Summer Love

Two Boys name Louis and Niall go to a beach house with their parents and meet on the beach but they both seperate during the summer will they ever reunite again?

All copyrights reserved by ME


1. Unpacking

::Louis' POV::

I start unpacking but when I look out my cabin room window I see a blonde so I finish packing then run out to the beach  

But I'm so shy I can't say hi but he turned around so I had to say hi now. "Hi I'm Louis Tomlinson" he smiled and said his name was Niall Horan he is cute but I would never say that out loud my mum said if I wanted I could go to X-Factor but I'm not sure Me and Niall talked for hours until we had to go in but luckily I got his phone number so I texted him all night.

::Niall's POV::

I woke up the next morning with a huge headache but I took some headache medicine and went outside and waited for Louis and we talked for days but one day I ran out and he never came I texted him every day we even skyped but somehow we got disconnected after awhile.                                           

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