Harry's Girl



Riley's POV:

Lacey, I, and a few other girls are ushered backstage by two large security guards.

"Wait here."- one of the security guards grunted.

I turn to Lacey.

"Lacey ohmygosh we're gonna meet One Direction!"-Riley

"I know!"-Lacey

The security guards comes back and leads us down the hallway. Once we turn the corner we see all four One Direction members. The other three girls started crying. Lacey and I couldn't do anything but nervously smack our hands on each other and smile. After about two minutes we all gather ourselves on the the outside, except for the one who was still crying. 

"Hi"- Louis

*Crying girl screams*

The boys laugh at Louis.


She starts laughing like she always does in situations where she feels awkward. The boys welcome her outgoing personality though by inviting us to get the first picture with them. We take a few steps closer and an agent looking person told us where to stand. Niall stands next to Lacey while Harry stands next to me. Louis and Liam are on the ends. A photographer quickly takes two pictures of us with One Direction. We turn to face the boys and they each hug us. For a moment, I thought I was going to have to peel Lacey off of poor Niall. After we hugged the guys, I turn to Lacey and hug her tightly. 

"Thank you Riley"- Lacey whispers.

"It wouldn't have been such a great birthday without you Lacey."-Riley

We separate from our hug. We look back at One Direction, who are looking at us curiously. I meet Harry's eyes again. I fight the urge to look away, knowing I'll never get this moment back.

"It's your birthday?"-Harry asks, maintaining our eye contact.

I feel like we're the only two people in the world.

"Yeah, my 18th actually."- Riley

Styles looks at the rest of the band, forcing me back to what must be real life, and they all nod. All of a sudden One Direction is singing 'Happy Birthday'  to me. ME. Riley Elizabeth Sanders. I smile like I've never smiled before. 

Louis, Liam, Niall, and Harry: "Haaappyy Biiirrthdaaaayyy ttooooooo you-ooooOOoooHh"

Everyone in the room starts clapping, except Lacey and I. Lacey is recording this all, Thank Gosh, and I'm covering my mouth with my hands. I feel my eyes swell up with tears; tears of joy of course. 

"Happy Birthday Las"- Liam

"Thank you. Thank you so much."- Riley

We're forced to step aside while the other girls get their picture. After those pictures are taken, the band moves to a table so they can each sign one thing for us. I had them sign a copy of their latest album, Lacey, a poster. Harry is the last to sign my CD. When he hands it back to me he gives me a sweet smile. I smile back, and look at my CD to find that Harry wrote "Happy Birthday Riley! Love, Harry Styles". We say our final goodbyes to the band and are herded out a door. Lacey and I race to the car and head home.

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