. All with flowers. Remy had brought roses, my favorite. Sirius brought lilies, the flower on my favorite dress. Peter had brought white carnations. Mom put them all in a vase and placed them on my night stand in my bedroom.

One night I had alone time. I went out to the spot where we always sat. I laid down and closed my eyes. I suddenly smelled chocolate. I stayed still thinking Remus didn't know where I was. Then it hit me, I felt my lips being mashed against someone else's and then hands wrap around my head and pull me up from where I was laying. It was gentle. We released and then he kissed me again. When I opened my eyes, no one was there. I took a deep breath in through my nose. I couldn't smell chocolate. It must not've been Remus. "Who was that." I mumbled to myself.

I heard a twig snap behind me. My hand slowly went down to my pant pocket. I took out my wand, illuminated the tip and turned around. There standing with a Black jumper on was none other than Remus. He stopped and stared at me. I stood up and walked over to him. He was still taller than me only by half an inch, and I kissed him. He pulled away and looked at me with the saddest of faces, then ran into the woods. At first I didn't know what happened. Then I realized he had put something in my hand. I unfolded my hand, there was a piece of paper that read, 'the note' in neat handwriting. I turned it over and it had Remy's initials. What? 'The note'? What did that mean? He never gave me a note.


I walked home, slowly. Whispering Remus' name. He never gave me any other note other than this one. It was strange. I got into my room and opened my extra things drawer to put the note in. When I seen a piece of paper sticking up from under an old jewelry box. I pulled it out. It said my name and not to open it until my seventh year at Hogwarts. It was written in the same neat script as Remus' note. I honestly wanted to open it then. I didn't. I didn't want to face what could be inside it. So I put it in my satchel. Along with the note Remy just gave me. I walked down the stairs to mom and dad and asked if I could use the floo powder to go to Remus'. They told me to be back by midnight. And I took the floo powder in my hand and went to Remy's.

When I got there, they were in the middle of dinner. Remus had changed out of the black jumper and into a red one. I started brushing the soot off of me. He got up when I began to cough. I brushed his hand away and asked his parents if I could talk to him outside.

We walked to the woods where I sat under a tree. I opened my satchel and pulled out the notes, I handed them to Remus. He looked down at the one, and opened it. His eyes scanned it, the he ripped it in half and mumbled something. I stood up, "Why did you do that!? I wanted to read that!"

He simply shook his head, "No."

"Why not?"

"I can't lose you to Sirius."

"What Do you mean?"

"When we first started at Hogwarts, Sirius told me he liked you. I liked you too, but I wanted you to be happy. So I wrote you a note telling you to pick Sirius. Not me. But now I see that that was a horrible mistake." Tears started to fill his eyes. I wiped them away and nodded. I started to walk back to the house, I was ready to go home. James was going to be unhappy. But honestly, I'm glad he knows what he feels.

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