Knowing Them (Book One)

This is a repost from my Wattpad account of the same username. Enjoy! ----- Melanie Bagtrab's sudden flashbacks to her time with the marauders.


5. Chapter Four

Remus and I sat once again under a tree. This time, however, it was by the lake. "Do you suppose the squid would eat Sirius if we got him in the lake?" I asked Remus.

He looked up from his book and looked straight at me, "It would spit him out."

"Why do you say that?"

"Sirius probably would taste like wet dog." Said Remus calmly turning a page in his book. "Come to think of it, I haven't seen Sirius all day. James either. Peter's in detention. Took the rat for James for torturing Sni- I mean, Severus." Remus knew not to call Severus Snivellus around me.

"Where is Severus anyway?" I asked standing up. Remus shrugged.

"Remy, come on you have to know!" I took his book from him. He stared at me, took a deep breath and sighed. I raised my eyebrows.

"UGGGH. Fine, I'll help you find him. Now give me back my book." He said taking it back. We walked around the grounds. We had had all of our classes together and we were in our free period before dinner. The sun was beginning to go down, leaving behind an orange sky with hints of blue. We walked until we found Lily. Lily usually had Severus with her. I was right when I thought he would be with her, sitting on the ground writing in his potions book. "Hello, Lily. Hi Severus." I said waving to him. He looked up from what he was writing, flicked his hair back and gave a small half hearted smile. Remus looked back to his book, "Page 692." he muttered. He closed his book and put it at his side.

"Have you seen James at all today?" I asked Lily.

"No. And glad. He has been following me since he laid eyes on me." Severus shifted, looking upset.

"Oh, okay, tell me if you do."

"Yes, I will. I have seen Sirius today however. In the garden, asking one of the statues how to quit liking someone he called Mini." she said. "Do you know who he'd be talking about?" I immediately shook my head and grabbed Remy's hand.

"Bye Lily! Bye Sev!" I called over my shoulder as I ran, Remy trailing behind me. "Merlin Remy! Sirius, likes me." I started to breath heavy. I put my hand to my forehead and rubbed my eyes. This couldn't be happening! He was one of my best friends!

"Calm Down." Remus said grabbing both of my arms. He held them for a moment and looked me straight in the eyes, eyebrows raised. His eyes were a deep blue now, his face, even more scarred. He let my arms go, He reached into his robe pocket and pulled out a chocolate bar from Honeydukes. Breaking it in half he said, "I've known for a while. It wasn't my place to tell you, so I didn't. I'm sorry." He handed me half of the chocolate bar.

"It isn't your fault." I said. "Let's go sit back down. I don't know what to think."

Sirius came to sit under the tree by the lake. I looked right at him. Do I like him? I asked myself. I never did truly find the answer because before I could stop myself my lips were against his. We broke away. "I'm sorry." I muttered getting up and running toward the lake. I sat down right at the edge.

"'Sup Mel." I screamed. James was wading in the lake.

"Remy! I found James!" I yelled. "How dare you scare me like that! Evil!" He shrugged.

I couldn't keep secrets from any of the Marauders for very long without one finding out and telling the others. I couldn't even keep  secret from Peter. "I kissed Sirius." I told him calmly. He stopped and swam to where I was sitting.

"What did Remus do?"

I shrugged. "I don't know, I walked away and came down here." I looked behind me. Remus was red faced and yelling at Sirius. Sirius was yelling back. "Have any room for me in there?" I asked motioning toward the lake. James looked behind me and nodded. I was lucky I wore old clothes under my robes. I slipped them of and put my feet in the water. Freezing. "How can you swim in this?" I asked James. I couldn't see him. I looked out over the bank. James was nowhere. I heard water move, felt something wet on my legs, and the next thing I knew I was under water face to face with none other than James Potter. I swam to the top of the water and breathed in oxygen. James was still under. I went back under again. James was still where he was before I went up. I smiled and shook my head. I swam, once again back to the surface. I climbed up the bank, and wrung my hair out. I was just about to take my robes and go change in my dorm when I noticed Remy wasn't reading under the tree anymore.


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