Harry's Girl


5. You Don't Know You're Beautiful

Riley's POV:

I walk out of school on Monday with Lacey, still talking about the concert.

"So Tyler tried to like, come up and and be all friendly with me today. And I was like, um no. Niall Horan hugged me, plus we broke up 2 months ago. I'm obviously doing better without him and he just can't accept my success."-Lacey

Lacey flips her hair. I just shake my head. Lacey and Tyler have dated on and off since sophomore year. I just want her to be able to stay away from him at this point. And if letting her believe Niall is now the love of her life...so be it.

"Yeah, he's obviously jealous he doesn't know an international pop sensation."-Riley


Lacey texts on her phone the rest of the way to the parking lot. Instead of walking home like usual, she starts to get in my car.

"Are you coming home with me?"-Riley

"Yeah. My parents said their flight was cancelled so they won't be home until like, tomorrow night."-Lacey

"Alright. But I have to work so you're gonna have to come to the bakery with me."-Riley

"Ugh and do what?"-Lacey

"Oh I don't know, homework?"-Riley


"Hey, I'd rather be studying for our final assessments in two weeks than working."-Riley

We hop into my car and throw our bags in the backseat. Lacey turns on the radio and slides in one our many One Direction CDs. On our way to my mom's bakery we both sing our hearts out. It takes us about 15 minutes to get to the shop. I pull in to my usual parking space and turn off the car. Lacey grabs her backpack and we head inside.

"I'll be over here."-Lacey 


I don't even look over to see where she's pointing. She always sits at the same table when she's here with me. I walk  back in to the kitchen, clock in, and grab my apron.

"Hey mom"-Riley

"Hey sweetie"-Riley's mom

She's kisses my forehead and and asks about the concert.

"I was sssooo much fun! Meeting Harry Styles is definitely something I'll never forget! Thank you so much again mama"-Riley 

"It was no problem Rice Cake. Happy Birthday baby."-Riley's mom

I pull my hair into a ponytail and get to work. After about three hours, I take a thirty minute break and help Lacey study.

"Hey, so we're still open for two more hours, you can take my car to my house if you wanna leave."-Riley

"That's okay. I'm good here. Besides, there's a really cute guy over there that I might go talk to."-Lacey

I turn around to see a man about 21, with a dark stubble and a grey beanie. He's wearing a white v-neck and a black leather jacket.

"Are you talking about leather jacket back there?"-Riley


"I've seen him around the local college campus. You could act like you're going to school there this fall to start a conversation."-Riley

"Ohh Ri! You're such a genius!"-Lacey

"Haha, alright. Well I have to get back to work. Knock yourself out with my cousin."-Riley

"Wait, What!? He's your cousin??"-Lacey

"Hmmm, yep. His name is Micheal. He's on my dad's side though so I don't really talk to him anymore. Last time I saw him was about two years ago before the divorce. "-Riley

I laugh as Lacey sits there in shock.

"Honey close your mouth, you're drooling"-Riley

Lacey's face turns bright red and she looks back down at her textbook. I clean off a table behind Lacey and head back in to the kitchen to do dishes. While washing the dishes, my mom comes back to tell me there's someone at the counter asking for me. When I get to the counter. I'm too busy pulling out my ordering pad and a pen to look at the person's face. 

"Hi, welcome to Confectionery Confessions, what can I get you?"-Riley

I lift my head to see Harry Styles.

My mouth moves but no words come out.

"What does a lovely lady like yourself recommend?"-Harry

Still no sound. Get. It. Together. Say something. ANYTHING.


"That's okay Riley.."-Harry

My name. That's my name. How did he remember it?? 

"I didn't come here for food. I came to see you."-Harry

Oh. My. Gosh. Someone pinch me.

"But how did you find me?"-Riley

Out of everything I could've said and I say that? Wow, way to sound rude Ri. Now he's going to hate you forever. 

Harry laughs.

"You're a smart girl Riley. Most probably wouldn't even think to ask that question. Let's just say I know a guy."-Harry

I laugh nervously. "Okay"


Harry's POV:

Micheal: She just got off break. I'm at Confectionery Confessions on Duggar St.

Harry: Thanks mate. Be there soon.

I'm  so nervous. I'm going to find the girl from the concert last night. I was ecstatic when I found out one of the stage managers form last night knew her.

"Harry, are you okay? You look pale mate."-Liam

"Huh? Oh, yeah, just a bit nervous that's all."-Harry

"You? Nervous? What's gotten in to you?"-Niall

"This girl must be awful special to make our here Harry nervous"-Louis

"What should I say to her?"-Harry

"Just be casual mate. You're famous. You don't really have to try."-Liam

He has a point. But girls like Riley, they're so strong. They know what they deserve. What if I'm not good enough for her? We pull up to the bakery and I freeze. I can see her walking towards the counter holding a tray of dishes. She's beautiful even when she's not trying. The guys open the door and push me out. They're laughing as the driver pulls away to park down the street. I take a deep breath and head inside. I see a girl behind the counter that looks like Riley.

"Riley?"- Harry

The woman turns around. It's not Riley

"Oh, I'm sorry. Is Riley around?"-Harry

"Yes, she's in the back. Should I get her for you?"-Riley's mom

"Uh, yes please."-Harry

I run  my fingers through my hair and look over my shoulder. When I turn back around I see Riley. She looks so cute in her grey t-shirt, blue jeans, and tattered apron.

"Hi, welcome to Confectionery Confessions, what can I get you?"-Riley

She raises her head and her eyes meet mine. I can't help but smile. Her mouth starts to move but no words come out. I needed to say something.

"What does a lovely lady like yourself recommend?"-Harry

Still nothing. Finally she stuttered out an 'uh'.

"That's okay Riley, I didn't come here for food. I came to see you."-Harry

Her face lights up. Then her eyebrows furrow. 

"But how did you find me?"-Riley

Oh, Shit.

I just laugh it off, trying to find words to say.

"You're a smart girl Riley. Most probably wouldn't even think to ask that question. Let's just say I know a guy."-Harry

She laughs. "Okay."-Riley

Whew. Close call.

"So um, I was wondering if you'd like to come to the guys' and I's flat on Friday? We're having a small get together to celebrate the end of our tour."-Harry

"Oh my gosh really?"-Riley

"Yeah. Here's my phone number. Call me if you wanna come?"-Harry

I hand her a small piece of paper. 

"Yes absolutely!!"-Riley

"Great! I'm looking forward to it."-Harry

I smile and start walking backwards. I run into the side of a table, causing what's on top to fall to the floor. I try to pick it up causally, but I just trip over a chair and fall over. Riley laughs and comes to help me up. I stand up and brush myself off.

"I'm sorry about the mess-"-Harry

"It's okay."-Riley

Her voice is soft and sweet. I lock my eyes on hers. It feels like we're the only two people in the world. I want to lean in and kiss her lips so badly, but I know that I can't. We stand there looking at each other until the woman who went to find Riley yells from the back.

"Riley? What was that?"-Riley's mom

"Nothing mom!"-Riley

"That's your mom?"-Harry

"Oh, uh, yeah. She owns the place."-Riley

Just then my phone buzzes. 

Niall: Come on lad. We're heading to the flat.

"Uh, I have to go. I'll see you Friday"-Harry

I smile, turn around and rush to the car. The guys can tell by my smile things went well and tease me the whole way home.

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