Summer Love

Two Boys name Louis and Niall go to a beach house with their parents and meet on the beach but they both seperate during the summer will they ever reunite again?

All copyrights reserved by ME


2. Simon makes the One Direction

::Niall's POV::

So Simon out me in a band and Louis is in it he probably doesn't remember me because that vacation was two years ago. I can't bear to look at him but we had a connection now it's nothing because he doesn't love me back anymore....


::Louis' POV::

I blush every time I look at Niall he doesn't love me though who knows how long this band will be together. I'm sad because he doesn't look at me the same anymore. It's like he is disappointed I'm even alive but I know one thing. "I love Niall Horan" I said it right in front him how embarrassing..


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