Harry's Girl


2. Omelets, Champagne, and Personal Records

Riley's POV:

I wake up next to Lacey's bed around 10:45 a.m.. She doesn't seem to be waking up anytime soon, so I decide to leave her be. I get up and go downstairs to make some coffee and tea. Lacey needs coffee to survive and me, well I just prefer tea. I'm leaning against the counter, browsing the internet on my phone when I hear Lacey coming downstairs. 

"Hey"- Lacey, rubbing her eyes and yawning. 

"Hey. Coffee?" I ask, pushing up my glasses.

"Is that rhetorical or do you actually need an answer?"

"Right. Here" I hand Lacey her cup of coffee.

"Thanks." Lacey brushes back her short blonde waves.

"Haha no problem chica."

I sit at the table, putting my knees up to my chest. I sip my tea, giving Lacey a few minutes to wake up.

"What time is the concert again?" Lacey finally speaks, but quietly.

"7:00 I believe." I say slowly, not to overwhelm a tired Lacey.

"Ok. I'm gonna go shower. Thanks for the coffee Ri." 

"No problem Lace."

Lacey heads upstairs to shower and I clean our mugs. I fold the drying towel, place it on the counter, and go back up to Lacey's room. 

~30 minutes later~

I'm sitting in Lacey's closet  organizing her mess of a wardrobe.

"RILEY!" Lacey screams from the door.

I drop what's in my hand, stand up, and turn around quickly, like someone who just got caught committing a crime. 

"Oh my God I TOTALLY got you!" Lacey laughs.

I pick up a shirt and throw it at her. She tries to catch it, but fails because she's laughing too hard.

"Okay, okay. I'm sorry. We should start getting ready. What do you plan on wearing Ms. Birthday Girl?" Lacey says after calming down.

"Well.. I brought my white 1D t-shirt with my black skirt." I reply, uncrossing my arms and walking towards my overnight bag.

"Super cute! I was going to where my black One Direction crop top, the one with the fringe, and light blue denim shorts " Lacey walks to her closet.

"Yes! Oh my gosh! So cute!" my head perks up.

"Haha thanks!"

"I'm gonna go get dressed and make some food. Come downstairs when you're dressed" I yell to Lacey, lost in her closet trying to find her clothes. 

She doesn't respond so I just leave and head to the bathroom. I remove my shorts and tank top and replace them with my shirt and skirt. I dig out the curling iron and plug it in. After a few minutes I touch the iron to see if it's ready. Not. Smart. 

"Ow!" I yell and pull my hand back. 

I shake my hand and run it under cold water. 

"You okay Ri?" Lacey yells from her room. 

"Yeah! In case you didn't know curling irons are hot!" I reply back.

Thank goodness Lacey's parents weren't home. They aren't too fond of the way Lacey and I use yelling as our main form of communication.

"Well yes honey. That's why we use them on our hair and not our skin!"

I laugh at her comment and carefully begin curling my hair. 45 minutes later, I'm done. I turn off the iron and walk downstairs. Okay, more like fall downstairs. Lacey is already in the kitchen making omelets. She peeps her head around the corner at the sound of my hands smacking the tile, saving my face from a not so happy ending.

"What happened?" She asks.

"Well," I stand up and smooth my skirt, "I thought the floor needed a high-five. That's all."

"So.. you fell down the stairs for the third time you've been here in..." she looks at the clock, "20 hours?"

"I'm trying to set a new record, okay?"-Riley

"Well in that case let me remind you of the time you fell down and up the stairs a total of 10 times within 26 hours. I believe that's the record to beat."-Lacey 

I stick my tongue out and glare at her. We laugh as we sit down and eat our breakfast. Or lunch. It is12:30.

"So I was thinking we could binge watch Friends until it's time to leave?"-Lacey

"You are the perfect best friend. But let's leave an hour for make-up and final hair fixes."

"Good idea. I'll set up Netflix and you clean the dishes." Lacey runs away smiling.

"Yeah. Sure thing Lacey. No problem." I make certain I say this loudly, to come off as upset. Lacey knows me better though. She just laughs and replies with an 'I love you'.


Five and a half hours, and 9 episodes of Friends later, Lacey and I are heading to what's about to the best concert (and birthday celebration) ever.


Harry's Pov:

"Harry! Let's go! We're gonna be late!" Liam yells from down stairs.

I run my fingers through my hair one last time, roll my eyes, and slump downstairs. 

"I'm sorry, are they going to start without us?" I reply to Liam sarcastically.

He's standing by the door and Niall and Louis are sitting on the arm of our couch.

"C'mon mate. We're all tired. This is our last concert for this tour. After tonight we have some time off. From touring that is." Niall says pleadingly.

"You're right. I'm sorry." 

"Alright well we better get going if we want to be on time" Louis says, looking at his phone, then at us.

"Yeah." Niall agrees. 

Liam walks out the door and Niall, Louis, and I follow him into the limo. We open the champagne and toast to the last concert of our tour. 

"Here's to the last of what has been another amazing tour with great lads" -Louis

"And some well deserved time off"- Harry

"And last let us acknowledge if Harry stays clean tonight, he will set a personal record for the longest time without hooking up with a fan"- Niall

"Haha very funny Niall" -I snarl. 


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