Knowing Them (Book One)

This is a repost from my Wattpad account of the same username. Enjoy! ----- Melanie Bagtrab's sudden flashbacks to her time with the marauders.


6. Chapter Five

Sirius didn't act like me kissing him happened. I was glad. Remy hadn't talked to him since it happened. It made me unhappy, Remy never even answered Sirius' questions. One night we were all sitting in the common room. Peter organizing his cards on the floor, James sitting playing with a Snitch, Sirius staring at me, and Remy was reading a book. I was just staring back and forth between the two. "Sirius, don't you remember when Remy snuck up behind James and made him drop his books and scream in front of Lily?" I asked Sirius. He smiled and nodded. "Remy, you remember what Sirius said right?"

Remy looked up from his book. "Yes, he told Lily that James had issues around girls."

"Wasn't that fun?" I asked both of them. They just looked at each other, Remy scowled at Sirius. Sirius made a face by sticking his tongue out and making his eyes crossed. Remy suppressed a grin.

"If you two aren't going to talk to each other, then I guess I'm just not going to talk to either of you." boy, that got their attention. Remy threw his book into another chair, Sirius stood up, they walked to the middle of the room, in unison , "Sorry mate," and then Remy first,"You're forgiven." Sirius said the same. You'd have thought I'd given them heart attacks.


The rest of the year, nothing made them angry at one another. I thought it was funny. Sirius and Remy both liked me. Me? ME? Why was I so special to them? I was about to find out.

-----Remy's Reason-----

"See, like this!" Remy threw a FizzingWizzBee into the air, then threw a vile of potion at it. The combination exploded mid-air, making James wake up from under our favorite tree. Sirius clapped from high up and Peter rolled in the grass. Strange. Some other students jumped and took a second from their day to look around. I started laughing.

"Where'd you learn that?" I asked Remy.

"An old book of jokes. It does work better when thrown into the air." he shrugged. I shook my head. He took another vile out of his bag and gave me a WizzBee. "You try. WizzBee first then the potion." I nodded. I chucked the WizzBee up into the sky, followed by the vile. They collided. Not exploding...I stared at it. It looked like the vile and the WizzBee had morphed. I started toward where they landed. Remy put his arm out in front of me and walked to it instead. He approached gingerly, carefully picking it up. Examining things was his specialty. I smiled. His blonde hair crossing over his beautiful eyes. I looked over to the tree. Sirius was out of it and making his way over to where I stood. His dark hair had grown down to his shoulders. His eyes were studying the vile-WizzBee combonation. "This is why I like you. You are not only someone who I can trust with my special chocolate, but you are also someone who is crazy enough to stop a proven explosive from exploding."

That was before the combonation exploded.

-----Sirius' Reason-----

I woke with a start, nightmares had swiped my dreams for the past week. I tried to go back to bed, but I just couldn't. I started down the steps, but me being clumsy me, I fell. I wasn't exactly quiet either. I felt a giant pain in my left leg when I reached the bottom. I screamed, I heard a shuffle up in the boys dorm, then Sirius came bounding down the stairs. "Mini!" he yelped half asleep. He rushed overand crouched beside me. I was holding my leg with hot tears strolling down my face. I knew it was broken, I couldnt feel that much pain for something that was only a fracture. He looked at the small clock. "It's two a.m. Mini. What are you still doing up?" I shrugged. Tears boiling now as I tried to stand. "No," Sirius said. "I'm carrying you, you can't walk like that. I'm not going to wake James or Remus. No point." I nodded and he picked me up and carried me to a chair by the fire. "Where does it hurt?" I winced as he touched my left leg where I was ccertain in was broken. "To Pomfrey we go then." He lifted me up once more and carried me out of the portrait hole. I tried to supress my sobs, Filch had begun to lurk extra close to the Gryffindor Common Room. He walked down stairs and up until we reached the hospital wing. He laid me down in a bed and then knocked on Madame Pomfrey's door.

She groggily opened it, and for a minute rubbed her eyes. "Mr. Black, what is it you need at this hour?"

"My -erm- friend Melanie, fell and I think she broke her leg."

Madame Pomfrey ccoughed slightly and pulled out her wand. With a flick, my leg was mended. I groaned, it hurt still. It was bruised. "Drink." she said handing me a small glass. I pinched my nose and tilted the glass back, it tasted horrid. I wanted a drink of water so badly after, Pomfrey said no. It would mess up the affect. "It will be sore, you can stay here overnight." She said pulling the covers over me.

"Sirius, can't he stay?" I asked her. She looked to me then Sirius, his hair was frizzy, his eyes had bags under them. He was awake as long as I had been.

She shook her head. "I don't care, just get some sleep, and don't tell anyone, I'm never this flexible." Sirius layed down in a bed beside me. 

"You know Mini," he said staring at the ceiling, "I really miss hanging out together. Just you and me." The truth is, I had hung out with Sirius when James made me mad and Remy was no where to be found. I didn't think he remembered though.

"Okay Sirius, I think your'e tired. We should go to bed." He just nodded and went to bed.

Authors Note: Remy is pronounced Reemy. Like mEEt. One of my friends brought to my attention that some people probably pronounced it like the rat on Ratitoulli. Thanks for the reads!

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