Amber is a 22 year old bartender with a asshole boss that she can't get her eyes off of. Read the story to find out more.


2. Chap.1

Amber POV

"I'm telling you Amber, he is very hot." Claire said while I grabbed my car keys. "Really?" I laugh while following her out of her house. Amber has been working at the bar for a couple of months now. "I see him looking at me all the time. He just has a hard time expressing his feelings. He's an asshole but it turns me on." She said while putting lipstick on. "And how exactly do you know that he has feelings for you?" I turned my car on. "I dont know. Just wait."

We finally get to the Ravenbridge Bar. "Not bad." I get out of the car. "Just wait until you get inside." She smiles and closes the door. I walk inside and there is tons of people inside. "Wow. This is huge." I said while trying to catch up to Claire. She stops at the counter and she waited until the guy finishes with the cashier. "Thanks man." He says in a very deep voice. Holy shit. Claire turns to me slowly and smirks. He then saw Claire. "Claire your shift sta-." He stopped cleaning the counter. "Hello." He said. "Hi, I would like to um-" He interrupted me. "You're Amber. Yeah Claire told me about you. Just meet me in that room right there." He pointed. I walked away.

Jesus Christ. He's so hot. I quickly look around for a mirror. "Shit." I whispered. I took out my phone. He walked in and I quickly put my phone away. "Have a seat. Please." He smiled. "So you want to be a bartender? Is that right." I was zoned out. "What? Oh um yeah." I laughed. "Do you have any experience?" He took out papers. "No." I started to lick my lips. I was super nervous. "Can I see your ID?" He made eye contact with me. "Um yeah." I gave it to him. He looked at it and then looked at me for a while. "Here you go." He handed me my ID and some papers. "Have them signed by tomorrow and then i can help you out with some tricks." He stood up. Wow he was tall. "What time?" I asked. "How's nine in the morning?" He opened the door. "Nine? Yeah i guess thats fine." I smiled. "Good. See you tomorrow." He left.

I walked out towards Claire. "Claire those tables aren't going to clean themselves. Let's go." His voice started getting slightly louder. "I see what you mean by asshole." I whispered to her. "Isn't he attractive?" She checked him out. "Yeah I guess." I smiled a little. "So how'd it go?" Claire started to clean the tables. "He said he wanted me to come tomorrow morning at nine to learn some "tricks"." I looked at him. "Really? He never did that with anyone?" She sounded upset. "I'm sure it's just because I'm a beginner." I replied quickly. "So was I." She gave me a fake laugh. "Well I'm going to go. I will see you later." I gave her a kiss on the cheek and left.

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