The blasting sound calms her down
Het fears slowly forgot
Lost inside her mind where nothing's ever fine


5. chapter 3

*skip mornin

* six a clock is here. I have been waiting forever. Well by forever i mean twelve hours but still you know. Mikey is taking forever to get here. Ash had been singing all day which is cute for a bit but then gets highly annoying.

"Ashy"i whine

"Jayy" he whines back

"Shut up" i say

"But" he starts

"But nothing" i say

"Fine" he says in that cute voice of his. God i love this guy.

Theres a knock on the door and then an familiar Australian voice coming into the house. Finally Mikey is here.

"mikey"i shout running into his arms

"Heyy" he says caught off guard by the sudden impact

"What took you so long i was waiting forever" i whine

"I had to make sure everything was booked but its time to go now" he says

"But what about ash"i ask

"What about him"he says

"he is coming to right"i mean to say but it comes out more of a question

"I actually meant this as a date" he nervously says scratching the back of his neck

"So like a date with me" i say taken aback

"Yes"he says scratching his neck once again

"I would love to go on a date with you" I smile and jump on him with excitement

"Really?" He asks

"Yes but how do we tell ash thats its just us two" i ask

"I will go and tell him" he says and goes upstairs

He comes down after being up there for ten minutes

"Ready to go?" He asks linking his arm with mine

"I am"i say

***skip date***

I woke up in my bed and see a sleeping michael next to me

"How did he get her" I thought to myself. I hear a groan and then "good morning princess"

"Good morning michael" i say

"Can we sleep longer" he asks

"We will in a minute but not to sound rude why are you in my bed" i ask

"Well last night you were pissed and when we got back you asked me to stay with you but not to wake ashton" he says

"Okay well that makes sense lets go back to sleep I'm tired" i whine

"okay night jay"he says

"night" was the last thing I remember saying before nodding off

* two hours later*

"Jayyy wake up" ashton shouts

"I don't want to" i shout back making michael moan

"Jayyy stop shouting" michael groans

"Okay" i say

"Michael"i ask quietly

"Yes princess" he says i giggle

"Can we get up now" i ask

"Sure" he says i look down to see I'm in last nights dress i get out of bed and go into the bathroom to get changed into a green day shirt and a pair of black jeans i don't apply any makeup just rinse last nights off. As i do I notice my blade in the corner of the room I quickly look away and forget about it. As i get out i bang my nose into the door. Great.Not. Now my nose was gushing blood.

"Jayy" Michael shouts

"Yeah" i try and say but wince at the pain of my nose

"You okay in there" he says "I'm coming in" I couldn't say anything else because next was a messy haired Michael in my room

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