A living lie

kylie is just a typical 16-year-old girl with a perfect life and perfect boyfriend and perfect best friend-But that all changes when her parents die in a car crash, and her boyfriend brakes up with. Her life starts to fall apart, but she stills has her best friend, until she has to move in with her Older Sister Cindy and has to go to a new school, and she gets into trouble along the way...she then realises her life was a living lie.


1. The Crash

Kylies P.O.V.

It was a nice Friday afternoon and it was lunch, so I was off campus with my boyfriend Chris and we were walking to a little café down the street (like we always do). Oh I should probably be telling you about myself, well I'm not that very tall, I have long wavy golden brown hair, I have light brown eye's, I'm pretty skinny and fit, and not to mention I have a awesome fashion sense, I'm sixteen, and I have two older siblings, My older brother Brandon that is just a year older (not to mention very protective over me) and my older sister Cindy that already has a family, which makes me a Auntie! My best friend Ashley is so awesome and is always there for me...

"so what do you want from the café?" Chris asks me.

"Oh, the usual."

"So a lemonade?" he say's with a smirk.

I playfully hit him while I say "yes. with a bagel!"

"ok, I'll pay" he says


"no problem."

he's acting kind of weird lately because he usually say's 'anything for my girl', something's up.

"I have to tell you something after school, ok?" he says with a serious tone

"ok." I say


Kylies P.O.V.

He took me outside onto a park bench, near the main entrance and sat me down. He had a concerned look on his face like he was guilty of something, which makes me worried.

Chris's P.O.V.

I was to scared to tell her. I don't know if she will start to cry, stare in shock, or be very angry with me. But hear goes nothing.

"So, um...Kylie iv been trying to tell you this for the past two days now..."

she looked worried which made it harder to tell her.

"Yes? what do you want to tell me?" she asked quietly and softly

"I-I-..." there was a pause "I'm breaking up with you."

that was the hardest thing I had ever said. She just looked at me with no facial expression. 

Kylies P.O.V.

I couldn't believe what I just heard. Did he just say he is breaking up with me?

"wh-what!?" I finally said

"I'm breaking up with you." He said dead cold

"Why!?" I ask kind of loudly

"I...don't know how to put it."

now tears were starting to form in my eyes

"I'm real-" I cut him off

tears were pouring down my face now

"Just leave me alone!" I stood up a shouted, and then just ran...

I ran as far my legs would carry me down the hall. I didn't care who saw me crying. I just kept my hands covering my face and just ran. Until I bumped into somebody and fell.

"Kylie?" I hear a familiar voice.

I look up and see my older brother Brandon looking down at me.

"What's wrong?" he asks as he helps me up off the ground

"Chri- Chris...broke...up...with me." I managed to say

his face started to go red with anger

"Were is that little shit head!" he asks really loud, practically shouting, and started to march off, but I stopped him

"Don't worry, ok, ill be fine." I say with a little sniffle and look at him with my sad eye's. he started to calm down now, and just stood there with sympathetic eye's (not sure if I used that word right) and he pulled me into a big bear hug, which made me start to cry again.

"look...mom and dad will be hear soon, go and wait outside for them ok?" he said

"ok." I answer back

"Tell them I'll just be 10 minutes."

I just nod, and walk off.

Brandon's P.O.V. 

I told my little sister to go wait for mom and dad, so I can go beat up the bitch that broke my sisters heart! I come to see Chris at his locker getting ready to leave. I make sure there is nobody around, all clear, I walk over to him and tap him on the shoulder.

"WHAT THE HELL! WHY DID YOU BREAK MY LITTLE SISTERS HEART" I shouted at him but not to loud so nobody would hear.

"I-I-I..." he stuttered. I can tell he was kind of scared. I mean why wouldn't he be, I'm the star quarter back for the football team!

"I said I was really sorry!" I couldn't believe what I just heard. he said sorry to her for breaking her heart! Now I was really mad. I felt my fists clench up!

"Sorry doesn't always fix everything." I said dead cold and then swung!


I shut the door to the car feeling proud of what I did. I looked at my sister with a goofy-grin and she looked at me with a weird look and then pulled out her phone and started to text, probably Ashley. Then I rolled my eyes and started to look out the window. TING!!! my phone rang.

'what did you do?'

I started to type 'nohting.' I replied

'Brandon? what did you do?'

'Ok after you left I went to go find Chris and I punched him in the face :)'

'BRANDON!!! was that really necessary?'

'yes :)'

'mmk. what ever you say. . .your my big bro so whatever :)'

then she put her phone away, I did the same. I put my head phones on and started to listen to 'light em up' by Fall out boy.

Kylies P.O.V.

I put my phone away still kinda upset about what my brither did. . .actually I was kind of proud of what he did. . .I mean was a whole year older than me. I took my phone out to see what the weather was because me and Ashley were going to go see a movie today. It said it was supposed to snow around 2:30 which it was 2:26 right, I then looked outside and realised it was already snowing!!

"ITS SNOWING!!!!" I shouted

I may be 16 but I act like a little child sometimes. I cant help it childish things bring the kid of me out.

"turn the radio up for a sec, hun." my dad said to my mom.

"..the weather reports say that today was supposed to be a light snow, but it seems that its going become a blizzard...''

This made me worried because it looks like its already becoming a blizzard. I put my head-phones on and started to listen to music to get my mind off of it. . .

"AAAAAAHHH!!!" I heard my mom shriek

then I saw head-lights, and everything went black...



Authors Note:

Sorry if this is a short chapter, but there will be more chapters but hopefully longer ones too! :) So I hope you like the book so far and if you have any suggestions to the book I would really like to hear them :) because it would certainly give me some good ideas :) I will try to update soon because im pretty busy lately :( with basketball and a winter work out program for me (its about baseball) and I skate so yeah hopefully I will get it done :)

XOXO <3 Katie

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