He said he loves me. Does he really love me? Why would he ever love me? When I find out my crush loves me, I fall blind in love with him. feel like it's all a fantasy or a dream. In the end I find out weather if he really does love me or it's all just a lie. I may even loose a friend in the process. Read to see what happens. Hope you enjoy :) please like, comment, and share with your friends.


1. School


I looked over to my night stand picked up my phone and turned off the alarm on it. I got up and could smell pancakes being cooked by mom, just liked she usually did everyday. I hurried up and got dressed and just threw my hair into a messy bun. I didn't really care how I looked, I knew I would look fine. I didn't have to really wear makeup I had light pail skin, natural curly hair that is reddish brownish, hazel eyes, red plump lips, high cheek bones, and a perfect nose. I didn't think I was all that pretty,there was way prettier girls at my school. I brushed my teeth, put on my cute black boots, grabbed my bag and ran downstairs. 

"Honey are you gonna eat?" I looked at my mother and said, 

"No I'll eat at school, and besides I don't want to be late."

She kinda frowned a bit, but quickly smiled again. "Alright just make sure you eat it's important for your brain"

"I will well I gotta go bye"

I knew it was a lie I never ate breakfast at school, the food is terrible. I gave my mom a hug and a kiss. " Okay have a nice day" I nodded and went out the door and hopped into my car.

~At School~

I walked down the hall with Jessica, she is my best friend we've been close since freshman year. I trusted her with my life, I literally tell her everything. She was a good friend but she could be a little judgmental at times, and she is really self conscious even though she is pretty. I mean she ocean blue eyes, caramel skin color and blond curly hair. She has a mole above her upper lip that makes her look hot. All the guys love that about her but, she still thinks she's not good enough. 
I walked up to my locker to get my text book. "Omg Katherina did I tell you Joel asked me out?" I turned my head towards her. 

"Wait Joel? What you tell him?" She bit her lip and had a look of guilt on her face. 

"Well I said no." She was playing with her nails, she does that when she nervous or feels bad. I sighed and said, 

"Why? You should of said yes he actually kinda cute." She opened her mouth to respond but I bumped her and nodded my head towards the direction I was looking Joel was coming down the hall. 

"Hey Joel" I said with a smile. He looked up right at me. Smiled and said,

"Hey" He continued walking past like nothing happened I looked back at Jessica. 

"Hmm, he didn't even look at you." She shook her head and opened her locker which was right next to mine. She looked at herself in mirror on the inside of the locker door. 

"Doesn't really matter, he's just hurt." I grabbed my lipstick and put a single layer on. 

"Well he must of really liked you because he seems pretty hurt." She sighed and rolled her eyes. 

"Whatever." I just shrugged my shoulders grabbed my textbooks. 

"Hey Jessica I'll see you in biology." She closed her locker.

"Kk, see you" I walked off to my first period. 



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