The Messenger

"Who are you?"
she whispered at the man in front of her.
"I'm the messenger love."


This story is a book that will have u crawling under your blanket and calling for mummy to come and save you. it will have u on the edge of your seat and keep you up at night to wonder whats going to happen in the next chapter.


1. Home

  Clara's P.O.V


  the rain rolled off of my jacket and fell onto the side walk. I could hear the wind whistling as it passed though the tees.  all I could think about was how cold it was and that I can't wait to get home.

I clenched my arms around myself and walked with my head down as fast as I could. I was walking home from my befriends house in the rain because my friends parents had got in a fight again.

 my friend didn't want me to see that her family was falling apart so I had to leave. I pulled her scarf tighter around myself to keep warm because it was November and at night. 

as I did that I heard a deep British voice in frond of her say something like "hello" before everything went black.

*** Sherlock's P.O.V

"do you think she's dead?" I asked John. 

"Sherlock! I cant believe you fucking kidnapped someone!"

I looked at him with my arms folded.

"what? I need to take her some where. and she would have denied my offer if I asked her. I couldn't let that happen." I said like even a blind mouse could figure that out.

"god Sherlock why can't  you just do what normal people do!?" he huffed at me. 

"what do normal people do?"

"I don't know befriend the person and then take them somewhere"  

" if you haven't noticed I'm not normal and like I said before John I don't have friends just one."

"I wonder why Sherlock!?" 

"your angry at me. why are you angry at me for not becoming friends with her? first she would have hated me anyway and probably worse then she done now?"

"oh you just now noticed!? and because what you did is a crime Sherlock! A CRIME! do you know what this means Sherlock!? this mean we might go to jail."

"we? but I'm the o-"

i got interrupted by a grown and both are heads snapped over to the girl laying on our couch. her eyes snapped open when she realized she wasn't at home. 

"where am I?! Who are you!? Why am I hear!?" her voice wavered in panic.  

"calm down. hate it when people are not calm because it causes them to make stupid derisions. this is John" i point to my friend John beside me. "and I'm Sherlock. I'm hear to take you to some one for reasons I will not say and is none of your concern. "

she crosses her arms. "its all of my concern and I want to go home!"

"i can not allow that." 

"Who are you." she whispers angerly.

"I'm the messenger." I said before walking out of the room and into my room to pack my things.



Clara's P.O.V

I sit on the couch and stare up at John waiting for him to say something, anything. 

"Sorry about him. and sorry for him kidnapping you. I will-" John got interrupted by Sherlock's deep booming voice.

"John i will have to tie you to your char if you dare intrude with my work." 

"She's not work Sherlock. You cant just steal people to experiment on them."

"it's not a experiment John. I told you i have to take her some where. i need the information in return for the Clara"

"how do you-"

Sherlock opened the door. "How do I know your name? well do you really think I'm just going to kidnap you without doing me research first? well you are mistaken because I know just about everything about you. you really shouldn't put so much about you on your social media pages. it was quite simple to find you actually. I could tell by your last post that you had a best friend, one that probably lived close to the park you were in because you don't have a car yet and you didn't want to walk far plus her parents are in a bit of a rough spot so they don't want her going far because they are both afraid of losing there daughter. and I could tell by all the times you posted with her that it was a Friday so you obviously met up every Friday. I just needed to look up the houses around there to see were she lived and wait around the corner until you ran into me. " 

I sat there in sock. "wow." 

"John go take a cab to this address. the door should be open. walk in there and go to the 3rd room on the 2nt floor and pack the cloths in the dresser. get as much as you can in the suit case. by the way there is a suit case under the bed it should be 


"how do you know its black?"

"how do you not?"

"well how do you not know that the earth goes around the sun? its primary stuff!"

"listen, this is my hard drive" he points to his head "and it only makes sense to put things in there that are useful, really useful. ordinary people fill there heads with all kids of rubbish and that makes it hard to get at the stuff that matters do you see?"

"but its the solar system!"

"ahhh! how dose that matter!? so we go around the sun if we went around the moon or round and round the garden like a teddy bear it wouldn't make any difference! all that matters to me is the work. without that my brain rots. put that in your blog or better still stop inflicting your opinion on the world." 

  he walks into his room and slams the door. the sound of violin music permeates through out room with its capacitive music. John storms out of the house in a huff and the music stops and Sherlock comes out of his room and looks out the window

'look at that Clara.......quite, calm, peaceful....." he breaths in and looks up. "isn't hateful?" he walked back into him room calmly and started playing his violin again.

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