The blasting sound calms her down
Het fears slowly forgot
Lost inside her mind where nothing's ever fine


4. chapter 2

I walk out of my room with my pjs on.i see ashton in pj bottoms and no shirt omg ash why

"hey ashy"i say

"hey jay" he says in that perfect voice of his ughh are you trying to kill me ash are you. I was looking at his abs but must have been staring too long because the next thing he said was

"hey you okay"he says a worried look on his face. God that face.

"umm yeah im fine" i mumble

"you sure you have been acting weird lately"he says looking into his perfect eyes

"I haven't felt well but i do now" i say trying to hide my face and lie

"Stop lying to me " he shouts

"Imm-im sorry ash"i say starting to cry

"No please stop crying jada please come here I didn't mean to shout" he says sympathetically

"Its ok" i say

I finally stop crying

"Ash" i say quietly

"Yes jay"he says just as quite

"We're going out today mikey said so"i say happily

"Okay what time I don't want to be late" he says ughh just everything he does every time he speaks why ash why do you do this to me

"Six" i say

"Jay" he says quietly

"Yes" i say

"Im pretty sure your bipolar" he shouts before running away

I obviously run after him but after about 9 minutes I'm tired and stop. He comes over to me.

"Im sorry" he says right by me i slap him in the balls

"Thats for calling me bipolar" i say then i slap him in the face

"And thats for running so I can't catch you" i say

"Wow thanks" he mumbles

"Your welcome" i say happily

"OK,well we better go make breakfast"he says

"By we what you probably mean is me"i say with a sigh

"How did you know?" He asks happily

"It happens every morning im used to it"I grumble

"Okay yeah so get downstairs and make breakfast"he says

"Why"i ask

"Because I love you" he says happily

"Ok fine see u in ten and no peeking at what im making"i say

"But-" he starts but i cut him off "but nothing"

"Fine"he says grumpily

"Thank you love you ash see you in ten" i say rushing downstairs

*skip morning*

Finally six a clock is here. I have been waiting forever. Well by forever i mean twelve hours but still you know. Mikey

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