He said he loves me. Does he really love me? Why would he ever love me? When I find out my crush loves me, I fall blind in love with him. feel like it's all a fantasy or a dream. In the end I find out weather if he really does love me or it's all just a lie. I may even loose a friend in the process. Read to see what happens. Hope you enjoy :) please like, comment, and share with your friends.


3. Party

~Ding Dong~

I opened the door and Jessica walked right in, "Hey so do you know what your gonna wear?" 

I thought about maybe wearing booty shorts or a skirt. I wasn't quite sure. "I haven't decided." I walked up the stairs to my room and started to go through my closet. "What time is the party starting?" 

"I think she said 7:30 or at 8:00." That would give us enough time to get ready.

"Okay." I went to my closet and looked to see what I am going to wear. 

~About 2 Hours Later~

"Damn Kat, you look hot as fuck." Jessica looked at me with big eyes. I looked at myself in the mirror, I was wearing a white crop top, a black skirt, and some open toed black heels. I kept my natural curly hair and I put on a nude lipstick. I kept my makeup simple, I did a winged eyeliner and put on a light brown eye shadow. 
"Jess, you look hot too." She did look really good, she was wearing some light jeans, a navy blue strapless crop top, and some navy blue heels. She straightened her hair, she did smokey eye look, and put on a light pink lipstick. 

"Thanks, Kat. Are we gonna go in your car?" I grabbed my phone and put it in my purse. 

"Yeah, let's go." We went down stairs and I went to the table and grabbed my keys. We got in my car and I turned my car on and left the drive way. 

 ~At The Party~

When we got there a lot of people were already there. I saw a bunch of cute guys but I haven't seen Andres yet. 

"You want to get a drink?" Jessica looked at me. I kinda did need one. 

"Yeah, sure." We went into the kitchen and grabbed two cans of beer. I had a hard time opening the stupid beer can because of my nails, I just got them done the day before. 
I heard a deep voice behind me say, "Need help with that?" I turned around and saw a guy who was at least 6'2 he was really good looking. 
I blushed, " Uh,yeah sure." He smiled grabbed the can from my hand and opened it. 

"There you go." He handed the can back to me. I grabbed it from him and thanked him. "Anytime, gorgeous." He flashed his white killer teeth. Damn he was so hot. 

"If you don't mind I'll take her." I snapped out of my trance and looked at Jessica feeling confused. 

The guy looked at Jessica, "Yeah it's fine" He looked at me winked and walked off. That caught me by surprise and Jess must of noticed because she looked at me with big eyes. 

"Who was that cute ass guy?" I giggled and said,

"I have no idea, but I felt memorized." She smiled. 

"Yeah, I could tell you were literally drooling."

I laughed and pushed her shoulder lightly and said, "No I wasn't and besides you know who I really have feelings for." 

"Whatever, but he was totally into you." 

I blushed, "I mean I guess." 

"You guess? He was flirting with you. You need to find him and talk to him." He did seem to be into me but still I don't know. 

"You think so?" She gave me a caring look.

"Kat, I know so. Now go find your Prince Charming." I handed her my beer and mouthed a thanks. She smiled and nodded her head. 

I walked around to find him, I didn't even know his name all I knew is what he was wearing. How was I suppose to find him through this whole crowd of people. I walked around the house a few times, I couldn't find him so I decided to go outside for some fresh air. I stepped out and I couldn't believe my eyes.. My best friend, Jessica, was making out with Andres. I felt a huge lump in my throat, I felt like I was gonna be sick. I let out a ragged breath. Jessica and Andres heard me. Jessica looked really surprise, she stood up to come up to me,

"Hey, um Kat I can explain." 

I could feel the tears building, "How could you?" My voice cracked. She was about to hug me but I pushed her hands away and ran inside. I didn't turn around I just ran as fast as I could in my heels. My vision was blurred by my tears, they were streaming down my face fast now. I bumped into some guy and almost fell over but he caught me.

"You should be more careful doll." I recognized the voice, I looked up and it was the guy from earlier who helped open my can. He stood me straight up.

I looked down and wiped the tears away, "Thanks for catching me." 

He noticed my tears and looked concerned, "Hey, are you okay?"  I looked at him and it was the first time I noticed he had light blue eyes. 

"Uh, yeah I'm fine just allergies." I could tell he didn't buy it because he gave a suspicious look. 

"Allergies?" He smirked. 

I felt my face burning red, "Yeah, we anyways wanna dance?" I needed a distraction from what I just saw. 






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