When The Odds Add Up

Katniss Everdeen had a slim chance of winning the Hunger Games. She was a girl with a good shot, but the Careers from Two have trained their whole life for this. There is no way she could beat Cato or Clove in a fight. This is is what happens when the odds add up. Please let me know if you like this! Just testing the waters.


2. Chapter 1

After having my name drawn from the bowl that looked like a fish should belong in, the town square went quiet. No one offered to volunteer in my place, first time in 35 years. I was okay with that as I was the only one capable of winning in Two. I kept a serious face as I walked up on the stage. I continued with my lethal look while standing in front of all of Two. Inside, I was smiling and jumping up and down. I would finally bring home glory to my family, something I was never able to. I was ranked second best in Two. I was second best to Cato Zeliphra, a ruthless boy in which I hated with all my heart.

He has taken everything good from me in my entire life. No one cares about second best. The first best is the only best. That meant I didn't matter. When I win these games I'll show them who matters. As the escort calls the boy's name, I look at my mother and nod.

"I volunteer!" A burly voice shouts. I look to see who my "ally" and competitor is. Out from the crowd steps Cato Zeliphra. He is a tall,blonde man with shining blue eyes. His smile has girls fainting, but his smirk is deadly. Veins pop out from the muscles in his arms. He has every girl in Two drooling.

I yank my head back and look straight forward so I too, don't drool. For such an asshole he sure was attractive. At least I finally get the chance to kill him. I'll make sure he suffers as much as he had made me suffer over the years. This year's games will be interesting.

I zone out while on stage. I just begin to think about my training and the fame I will get after winning. I will finally have everything after that. Pretty soon someone touches my shoulder. I see them motion for me to come with them, and so I do. We walk right past the Justice Building to the train station. Two doesn't believe in saying goodbye to our families, as it doubts our confidence in winning. Instead, it's a straight train ride away to the Capitol.

I let down my dark brown hair from a ponytail. I run my fingers through it before braiding it. It's time to look deadly, not pretty. I remove the flower my mother put behind my ear. I throw it to the ground and step on it before entering the train. As the children of Two stand gathered around the train, I think how they are looking at the victor of the 74th Hunger Games. I sit down at a chair by the window, look out it, smile and wave. This will certainly not be the last time I see this place. It will only be three short weeks till I return.

Before I know it, the train takes off and Two is behind me. Thoughts of killing began to flood my mind and I begin to drift off. That is, until Cato sat beside me. I knew it was him by the way the seat rocked. Without opening my eyes I say, "Hello, Mr. Loser, I mean Zeliphra."

"Hello, Miss Montez. You're rather bitchy this morning. More than usual, surprisingly." I can just hear the smirk in his voice."Don't be scared, sweetheart. I'll make it fast."

"Oh, don't worry. I'll make yours long and painful." I opened my eyes and turned to him with a big grin.

"You're funny. You know, we are going to be putting up with each other for awhile, that is, until I kill you. We still might as well be civilized."

"The great Cato Zeliphra being civilized? Well, there is a first for everything. Let me just get one thing straight. I hate you, I always have. You take everything good away from me, but guess what? You aren't taking this victory from me. I will win, whether it means killing you first or killing you last. There is no way that you will come out on top this time. You've had your turn, it's my turn to shine. Now, if you'd please, get your ass out of here and find another seat." I smiled and looked him directly in the eyes. I was proud of myself, but being a bitch was never challenging for me.

Cato nodded and stood up, only to be yelled at by our escort to sit down. So he nodded again, and sat right back down next to me. "I'm Znon, I'll be your escort for this trip. Your mentors will be with you shortly, but for now free fill to dine,talk, have fun. Just remember this train is a no arguing zone, that means fighting is prohibited too." Znon smiled and exited the car.

Znon is an interesting women. She has bright orange hair that stands straight up. Not to mention her eyebrows match her hair. Her face is covered in a white powder. She has so much makeup on she doesn't even look real! I heard all women in the Capitol look like this, something I'll be finding out.

"Wow, she's a trip." Cato laughed. I shot him a glare and he just smiled. "Why do you hate me? It's not my fault I'm better than you. Plus, I'm two years older, I've had more training. You don't really know me well enough to hate me as much as you do. Give me a chance, it may help you in the future." He shrugs his shoulders and offers me a hand, I just stare at it."Shake it, it won't kill you."

"You have oddly large hands, that isn't normal." I grab him by the wrist and pull his hand up to my face. "Look how long your fingers are! Is this why you're so good with sword? Is that your secret?"

"Um, that and I've held one since I was three." He talked slowly, as if he was completely confused. He yanked out of my grip and smiled. "So, are we gonna be in an alliance? I've seen the way you throw knives, you're amazing."

"I know, and you would know because I nailed you to a target by your clothes." I smiled back and remembered the time I had him pinned against a dummy. I had throw knives at the excess fabric of his clothing and gotten him stuck. Rumor has it that I actually freaked him out. "Did I scare you?"

"You think? I wasn't expected that to happen at all. I didn't know you were that go-"

Brutus, one of our mentors walked in and cut Cato off. "Shut up, you're in my train and you don't talk unless I tell you to." He wore a black muscle shirt and his voice trembled the train car.

"Well, I'm Cato and I talk whenever the fuck I want so you better learn to deal with it." He stood up, cracked his knuckles, tilted his head, and gave Brutus a smirk.

Brutus walked up to Cato and looked him in the eyes. They were about the same height, but Brutus slightly wider. A drop of sweat rolled down Brutus's bald head. "Listen to me, son. You're going to have hard time winning these games without me. I think it's best you follow my orders." He went to push Cato back into his chair, but Cato didn't budge.

"Oh, really? Is that so? You see, I don't need your help. I don't need you to send me matches because I can start a fire by myself. I also don't need you to send me little dried packs of jerky because if I want food, I'll hunt for myself. I also don't want your advice on anything." Cato moved Brutus out of the way and grabbed a knife off the table."It's simple, the goal is to kill, and I could do so with just this knife." Cato brought the shiny butter knife to his face. I know he was looking at his reflection.

So I grabbed a butter knife for myself and aimed to knock the one out of his hand. My knife stuck in the train wall while his dropped to his feet. "Stop staring at yourself, pretty boy."

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