The blasting sound calms her down
Het fears slowly forgot
Lost inside her mind where nothing's ever fine


3. chapter 1

*beep* *beep* *beep* "ughhh* i say as my alarm clock goes off. Great another early morning. I was about to get out of bed as my phone went off.~should I answer or shouldn't I~i thought to myself. Might as well.

"Hey jay" i hear my Bestfriend michael call down the phone.

"hey its early why are you calling"i asked tired

"can't a guy call his bestfriend at 7 in the morning"he asks

"no michael,no a guy can not" i say trying to do my best pissed off voice as i could.

"Well we are going out tonight"he said happy

"urmmm are we now"i ask chuckling

"yes so be ready by 6pm" he says

"okay well i gotta get up you know how ash gets when i get up too late"i say with a sigh "okay love you jam bye"he says blowing a kiss in to the phone. "Love you too"

Whilst we are here i might as well tell you about myself

my name is Jada. i am 18. i have brown hair naturally but at the moment it is dyed red me and michael got it dyed together. I live with my roommate/best mate ashton irwin. I am in love with two guys who also happen to be my bestfriends ashton Irwin and michael clifford, i just wish they felt the same. I like music. Well like is an understatement i love music. I like a lot of bands. E.g Blink, good charlotte, panic!, Paramore and many many more

so yeah thats me

Hey guys so i hope you like it so far idk what else to sy lol i am so awkward so yeah bye

Love c.a.l.mkindagirl

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